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  1. Would you snitch?

    It's just about sowing even more division among the masses. It's a typical divide and rule/conquer tactic used in real wartime scenarios. They did it in Vietnam to get families of those who were fighting against American occupation in their country to isolate them from important support networks. Some of the soldiers would come back and get flat-out rejected and abandoned by their family, or get given propaganda and/or fear of God put into them. Their families would then inform US service personnel tasked with conducting the psy-ops their sons have returned. It's obvious their intentions were to rip up the social fabric of Vietnam so that they could easily leverage control over the country and it's people. Vietnam was a huge experiment in terms of testing areas of the US military capabilities unseen until that time, much of that was psychological operations. They would go around with HUGE speakers pumping out propaganda and material designed by the best scientists in the US to scare the sh*t out of the opposition. They did similiar things in the UK when they brought out vans loaded with big TV's and speakers and started telling people to stay at home unless it was urgent. They still do it now with the collective tannoy announcements in all your local supermarkets, cafes etc all saying the same things to indoctrinate you into giving up and complying. Nothing different with what's going on now, it's just happening in peace time and on home soil on the home population. The idea is to put fear of isolation and rejection from society into those who choose to disobey and to give the "enemies" a sense of helplessness, isolation, abandonment and futility. If you don't obey then your family will rat you out, your friends will rat you out, your work colleagues, your loved ones and even your neighbours. Now what are you to do? Simply give up, give in and conform.
  2. Still not convinced. The reality of the world speaks volumes. It's just a case of having enough experiences in life which bring you closer to collective trauma of society and how it is destroying itself and the world around it for the pursuit of what many chase to be realized for what it is. For that to happen people have to be willing to go to places they've never been and that is to the depths of their mind where they see how f*cked up they are. And there are plenty of people who come back from those experiences telling people to go the opposite way. You have some of the richest people on the planet saying it. You have songs, films, books on it. When you're caught up in the illusion it seems it's the only truth there is.
  3. Median disposable income is £29,000 or thereabouts last time I checked. We are seeing marked improvements based on wages in FYE 2018 and 2019. Mean income is around the mark you suggested though. I think money is a good candidate for being the root of all evil. It is at the center of most peoples issues, even those who so much of it, but for different reasons. And I think basically, yes, lots of people (not all people) lose their souls through the pursuit of money. You can't say they were douchebags before they started that journey because often than not the journey of life itself turns people into douchebags and how they respond to it. Some would have been but life would have corrupted them to some extent into believing the journey they were taking was true to who they were because they were told from family, friends, loved ones, culture etc. It's all echoed throughout our society in the prevelance of myriad social issues, many that stem from employment factors, work stressors etc. Look at the rates of mental illness in the Western world. Social disparity is caused through wealth being reshuffled to the richer while the poorer get poorer. Social class is based solely on money being a determining factor yet it also divides the country and even the world. Our entire social structure is built around money and people are marginalized, demonised, segregated because of it. When you have animals like humans trying to get all the shiny things you have trouble. Just replicate my theory by experimenting with chimpanzees to put any doubt to bed whether what I'm saying is true or not. But are the chimpanzees with all the shiny things the happiest? No. The alpha male in any scenario is the most insecure because he knows sooner or later he will be challenged and potentially killed by the next up-and-comer. Even when you're not talking about such social hiearchies you still are talking about an animal clutching onto something with desperation in order to believe in that moment he's got what everybody else doesn't have. But what has he got? Before long you see society needs more than people clutching to their material wealth in order for it to be work. Yet that's what we have, people clutching to jobs, money, fame, fortune etc but behind it there is a massive hole.
  4. 9/11 an inside job?

