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  1. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    It's true. And the government have to slowly roll back their agenda so legally they have plugged the gaps before investigations start and people demand answers. So this is there way of trying to cover their tracks and get an early admission of guilt out of the way so that they can say "Hey guys! We told you in the small print ages ago that we got things wrong so don't have a go at us now! It's been and gone!". So out of the 49,000 deaths reported the number is probably close to 10,000. This number is about the same for flu that we never talk about nor care about because, hey, it's the flu, people die every year of it, right? Most NHS professionals were told to aggressively seek outcomes that were in the direction of COVID-19. They were then rendered safe from prosecution and medical negligence so that more and more professionals could go about making decisions like diagnose COVID-19 deaths without fear of losing their job and/or criminal/civil action. And that is exactly what the article is getting at. People are being diagnosed with it even when their death could be something so far disconnected from COVID-19 that it's at the other end of a medical textbook and in another world of medicine altogether. Hell it might as well be like saying chicken is beef. And that's what they wanted to do; gaslight people. Just like an abusive partner wants you to believe the world is how they say it is and then suck you in until you really do believe it, the government wanted to warp reality so that they could get the numbers they wanted so that they can satisfy the needs of the WHO who are privately funded and do not represent the core of evidence based science that much of our society is based on. Their agenda was to push for a global pandemic by getting medical professionals around the world to back up their claims but, you got it, effectively padding the stats and signing everybody off as COVID-19. If you have a broken arm you don't go to hospital to get contraceptive pills. But when the point is hammered home that the morning after pill will fix your broken arm slowly that's what everyone will start to tell you, even if you know different. This is gaslighting. Just like your crazy psycho ex who wants you to believe the world is a really nasty place and that you're worthless and that you should live in the darkness and lose all self respect so she can "love you forever". When you get out of the relationship you're like "f**k ME! WHAT WAS I EVEN THINKING?!". It's no different here. Now comes the slow drifting towards getting themselves out of the sh*t storm they have created. Be prepared to hear of more stories like this. Because they are on their way.
  2. Conspiracy theories

    Sorry to disappoint you mate but most of the powerful who hold reigns over global policy are in favour of reducing the global population. The eugenics movement is a very real movement that has been around for quite a long time and although not in the mainstream they once were, particularly in America. There was a hospital just recently in the US which was renamed as it was actually named after a known eugenics proponent of her day and with the racial tension what with BLM in the US gaining traction they seemed to do it to get themselves out of the line of fire. Don't forget that Nazi Germany wanted to depopulate the world in favour of creating what they perceived as a superior race, that was only a generation ago. You take for granted the world you live in today but it wasn't even 100 years ago that Hitler was demanding the eradication of 'inferior' humans in favour of what he considered genetically superior humans. These movements are now hidden in plain sight under different names but their intentions are still the same. Bill Gates came from a family where the social philosophy of 'bettering the human race' by means of removing those considered genetically inferior was at the top of their priorities. His father was the leader of the eugenics movement, or more aptly named 'Planned Parenthood' and other governmental agendas. At one point their mission was to remove black people because they were considered inferior to whites. And we all know this to be true because the same racial biases towards black people still exists today. The dominator of the world is the white man but this wasn't accidental nor was the power split between other races, as we all know. It's taken generations for people of colour and different ethnicities to get the rights they deserved. Where do you think their suffering came from? Did it happen naturally? Did nature prefer the white man? Of course not. Nature doesn't speak in