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  1. Hopeful statistics?

    The models we had for this pandemic were flawed. They came from the same guy who f*cked up the swine flu and anthrax pandemics. He was criticized heavily for his recommendations to past governments, it's all over the mainstream media, and especially all over the scientific communities who looked at the data and asked themselves what the f*ck was going on. Now many are looking at the data and coming to the same conclusions. Then you have WHO who just brushed it under the carpet despite several countries developing ways to mitigate the risks and attempting to inform them of this disease, and not dealing with it purely by lockdown procedures either. The same health organization whose boss was allegedly involved in the cover-up of several diseases, especially in his home country. That made international news headlines. Article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/13/health/candidate-who-director-general-ethiopia-cholera-outbreaks.html Also here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/22/ethiopia Makes you think, the problem with handling this pandemic is DEEP. It's not just a case of one individual saying "Shut the doors on everybody!". It's a culmination of lots of fatal errors and flaws in the system, as well as inaccurate and flawed data.
  2. Eddie Large(Little and Large falls to Corona

    Notice that EVERYONE today, and over the last few months, has only been dying from the coronavirus. 153,000+ people die every day. 106 people every minute. 6,300+ every hour. There are more global deaths every 5 hours than in the whole entirety of this pandemic. But we forget that narrative. So far we've lost over 14 million people this year to a whole gamut of reasons, but we are set to gain even more people, with our population doubling every 25 years. 75-80 MILLION people are added to our population EVERY YEAR. These figures are staggering.
  3. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Here's a credible news article on the debate about "healthcare systems not having enough resources" to handle this pandemic. We were overwhelmed after the floodings from the last two "catastrophic" storms we had. People were sleeping on the floor. And that was a very normal event that we knew was coming before it came. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/02/coronavirus-fact-check-1-flu-doesnt-overwhelm-our-hospitals/ Our hospitals are overwhelmed endlessly when there isn't a state of emergency. Just another "fact" exposed.
  4. Corona virus news channels busted

    100% agree. It's everywhere in society but, those people in Rochdale are small fry compared to the likes of Epstein who had known connections to intelligence services, proven connections to the highest authorities in our society, many many many millions at his disposal (excluding assets), third party interests involved. You could eradicate child exploitation in Rochdale. Arguably you could execute the droves of sex predators in Rochdale overnight with a mass cull and you've taken out much of the influence, especially in that area. Not going to happen but it puts it into perspective. How are you going to eradicate the elite who are child sex predators? The same small group of the human population who killed Epstein before the truth came out. The same small group of people who are connected to the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet? Just going to ring up GMP right now and form a complaint? Are they going to send a plane out to another island ruled by another powerful figure and liberate these children? Highly unlikely. Why? There's politics behind it protecting these people. They don't care about your street level pedophiles. They (the powerful elite) could poison every prison in the country and be done with every criminal, whether proven guilty or not, and be done with them all. But the outside world won't be the doing same thing to them.
  5. Corona virus news channels busted