    I'm enjoying ravaging the trolls on here. Soon enough I'll leave but I'm having fun playing with the people who perceive themselves as the kings of this forum despite no-one ever recognizing them as such and the fact that if this forum was moderated better and wasn't so keen on pushing a toxic culture within it you and many people would have to leave all your rubbish with the 6 pack and benzos you would need to take every night just to ensure you could get to sleep and not be put all night contemplating how sh*t your life is. I mean, come on man, don't tell me you don't get some kind of ego boost from believing you're doing the right thing attacking random people on the internet? Why would you do something like that? Just think about the psychology of it. It's like me getting my child to attack your child constantly in the school yard for no reason. It's like me opening my window everytime you leave your house and calling you a c*nt. It's like me getting on a bus and when you're in your own little world with your own circle (which you don't have but let's just imagine) coming over to you and firmly believing I have a right to tell you to shut up because what you said does not interest me. Bullies don't like it when it's turned around onto them. And that is essentially what you're doing along with many others on here. But when it comes down to actually asserting what you actually have that your victims supposedly are lacking there's nothing but hot air and faint cries for help from all the other bullies because that's the only way pus*ies can fight, in a group outnumbering the one person. Just imagine yourself on a normal decent forum, or in town/city somewhere and acting the way you do. How long before you get someone far bigger far wiser far nastier than you coming up to you and putting your lights straight out? It would happen eventually. Just because you are online doesn't mean what you do on here doesn't reflect what happens in the real world. You're doing the same things, it's just projected on the internet where you feel you are safe and secure hidden by an online persona. Which means you have serious issues to even be continuing this conversation with me considering you are in the wrong and I'm simply standing up for real values. It might seem foreign to you because you've been indoctrinated into the negativity and toxicity on here but let me tell you, what you're doing is foreign to so many people who if they genuinely knew you would be ashamed of you, wouldn't want to associate with you, would be attacking you. Because no-one whose decent likes someone like you. These are just facts. Have a good evening mate
  5. Completely necessary for me, that's why I wrote it. I didn't write it for you, I wrote it for myself with the intention of it being communicated to you. I just think it makes you a bit of douche attacking people who probably identify with the place you visit more than you do. It's like attacking goths for going to goth concert. If you've ever lived in a city you'll see people deliberately aim to live closer to those places so they can be around those kinds of environments. That is their life, their choices. That's what they choose to do with their life. It only becomes a problem if they impede on you being able to live your life. I see people of all styles and variations but I also know I don't have to purposefully find myself in places they identify with. I would look past it, especially when it's you who is making a conscious decision to go there when you could easily go to other gyms. You are trying to change other people, or at least trying to believe you somehow know how people should be like all the while spending £170 a month on a gym membership which gets you around those very people you evidently don't like and don't want to be around. That sums you up more than it does them. That's ALOT of money to spend to NOT be satisfied. Makes you wonder who is really insecure after all. All that money spent and you're still yearning for something more. Seems like you're causing your own problem. And it obviously is a problem otherwise why would you feel the need to talk about it? And I'm not insecure, especially not about money. Money as many people have said over the generations, the root of all evil. When you see what it can do to people when they have A LOT of it, and I've been around many people on £50-60k+ a year jobs living in houses worth 500-700k+, you see that at the center of themselves, is nothing. Just lost souls trying to shout out to the world how accepted and validated and worthwhile their lives are. All they have is material things. They have nothing inside of them to match up to that.
  6. 9/11 an inside job?

    No, just responding to those who do that very thing. Don't like it? Don't do it. Taste of your own medicine is a b*tch aint it.
  7. I wasn't trying to convince you. Steroids have an affinity to make people have grandiose delusions of self worth so it wouldn't surprise me if you think this entire forum was created just for you. I'll pop your bubble mate, it wasn't. Sweden is different in that it's healthcare system is setup really well for situations like this. The healthcare system can override the government over there and so the policies the government suggest DO NOT have to taken up by the healthcare system. And in this instance the healthcare system chose unaminously to go against the advice of the WHO and everyone else and to create their own measures. Coincidentally because these measures were not entirely political not only did Sweden do things correctly due to political pressure not being enough to push them to do something they didn't want to do, they also didn't comply with the completely ridiculous narrative peddled to everyone around the world. So it worked out as a win/win for them.
  8. ...converts to "I have absolutely no viable response to this because I do not have the capacity to reply to my own schooling because I'm just a doped up dummy on a bodybuilding forum who is out of his depth when challenging people who are not already completely fried like many are on here and therefore have enough ability to respond to what are essentially completely harmless low level scumbag whitterings of drug addicts on a bodybuilding forum". FYI you are the drug addict in the above explanation. You are also the one expressing harmless low level scumbag whitterings. Your parents not love you enough buddy? Clearly not, that's why you're on a bender to seek out fights with strangers on the internet, right? Settle down now little child. All you have to do to be loved is... try and love!