terms of colour and ethnicity, it couldn't give a sh*t about superficial determining factors like that. It came from the hands of those who made the rules. And they made the rules so they could follow their objective of defining a global reality they saw fit and thought was acceptable. So it's not hard to take that point and see a little further on and see that among the main objectives of those with influence and power over global policies are to control the population. That's what they do. That's why much of the world despises the 'elites' because they are the ones punishing 99% of the population who are not rich and not socially elitist by taking more and more control, making themselves richer every year and pushing changes in the world that affect everybody, even those like our own governments who are mere puppets when it comes to the grand theater of power. The UK government compared to the multi-billion dollar private corporations and foundations is small fry. Even the rich and powerful like celebrities we know and love are mere pawns in the wider game of global power and dominance. What makes you think baring all this in mind that the agenda to depopulate the world is not a real one? We already leave millions of Africans to die every day and we consider them inferior to us and want nothing but suffering so that we can be seen as the superior white race. We already marginalize particular ethnicities. We are already playing around with millions of lives around the world like it's some game. Why do we have serious issues in other parts of the world? When we have enough money in the West to end poverty over night? When we have enough resources over here and opportunities to give everybody more than enough to live on? You think that's accidental? You think that's nature doing those things? Okay, so where and who is responsible? Think about it. We are already playing with lives of MILLIONS of people on a daily basis. Governments already choose who lives and who dies based on shady politics. Today most people dare not visit a hospital in case they take a bed someone with 'COVID-19' needs despite this person having known heart issues that could one day prove fatal. Think about the millions of people OUT OF WORK, ON BENEFITS, RELIANT ON THE STATE, HOMELESS. And that's in the West where life expectancy is way higher and you get the bare minimum to survive. What about countries where that doesn't exist? Think about it. For all the 700,000 'deaths' so far there will be MILLIONS more you won't hear about, not until this whole episode becomes old news. Think about the suicides. Think about the domestic violence related deaths. Thousands in the country dying from conditions that are treatable because they are told not to rock up at A&E. If that isn't depopulation then what is? There have been HUGE amounts of elderly being left to rot in care homes without full support and without even being able to touch their loved ones. There are kids being told that school doesn't mean sh*t and that you have to forget about your education and development (socially and academically) because there are 'more important' people out there. Aren't we all important? The stats show that these 'important' people do not take up even 1% of the global population and most are over the age of 75 and have serious comorbid health conditions and doctors have already made a point out of saying they would be dying soon anyway. So using the elderly and vulnerable as emotional blackmail to then destroy the lives of millions if not BILLIONS of people for something that has not even amounted to anywhere near the scale of the 1918 pandemic is justified then? Destroy the lives of everybody on the planet for an over exaggerated 'pandemic' that so far has only killed 49,000 people in the UK alone? That's not population control then? What government takes out MORE innocent people trying to fix a problem? Do you kill 50,000 people to save 150? Come on, think about it. If you had a choice now to save 150 people would you let 50,000 people die in their place? Be honest. And don't troll mate. If you want a genuine debate you've got one but be honest and answer the question. Because THAT IS what is going on. The government are killing off thousands of people in order to save a few hundred, if that. So what does this mean? Population control. It has to be. No other way to describe it. You don't fight a war and have 100,000 men killed to save a few hundred, do you? You don't go into a burning building to save 5 kids to then leave 500 other people to die. Or do you? That's a pretty good idea if you want to take out an entire building and only leave a few families remaining. And why would you want to do that? Again, think about it.