    It's worth bringing to the surface why many of these high profile celebrities, with known connections to government and those who are among the elite, have desires to have sex with children. If you look back you see A LOT of 'isolated' events where powerful and influencial people are exposed for their child abuse. And if you look back throughout history among the elite, children have always been considered objects for the powerful to exploit. Kings in England would have sex with little boys before marrying a woman. And when I say woman, it wasn't abnormal to take young girls into a marriage agreement. Look at other cultures and children have been sacrificied, exploited and idealised. Many countries up until recently allowed low age of consent for sex. That's slowly increasing thankfully. Let's face it, we have a history in our species for having sex with children and then making up elaborate stories about it which become the norm. When you look at porn, much of the trending searches are 'teen' and 'school girl' or 'virgin' etc. All these are in many ways fantasies around having sex with an inexperienced and often immature person ie a child. So the writing is on the wall. Only, we have members of our society who are among the elites who believe they are exempt from the laws we have in place and the progress we've made to prevent child abuse in our society. But... it still goes on. And this is in the public domain. High profile celebrities are among the population that seem to be getting caught running these rings that deal in child sex and exploitation.
  6. It's obvious the harms are going to come from the measures when the measures are affecting ALL areas of life. And there are more people these measures are affecting than the actual pandemic. This is simple knowledge and awareness of the situation.
  7. ...than the deaths of the coronavirus itself. This is based on things going on in the US but it's also the same as what is going on in the UK, making exceptions for certain things we have at our disposal they do not. With this sweeping lockdown in place it's possibly going to kill more innocent people than the virus will kill those infected. I didn't really think about it this way until I figured out how much of our resources are being purposefully spent on this outbreak while we drain the economy and social landscape of equality for everyone from all rungs of the ladder, primarily those on the poverty line, and those just above. And the consequences not immediately but into the future are going to be drastic for far more than the small number of deaths due to this virus. This is a given. Whenever the UK has collapsed due to any sort of disaster, people have suffered. Is this not breeding even more inequality and taking even more away from much of our population that will struggle due to this crisis? Check it out for yourself. So millions could die as a result of the measures in place while FAR less die as a result of the virus itself. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/01/could-the-covid19-response-be-more-deadly-than-the-virus/
  8. How long you recon?

    It's possible, although it sounds extreme because it's not mainstream news. What's absolutely shocking is how many innocent people will die as a result of the way things are being dealt with, and it won't be related to having the disease. This article talks about the US and how hundreds of thousands will die from the measures being taken alone, which is more than the ACTUAL predicted amount of deaths, and this prediction is ample in it's flexibility. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/01/could-the-covid19-response-be-more-deadly-than-the-virus/
  9. Plausible Covid 19 source

    Yeah, cases going all the way back to mid-late last year. Several cases of people turning up to hospital with pnuemonia-like symptoms but without an identifiable cause. And all these cases happened outside of China. A few in the US I believe, a few in Italy as well.
  10. How long you recon?

    Until the public start getting the right information, and are provided with alternative narratives that are coming to light, many of them based on facts and on evidence, their perceptions are going to frame this pandemic more than what the government is doing about it. So far, just going off trending social media content, there's more talk about this pandemic among the public than there is in government and among those responsible for relaying information. Everybody knows much of what you see and hear about on social media is bullsh*t. Just echo chambers and filter bubbles repeating themselves while sucking people into twisted perceptions about the world and others in it. Well now that's being exchanged for facts and unbiased impartial advice. It's really become a toxic smog that is affecting society. But that's having a massive impact. The hysteria is being run by the 'self governing' public. We are the PR team for this pandemic. And until people begin to mobilize and become objective and use their own individual abilities to reason and question things, people are just going to blindly define the social landscape for others based off primitive fear and paranoia, irrational panic and catastrophe, until we get to a point where 99% of reality is being defined by the blind leading the blind. It would help if we lived back in an era before we had a hyper connected world because I can guarantee you most of the punishing and destructive parts of this lockdown would not exist. The landscape wouldn't exist for it to be compatible in the first place. We've all slowly been disconnected from reality by being sucked into social media, digital realities, a disconnected society reliant on technologies that distance us and create more divides etc. I can remember back in 2006-07 you couldn't have possibly known half of what was going on because you didn't have the means to know! Now today we are fed everything in seconds, which creates much of the conditions we see around us. If you don't hear on the news, Julie from down the road in her slippers will come out spouting some completely twisted version of it. So, who knows... The public are continuing to drive the hysteria though. If they just woke up a little and started scratching their heads surrounding these conditions it would create a ripple effect where government would have to drastically re-assess their actions. 4-8 weeks? 8-16? Who knows. But being subservient and not questioning the whole implications of this won't be helping. Everyone is trapped in their cages forgetting the door is not even locked, they are free to open it and see things from a different perspective whenever they want. That perspective change will change the culture we are living in now of fear, hysteria, panic, paranoia, psychosis even.
  11. Eddie Large(Little and Large falls to Corona