  9. Funny you say that I've studied psychology most of my life, specifically psychotherapy, and over the last 2 years certified in both CBT and therapeutic counselling (difference between counselling, counselling skills and therapeutic counselling). I'm training to be a mental health nurse as well as a "full" therapist. I'm also partly qualified in criminology and come from a family with long careers serving in the prison service, some of them assessing behaviour in inmates during imprisonment and then when they are released. In counselling right now we would consider your reference to "babes" as being transference. If you Google what it means you'll find out. It simply means you are reflecting some sort of ideological relationship from your mind onto the conversation in the hopes of being able to define the relationship between you and the other person in some sort of way that relates to personal experience. So this could be an ex partner, a mother, father, it could be an abusive role model, it could even be a teacher, a friend who left you, a situation in life that had long lasting emotional implications. Often than not it also refers to a demeaning way of controlling a conversation by labelling the other person therefore assuming they are not "human enough" to warrant being who you are as an individual. So you could say this is a form of projection. A lot of projection stems in this way from perceived lacking in the self ie lack of control, lack of influence, lack of confidence, lack of social skills etc. It's pretty evident too because you wouldn't assume with some arrogance who you are talking to is a "babes" without having a lot of misled false self delusion. Behind this self delusion usually lies a lot of issues. Issues you clearly must have considering you spend a lot of time trolling people on this particular forum.
  10. Have we met before? Do we know each other? You have an awful lot of anger towards strangers on the internet, it's bizarre. Do you have PTSD? Or are you just hated so much in life you project that out onto everybody else? Attractive. Explains why you call this place home because you have nowhere else to call home. What a sad little man pretending like he has some sort of relationship with strangers on the internet based on the story in his tiny little mind. You roleplaying buddy? How's that working for you? Where ARE your friends? Go find them and perhaps let off some steam instead of talking to people on the internet like you have some sort of relationship with them. We don't know each other and as I've already established you don't have enough to offer me for us to know each other. I see you across the forum giving people sh*t but you don't see that to any decent person out there it just makes you really undesirable. You're like the scruffy junkie in McDonalds who starts a fight with everyone because he has nothing better to do with his life. Watch how the entire restaurant moves away from him and avoids him like the plague. That's you buddy, just in online form. This guy is a perfect example of men 99% of the female population choose to avoid. Hence why his display picture is of his upper body. We all know women think this is just screaming insecurity and narcissism and unless your choice of woman is a shallow grotty Love Island wannabe who goes for other completely empty headed men you are going to be out of luck. It's the same with men who have cars as their display pictures. These are the poor characters who never got the memo and never chose to learn why they never DID get the memo.
  11. 9/11 an inside job?

    You won't get the facts from mainstream media channels nor will any government today or in the future admit to what they do at the depths of their own control, power and influence over vast amounts of people. That being said, yeah, there's quite a lot of evidence out there coming from trusted sources, many of them who are brave enough to counter the mainstream narrative and potentially lose credence in the mainstream scientific communities as well as society as a whole. There are people out there who show the world there is a difference between what you are made to believe in mainstream culture, and what is the truth behind the illusions. You just have to seek them out and get alternative perspectives and use your own intelligence and common sense to come to a conclusion. Take the coronavirus pandemic as an example. Well before it was declared a pandemic we can look at all the evidence that it had been planned for a long time. Well before it was declared a pandemic all the organizations we now know about thanks to media reporting were already talking about coronavirus. You have to ask yourself why was it being talked about before it happened in circles that now control the narrative? You look at this evidence and then you can say with a high degree of confidence the story BILLIONS have been told around the world is simply not the whole truth. And so if it's not the whole truth why would you lie to people who trust you and believe in your credentials to help them? You can then take that and consider that suspicious in it's own right. Lots of things don't add up about this pandemic. Likewise, the exact same is true of 9/11 and when you open up to absorbing information that is deliberately considered malicious to the mainstream narrative and "tin foil hat theory" which is really information often that comes from the very establishments who then try and hide it and give you another story to put an agenda - you begin to see more of the story. Take something off here, add something here, use that useful bit of information there and before you know it you've got a conducive amount of evidence pieced together by information that is freely available should you seek it out. And the reason why mainstream narratives are so strong is because governments CONTROL the "pipelines" of information and heavily influence the public to only consider what is usually a very restricted if not completely false narrative because they know many people will not venture beyond a newspaper or BBC News or social media etc. Comes back to my original point, if you want to know MORE (not necessarily the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of everything) you have to be prepared to go against what pretty much the majority of the worldwide population is programmed to assume is real. It's kinda like the idea of Plato's cave whereby shadows are cast on the walls and the people in the cave believe that is what reality is. Meanwhile theres someone in the doorway where the sun is shining through casting these shadows down onto the victims in the cave who believe they have no choice but to see these shadows as all there is. All you have to do is get up, walk up the stairs and there is freedom. What are the shadows cast on the wall now? Meaningless when you can see far more.