  3. Conspiracy theories

    If this thread has anything to do with what's going on I find it interesting that the first time in billions of years of this planet existing, and hundreds of thousands of known human existence, we have decided to shut down the world over something that has allegedly killed 700,000 people worldwide when cardiovascular disease kills 20 million every year. Oh but this is infectious. So are many other diseases. And what can be confirmed in cardiovascular disease (because doctors can actually point a pencil at a projection on the wall of a hospital and show the disease) cannot be done with alleged COVID-19 deaths. No doctor in your hometowns guys can point to a projection in a hospital and say such-and-such died from COVID-19. They can only point to a medical legal document that has their signature on it and several empty reasons for their diagnosis, again not verifiable because there are an extremely small amount of the population who actually present with life threatening symptoms due to COVID-19. This is well known and something the government have been saying for a long time. So the rest are simply numbers to pad out the total figures to make it look like things have gotten no better and in fact have gotten worse. Those that have died FROM the disease are in their hundreds and maybe thousands, if the disease exists at all and these are the people who die sadly from the flu every year, people over the age of 60-70 and many of them have serious health issues to begin with that have nothing to do with the flu but helps the flu to wipe them out anyway. How do you get around that one? For all the diseases that can be proven and have known methods of treatment there is NO proof and NO methods for treatment for this. So where does 700,000 come from? Imagine the huge inflation of numbers from doctors and medical professionals we trust slapping COVID-19 onto patients that came in with a headache or food poisoning from eating that dodgy Chinese last week to find out, oh sh*t you are infected or more like, you've just become a pawn in rigging statistics to create the illusion this thing is far worse than what it is. All the while you just went to hospital to make sure you weren't going to sh*t your guts out after that dodgy chow mein. I don't believe half the sh*t that is out there and especially on the internet but when you're told to say goodbye to the life you once had, and oh by the way, it's for your own good I have to ask myself when did I get myself locked up, when did I start doing time, where is the evidence I was convicted of something. I'll question that until the cows come home and then I'll still be there banging on the barn door when the cows f*ck off in the morning as well. And so should everyone else. Because people on the street are ready right now to take your freedoms and stick a face mask on you and tell you your kids can't go back to school. Whenever in the history of our existence has that been acceptable? It's not even acceptable in war-torn third countries where witch doctors come seeking albino children to grind down their bones for magical potions. Even the locals in these towns think the witch doctors are beyond help. Sad thing is we got it pretty easy compared to other countries where there isn't the same oversight and rights and laws in place. Millions of kids are starving, millions of families homeless, millions jobless in countries WITHOUT benefit systems like we have, millions of businesses completely written off and WITHOUT support from government, many millions living with domestic violence forced to live with their abusive partners because they cannot get help and cannot go anywhere else. But hey, for the greater good, right? Call me a conspiracy theorist but that's SOME way of fixing a problem when you're actually creating a problem in the first place that only 5 months ago didn't exist!! Reminds me a bit like the wars on drugs and terrorism. Hey we're doing this for your own good but don't look over there thats not several hundred thousand incarcarated black men in prison for several years over trivial possession of cannabis. Hey don't look over here! That's not an entire neighbourhood of innocent Afghanistan natives killed by a Hellfire missile thanks to yours truly the US and UK militaries. Just look at the narrative! We are killing these innocent people to help you! We are locking up people over possession of weed to help you! We made weed illegal to help you! But hey now we will make legal again and it's like we never did all those bad things to all those people who are technically innocent just like they always were! The story changes all the time. And if it changes it's not true. That's not conspiracy. That's common sense. You're called a normal healthy individual to stand up and say hang on this smells like bullsh*t care to explain. Otherwise, why do we have rights in the first place? If I like living a life I've always known prior to this sh*t and that life was normal for everyone else as well then surely it's my right to say what the f*ck has happened to it? When did I get locked up and told there is an indefinite amount of time before I'm released and things are normal again? I never signed up for that. Did anyone else? That should be MORE THAN ENOUGH reason to realize that taking this sitting down is only going to make you a victim. And you're either compliant and subservient or you're at least holding those accountable in a decent and respectable fashion. Conspiracy theory? More like self respect, but that's just my take.