    So we don't blame this pandemic for underlying health conditions. We blame the underlying health conditions. Hence the psychosis I'm referring to. It's madness, really is. But we can't do that because then we're are insulting the dead, attacking old people and not showing any compassion for their suspectibility to this virus. We are attacking the narrative while being bombarded with emotional blackmail to keep us believing we are helping these people who are dying, and will be dead very soon due to their health conditions. Well I'm sorry but we can't stop death. We can't pretend diseases aren't real. We can't wipe out decades of conclusive empirical research into the causes of deaths globally, just for a narrative that has as much weight and authenticity at it's core than the Salem Witch Trials did in the medieval ages. People were dying due to witchcraft back then, allegedly, and 'witches' were being put through elaborate tests to see whether they were a witch or not. The whole world went after the witches. When really it was a mental disorder slowly cultivated by mass hysteria and psychosis.
  12. The Imperial College studies are fairly flawed. The same guy who is headed them also headed previous 'pandemic' studies and made serious errors resulting in MASSIVE overcalculations and therefore consequences. He ordered many millions of cattle be slaughtered to protect the public when we hit the swine flu 'crisis' but his figures were grossly inaccurate and we subsequently lost tens of billions of pounds out of the economy thanks to his 'advice'. He reckoned somewhere between 50 and 50,000 would be infected. I think we had about 150 people total. But we destroyed much of our lifestock in the process for something that wasn't required. That's a catastrophic blow to the farmers whose lives revolved around making a living from their lifestock. And the economy. But who cares about that, we're always finding ways to bring that down every decade or so. Many academic institutions have come out on record questioning why we are going off these data. The thing is, they don't have data to go off when they predict the forecast for these pandemics. They use modelling that reflects the lowest and most extreme outcome, but this is an estimate at best. From there they have to choose what part of the scale of the proposed harm/death this pandemic will cause, and so far we've always estimated incorrectly, our models were flawed and we chose to incite extreme measures on society that caused extreme consequences while the pandemic itself had minimal effect. Today we have social media. So the pandemic is the outbreak of social contagion from this virus, not the virus itself. Everyone with their lab jackets from their nearest costume shop and their BTECs and diplomas in Facebook group chat are breeding the hysteria and basically, the psychosis, from this outbreak, which the mainstream media is modelling, and then the government is able to incite more heavier measures while... we go back to the beginning... they have flawed studies and inaccurate data to go off. So it's just a breeding ground for absolute destruction and breakdown of society. Why do they want to use flawed research and historical cock-ups from Imperial College London as a means to pertain to be the authority of this virus when they have FAILED every time to predict and deal with past pandemics? EDIT: News article https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/28/neil-ferguson-scientist-convinced-boris-johnson-uk-coronavirus-lockdown-criticised/
  13. Eddie Large(Little and Large falls to Corona

    He may have been infected with coronavirus, but was it the cause of his death? This is exactly what is twisting the facts and the reality with this pandemic. People are being signed off as dying of coronavirus while they have underlying health conditions, and extremely sick and/or dying. To quote the news article; "He had been suffering with heart failure and unfortunately, whilst in hospital, contracted the coronavirus, which his heart was sadly not strong enough to fight." His heart couldn't fight the heart failure. Which is common for someone the same age and with the same health condition. How sad people are using this virus as a means to deny the reality of death and other diseases that kill millions each year just to maintain the narrative. And then using celebrities as cannon fodder to make it seem more real. If he died due to the disease caused by coronavirus - fair enough. But if we're using a celebrity as a puppet to compromise the publics confidence in the facts of this disease and it's very small affinity to severely/fatally affect people we are dealing with a very psychotic society. We may as well go back to believing in the supernatural and put the church back in control over governing the population. Because that's how psychotic society is becoming. Welcome to 2020, minus 500 years of technological advancements, rationalism, social and cultural transformation and this thing we call the truth.
  14. How long until thousands are dying everyday?