  12. Forget about trying to be compatible and trying to find common ground, it should be natural. In my opinion you should feel compelled to want to talk to someone and for that person to feel compelled to talk to you. There's obviously an element of relating to people and pushing for a particular outcome so that will involve being more agreeable, trying to mirror the other person, establishing rapport etc but eventually you just have to let go. I reckon rejection is what a lot of people fear behind talking to someone, particularly someone they are attracted to and want to date/are dating. If you have to try hard for someone to give you their time and effort then you're doing it wrong and it becomes one-sided. Confidence has a lot to play in things like this as well as you'll often find people will be attracted to that more than what you are saying. You'll find you are more attractive when you are confident and express yourself in such a way that makes you more magnetic and connected in that particular moment to that person. When you think about it that's how marketing works as well as any sales job. It's not purely about what you say and how things go down, it's how confident YOU ARE in the outcome you want to happen. If that's selling somebody something they at the start were not interested in but now are you can say with confidence a lot of that process involved the presence of the other person influencing them more than simply common interests. The mentality thing is a trap as well. When you think people are so different then that is what your reality will be and so you will believe everybody is completely disconnected and living in a different world. The way I see it is that there's nothing I haven't seen in life until I am shown otherwise and so life is pretty damn familiar because theres a good chance I've already experienced things very similiar if not identical to what I'm experiencing now. If that's another person ie a woman then so be it. Obviously theres someone here I don't know properly yet and a relationship that is not (and may never be) set in stone but the fact that I've been around lots of women in the past as well as been around lots of people full stop I'm hardly in foreign territory. Sometimes you can romanticize on things like this and become complacent with it being something beyond you. Like when you see a celebrity. That's just another human being who sh*ts, p*sses, farts and smells just like you. They do all the same things other human primates do, including all the stuff you think is beyond Godlike celebrities. It's no different with women. Don't put them on a pedastal. Nevermind that, don't put ANYONE on a pedastal. You are not a victim in the process. You don't need qualifications. You don't need to take masterclasses in flirting. It all comes with getting yourself out there and sucking it all up. It also helps to be around strong, confident and worldly people who attract others and get what they want in life. These people can show you a lot about what errors you might be making in how you approach things in life. As soon as you find someone who does something well, replicate them. We learn from each other.
  13. 9/11 an inside job?

    That is what we call a non-argument. That's like saying I will become a heroin addict because I tell a heroin addict begging on the street to stop throwing his needles on the floor where kids could pick them up. It's like me saying to a convicted serial killer he deserves to be in prison so then I will go to prison because based on your logic I will become a convicted serial killer. Will I also become you because I'm disagreeing with you as well? What sort of roid logic are you using here buddy? I see a lot of trolls upset because they are being trolled, you being among the offending line-up. It's ironic also because your very own username on here is "Denied". Don't we all know you were denied. That's why you're here trying to find acceptance among the bottom feeders of society who made all the worst lifestyle choices hoping to finally fit in but it's all a facade. You have to eventually log off and go back to your denied life and live a denied existence. Then you'll simply log back in and try and deny other people the same opportunities you were denied and denied yourself. It's a vicious circle, until you choose to step out of it. Will you though? That is the question There is absolutely no substance to what you are saying. It is literally just words, many of them you are not qualified to understand. What even are you saying buddy? Start taking your medication again and come off the juice and you'll start to see sense again soon enough. Doesn't need to be validated by his peers yet tells strangers on the internet about his accomplishments in life like it then allows him to act like an antisocial socially invalidated douchebag who doesn't know how to join in a conversation without messing it up and making himself look like a fail bag. I never felt compelled to you about my personal life but that's probably because I know theres a time and a place for explaining this stuff, and usually among likeminded individuals, and not strangers on the internet with serious personal issues. Notice how you didn't have to reply to what I put. Notice how the OP actually asked for decency knowing there are lots of insecure invalidated and unstable victims of their own self destruction on here and so was putting out a warning before anyone replied. And hello, here come the doped up drop-out losers of UK-Muscle with their council estate masters degree theses on how to continue to fit the self perpetuating down trodden stereotypes of our culture. You do this to yourself mate, I'm just simply highlighting it for you. Continue to be the victim and you'll be treated like one. No wonder society forgot about you. You forgot about yourself I'm just here on the forum to get advice and give advice when I can. You can choose to keep me out of your toxic behaviour on here, or I'll simply wordsmith the lot of you with intelligence, logic and a sprinkling of necessary justice. It's up to you but just know in life there are levels and just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you can cheat yourself to being on a level you're really not at in life. And it's obvious many of you are far too big your boots and that's because you've made so many wrong lifestyle choices and decisions in life and then chose to give up. So now you're life is simply about pretending and behind that you're just merely surviving hoping the catch a break. You don't catch a break lads, you create the opportunities that lead to a break coming to you. But many of you have no idea which is why you'll always be like you are. Don't mind me but I know there's better out there.