  4. All comes down to politics mate. It's well established by now the pandemic is all politics and little science. Everybody is now all of a sudden an expert which should ring alarm bells. We are only experts if the debate has been deliberately forced on us to self manage and mitigate. How could we answer all these questions? Well, remember self policing? Self policing was really throwing this sh*t show onto the general population and abdicating responsibility of the government and letting us battle it out while being programmed by mainstream news and dodgy stats, but if you take us off the planet and then assess the situation - do you think things would have been this messed up? Obviously not. Do you think there would have been a big loss of life? Nope. This world has experienced events far more threatening to human life than a disease which so far, just like when it kicked off, has been no more serious than a strong variation of the flu. It's all made up in the heads of the people who unfortunately make this planet function, simple as that. And so it's down to whether the politics have any affect on the subjects under the rule of the governments establishing these policies. If they can get away with escapades like this from now on they will turn a dog fart into a global pandemic overnight, and the sad thing is people would genuinely witness their own asses falling out when they see the news: Dog farts. World is over. You would have people banging on your door telling you how to live your life if it really came down to it. You would have thought police monitoring whether you actually believed in dog farts or not and if you didn't you'd be rounded up and thrown in a psychiatric ward. This sh*it is real and has happened throughout history until the minority of dissenters turned into the majority. This is how it all unfolds when you have a massive psy-op fuelled by an incentive to radically change the direction our world is heading. It's happened throughout history when the powerful have done something to change how the mere mortals below them should have; absolute control by the church, slavery, feudalism, various wars which on paper and with facts have no substance (war on drugs, war on terror and now war on human biology) etc. It's the only way to ensure the direction in which we should be heading (according to those who have all the money, power and influence) actually happens. So can it happen again? Absolutely. Will it? Who knows. If you count how many years between the wars we've had over the last few decades you'll see some restbite and then something has to magically appear which requires our full support (like bombing the sh*t out of some poor innocent country - for resources and to force regime change) which then changes how we live. Global recessions, resets, changes to society on a massive scale, new laws that come into place etc it's all par for the course when things have to be mixed up in order to suit the interests of those pulling the strings behind the scenes. Our governments are complicit without much choice and answer to powers far greater than them. Boris actually didn't want to lock down the country to begin with. Maybe that was him rebelling against the WHO who were pushing how deadly this virus was? But he had to buckle because utlimately his head would have been on the chopping block. You can't anger the people with all the resources, money and power who lurk behind global policy. Then we have WHO backed and sponsored entities who created models which then ensured our government stuck to the path, despite them now being massively wrong. The very guy who made them was found breaking the laws he recommended come into effect. It's all politics mate. It's all a smoke screen. The only way to stop it is like we have done over generations of modern society standing up and demanding answers and then if they are not provided defending our rights and refusing to allow the change to happen. When that happens no government has the power to stand up to an entire country. Try defending Downing Street from 67 MILLION people descending on London to protest against these measures. The government would surrender in a matter of days, simple as that. Perhaps even hours. The answer sadly lies in how much faith you have in people you call citizens of this country. Whether they continue to wish for this to go on, whether they are complicit and complacent in these policies dictating peoples lives. And whether you have faith in the scientific fields and from so-called 'experts' to do the right thing and speak up for disciplines they apparently enjoy so much to actually have spent their life studying and working in. Long post but it's the truth. All comes down to the people and whether they are going to go another round or two or three or infinite of this before saying enough is enough.
  5. Hopeful statistics?

    The models we had for this pandemic were flawed. They came from the same guy who f*cked up the swine flu and anthrax pandemics. He was criticized heavily for his recommendations to past governments, it's all over the mainstream media, and especially all over the scientific communities who looked at the data and asked themselves what the f*ck was going on. Now many are looking at the data and coming to the same conclusions. Then you have WHO who just brushed it under the carpet despite several countries developing ways to mitigate the risks and attempting to inform them of this disease, and not dealing with it purely by lockdown procedures either. The same health organization whose boss was allegedly involved in the cover-up of several diseases, especially in his home country. That made international news headlines. Article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/13/health/candidate-who-director-general-ethiopia-cholera-outbreaks.html Also here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/22/ethiopia Makes you think, the problem with handling this pandemic is DEEP. It's not just a case of one individual saying "Shut the doors on everybody!". It's a culmination of lots of fatal errors and flaws in the system, as well as inaccurate and flawed data.