    You're missing the critical fact that people become INFECTED with LOTS of things in society, but it doesn't kill them. What you are implying is if this virus goes unchecked it will infect everybody. Well yeah, that's how viruses work. That's how they've always worked but now because of the hysteria and because of how uneducated and informed people are on everyday realities like this they presume the worst. You are infected by lots of things in your life. You likely won't die from it. And those that do make up EXTREMELY low numbers of the population who are, unfortunately, weaker than the majority of the population in terms of their natural ability to heal themselves after being exposed to something that attacks their body, due to all sorts of things - that's just life. We accept that. And so yes, it's just like the flu in that this is no different to anything else in recorded human history. So far it is very much a seasonal flu, perhaps the extreme end. And it's no different because we can differeniate between the figures we have for past disasters, and this current situation. So far it's nowhere near as deadly as the things people die from every year that we have become accustomed to in our society. And in terms of figures it's trending to be just another virus outbreak like many others in the past. The swine flu was predicted to be a disaster, it was not. The anthrax story was a whole lot of nothing. People are getting carried away because the current projections are on this virus not going away, on the figures drastically increasing, on it destroying the world. It's never going to do that because unless it mutates among the general population and starts killing the 95% of the population that it does not affect, or have mild symptoms, it's going to remain similiar to the flu. It comes, it's annoying, at the most you take a few days off work, it goes, you carry on. Sure, the 5% will suffer. The 5% always suffer when we talk about health because they are always the ones who experience the extreme symptoms that the rest of the population do not. The 5% does not make the whole population, or the whole world. But current thinking is conditioning people to believe this very small percentage is actually something among us all, among the 95%. It's killing people - sure. But the bigger picture shows it's not wiping out the world as you know it. It's taking out vulnerable and extremely fragile people whose bodies are breaking down in many eventualities in life, especially the elderly. Hence why the elderly are dying more than any other demographic. These people are dying anyway. That's life. It may happen to us when we are elderly but it won't be down to covid-19. It will be down to the eventual decline and potential onset of diseases and illnesses through said old age. If we get wiped out because a novel strain of a virus comes out you aren't going to pretend the elderly are somehow in their thirties and able to ride things off. That's why they are the elderly; weaker, more suspectible to illness, more vulnerable, their bodies breaking down. Most of them are dying due to terminal illnesses and diseases that pertain to the attack vector of this virus. So this virus is only capable of doing more damage to people where the damage has already been done. For everyone else - fine, we're all good.
  15. That's fine, just please don't start quoting what I say while you fill your replies with hyperbole, conjecture and hysteria and won't have an educated informed discussion. I'll gladly talk to you mate, I just won't lower myself to a pathetic point scoring match over something that becomes not even what the topic was meant to be about. See, now you're getting personal and turning it from a reasonable debate onto something that involves me as a person, as if thats got anything to do with things when we're not talking about me, we don't know each other, and the conversation was never personal to begin with. It's bizarre and it's not my responsibility to hold, but also just full of hate and anonymosity. If you want to be like that Kazza, all the best. I'm presuming you're born in 61 hence the last digits, right? Well I'm 29, 30 this year and it find it shameful and embarrassing someone 30 years my senior doesn't have the character or the basic human decency to have a conversation without taking it to lower levels to somewhere I'd expect an immature beligerent child would take things. Stay safe and do whats right for you. I'm just trying to share my perspective and relay information as and when I find it myself. If I wanted to troll strangers I'd be spending my life becoming an angry challenged man with no confidence and no values and no moral compass mad at the world for his own problems. And yeah, that's not me, and won't be. But if that's you, well, you've had long enough to change if you were born in '61. Just goes to show though, age doesn't mean anything. Plenty of people your age really have the mental and emotional age of a 15 year old, and all the complex baggage to boot. And that's not a pretty or welcoming sight for anyone who has a sense of self respect and preservation, which I like to think is most of society. Well, that's your journey mate, you enjoy that! All the best though