  14. 9/11 an inside job?

    Ouch, buddy, that hurt. And here you are apparently successful in life living the life of an online troll. How I so want to replicate your success because it all culminates in an online profile on UK-Muscle. That's what you got for your success - being right here right now attacking strangers on the internet on a forum about drug use in bodybuilding. Wow. What a winner! You must be really happy with your life. So much so that you had to tell the world your achievements in order to get validation from strangers and because your argument is so pathetic and because you're so incapable of having an intelligent debate you have to try and point score. Next you'll be telling me you have 300 points on your Holland & Barrett card. Stop the bus! This guy is legit! What a savage! Don't mess with this guy! So much so that you spend your time on a steroid forum full of junkies with serious personal issues (probably much like yourself) and think it's appropriate to jump into a conversation that never asked for your input to tell someone you couldn't be bothered to read what they put. And apparently you're an ex serviceman as well as 20 years of experience in engineering.. All that good stuff, and here you are.... Wow.
  15. 9/11 an inside job?

    Well worded response but it's not true. The investigations that happened which amounted to what people consider the final conclusions to the event were compiled and brought forward by people with vested interests in both the war in Afghanistan and the growing industrial military complex. If you look at those who investigated 9/11 you will see this for yourself. Go and look and you will see the connection. The investigations were not considered impartial and they evidently had various conflicts of interests. But they always do have these conflicts of interests as those who get to make these decisions are not there to push for what the people want nor for what would be considered neutral and in the best interests of whatever is being discussed at the time. One single day after 9/11 America was in full blown war mode and began the War on Terror. You can do your research and find out for yourself. In less than 24 hours things had changed forever and this was something that WAS NOT brought to the public by means of democratic process. It was forced on them by means of continous manipulation through the MSM using a serious event that was used as a front to push the agendas necessary to bring the changes wanted. We are living in similiar times now with the coronavirus pandemic. This wasn't an attack this time on a world landmark, it was an attack on everybody by essentially branding everybody a bioterrorist. 9/11 was about blaming the attacks on Osama Bin Laden (a physical terrorist, not a bioterrorist) and Afghanistan by accusing them of having the technology, funds and resources to bring down the US government and to plan such attacks. Something completely absurd as Afghanistan is one of the most impoverished countries in the world and it's military power is pretty much nonexistent compared to the West. The anthrax scares were also tied to Afghanistan despite the very samples themselves being anaylzed in a lab and coming back as being made in the USA at Fort Detrick, a well known bio weapons facility. The whole Afghanistan thing is a farce from start to finish; how the CIA embedded themselves in Afghanistan to destablize Russia, to push regime change by bringing the Taliban to power, buying them unlimited amounts of weapons and bringing them cash in hand, using them as a sock puppet deliberately installed government to bring about their own changes in the Middle East. And then they fired back by attacking their own asset; Osama Bin Laden, who before that was a valuable CIA asset, because apparently "he turned on the US". It's all a sham. And if the war in Afghanistan was a sham, which we all know it was then you have to ask yourself why it really happened and what really kicked it off. And the answer is... yep... 9/11. If the war on terror was a sham then 9/11 had something to do with it.