  6. Eddie Large(Little and Large falls to Corona

    Notice that EVERYONE today, and over the last few months, has only been dying from the coronavirus. 153,000+ people die every day. 106 people every minute. 6,300+ every hour. There are more global deaths every 5 hours than in the whole entirety of this pandemic. But we forget that narrative. So far we've lost over 14 million people this year to a whole gamut of reasons, but we are set to gain even more people, with our population doubling every 25 years. 75-80 MILLION people are added to our population EVERY YEAR. These figures are staggering.
  7. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Here's a credible news article on the debate about "healthcare systems not having enough resources" to handle this pandemic. We were overwhelmed after the floodings from the last two "catastrophic" storms we had. People were sleeping on the floor. And that was a very normal event that we knew was coming before it came. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/02/coronavirus-fact-check-1-flu-doesnt-overwhelm-our-hospitals/ Our hospitals are overwhelmed endlessly when there isn't a state of emergency. Just another "fact" exposed.
  8. Corona virus news channels busted

    100% agree. It's everywhere in society but, those people in Rochdale are small fry compared to the likes of Epstein who had known connections to intelligence services, proven connections to the highest authorities in our society, many many many millions at his disposal (excluding assets), third party interests involved. You could eradicate child exploitation in Rochdale. Arguably you could execute the droves of sex predators in Rochdale overnight with a mass cull and you've taken out much of the influence, especially in that area. Not going to happen but it puts it into perspective. How are you going to eradicate the elite who are child sex predators? The same small group of the human population who killed Epstein before the truth came out. The same small group of people who are connected to the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet? Just going to ring up GMP right now and form a complaint? Are they going to send a plane out to another island ruled by another powerful figure and liberate these children? Highly unlikely. Why? There's politics behind it protecting these people. They don't care about your street level pedophiles. They (the powerful elite) could poison every prison in the country and be done with every criminal, whether proven guilty or not, and be done with them all. But the outside world won't be the doing same thing to them.
  9. Corona virus news channels busted

    It's worth bringing to the surface why many of these high profile celebrities, with known connections to government and those who are among the elite, have desires to have sex with children. If you look back you see A LOT of 'isolated' events where powerful and influencial people are exposed for their child abuse. And if you look back throughout history among the elite, children have always been considered objects for the powerful to exploit. Kings in England would have sex with little boys before marrying a woman. And when I say woman, it wasn't abnormal to take young girls into a marriage agreement. Look at other cultures and children have been sacrificied, exploited and idealised. Many countries up until recently allowed low age of consent for sex. That's slowly increasing thankfully. Let's face it, we have a history in our species for having sex with children and then making up elaborate stories about it which become the norm. When you look at porn, much of the trending searches are 'teen' and 'school girl' or 'virgin' etc. All these are in many ways fantasies around having sex with an inexperienced and often immature person ie a child. So the writing is on the wall. Only, we have members of our society who are among the elites who believe they are exempt from the laws we have in place and the progress we've made to prevent child abuse in our society. But... it still goes on. And this is in the public domain. High profile celebrities are among the population that seem to be getting caught running these rings that deal in child sex and exploitation.
  10. It's obvious the harms are going to come from the measures when the measures are affecting ALL areas of life. And there are more people these measures are affecting than the actual pandemic. This is simple knowledge and awareness of the situation.
  11. ...than the deaths of the coronavirus itself. This is based on things going on in the US but it's also the same as what is going on in the UK, making exceptions for certain things we have at our disposal they do not. With this sweeping lockdown in place it's possibly going to kill more innocent people than the virus will kill those infected. I didn't really think about it this way until I figured out how much of our resources are being purposefully spent on this outbreak while we drain the economy and social landscape of equality for everyone from all rungs of the ladder, primarily those on the poverty line, and those just above. And the consequences not immediately but into the future are going to be drastic for far more than the small number of deaths due to this virus. This is a given. Whenever the UK has collapsed due to any sort of disaster, people have suffered. Is this not breeding even more inequality and taking even more away from much of our population that will struggle due to this crisis? Check it out for yourself. So millions could die as a result of the measures in place while FAR less die as a result of the virus itself. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/01/could-the-covid19-response-be-more-deadly-than-the-virus/
  12. How long you recon?

    It's possible, although it sounds extreme because it's not mainstream news. What's absolutely shocking is how many innocent people will die as a result of the way things are being dealt with, and it won't be related to having the disease. This article talks about the US and how hundreds of thousands will die from the measures being taken alone, which is more than the ACTUAL predicted amount of deaths, and this prediction is ample in it's flexibility. https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/01/could-the-covid19-response-be-more-deadly-than-the-virus/
  13. Plausible Covid 19 source

    Yeah, cases going all the way back to mid-late last year. Several cases of people turning up to hospital with pnuemonia-like symptoms but without an identifiable cause. And all these cases happened outside of China. A few in the US I believe, a few in Italy as well.
  14. How long you recon?

    Until the public start getting the right information, and are provided with alternative narratives that are coming to light, many of them based on facts and on evidence, their perceptions are going to frame this pandemic more than what the government is doing about it. So far, just going off trending social media content, there's more talk about this pandemic among the public than there is in government and among those responsible for relaying information. Everybody knows much of what you see and hear about on social media is bullsh*t. Just echo chambers and filter bubbles repeating themselves while sucking people into twisted perceptions about the world and others in it. Well now that's being exchanged for facts and unbiased impartial advice. It's really become a toxic smog that is affecting society. But that's having a massive impact. The hysteria is being run by the 'self governing' public. We are the PR team for this pandemic. And until people begin to mobilize and become objective and use their own individual abilities to reason and question things, people are just going to blindly define the social landscape for others based off primitive fear and paranoia, irrational panic and catastrophe, until we get to a point where 99% of reality is being defined by the blind leading the blind. It would help if we lived back in an era before we had a hyper connected world because I can guarantee you most of the punishing and destructive parts of this lockdown would not exist. The landscape wouldn't exist for it to be compatible in the first place. We've all slowly been disconnected from reality by being sucked into social media, digital realities, a disconnected society reliant on technologies that distance us and create more divides etc. I can remember back in 2006-07 you couldn't have possibly known half of what was going on because you didn't have the means to know! Now today we are fed everything in seconds, which creates much of the conditions we see around us. If you don't hear on the news, Julie from down the road in her slippers will come out spouting some completely twisted version of it. So, who knows... The public are continuing to drive the hysteria though. If they just woke up a little and started scratching their heads surrounding these conditions it would create a ripple effect where government would have to drastically re-assess their actions. 4-8 weeks? 8-16? Who knows. But being subservient and not questioning the whole implications of this won't be helping. Everyone is trapped in their cages forgetting the door is not even locked, they are free to open it and see things from a different perspective whenever they want. That perspective change will change the culture we are living in now of fear, hysteria, panic, paranoia, psychosis even.
  15. Eddie Large(Little and Large falls to Corona

    So we don't blame this pandemic for underlying health conditions. We blame the underlying health conditions. Hence the psychosis I'm referring to. It's madness, really is. But we can't do that because then we're are insulting the dead, attacking old people and not showing any compassion for their suspectibility to this virus. We are attacking the narrative while being bombarded with emotional blackmail to keep us believing we are helping these people who are dying, and will be dead very soon due to their health conditions. Well I'm sorry but we can't stop death. We can't pretend diseases aren't real. We can't wipe out decades of conclusive empirical research into the causes of deaths globally, just for a narrative that has as much weight and authenticity at it's core than the Salem Witch Trials did in the medieval ages. People were dying due to witchcraft back then, allegedly, and 'witches' were being put through elaborate tests to see whether they were a witch or not. The whole world went after the witches. When really it was a mental disorder slowly cultivated by mass hysteria and psychosis.