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  1. Sandbag workouts.......

    I've been filling a daysack full of bags of stones/ water bottles and other things I can find to make up weight can manage most sorts of exercises this way with some improvisation
  2. Resistance bands

    Hi guys I'm looking at picking up a decent set of resistance bands to use with my home workouts since the gym is done Just for things like seated rows/ facepulls/ straight arm pulldowns/ flies Dont really want to spend a fortune if avoidable Can anyone recommend a set?
  3. Losing weight and gaining muscle? 2nd time round

    got a update on this. Been a few.months and still training hard. Obviously weights wise I'm now home workout with weighted body weights. Cardio wise I'm alot fitter and can manage 8 miles at about 7:15 per mile. I weigh 90.7kg now. I'm wanting to get to Maybe 83-85. I'm hoping to be lean at that stage. Then that would give me a good base to start a slow bulk so I dont get unfit and can try.maintain a relatively low body fat I'd like to think since I re started weights I have put some muscle on. Given I've been eating 2000-2500 a day (higher end only on days if I've done a big maybe 7-8+ mile run) with 150g protein a day or so my weight loss has only been 1-2kg a month while seeing more difference in the mirror then scales. Here's a few current pictures of me I know theres a noticable size difference in one side to the other I had reconstruction surgery so hopefully getting back into training will even out soon
  4. Routine while gym is shut

    Hey guys so gym is shut obviously so I'm having to make do with weighted bodyweight exercises. My.question is would I need to increase the frequency of my workouts? Like say usually I'd do legs/back+bi/chest and tri/ once a week. Now with the lack of weight would I need to do it 2x a week to maintain similar results or minimal loss in this time
  5. Hey guys, long winded story.. When I was about 20-21 I'd been really into my weightlifting for years and maxed out at 140 bench 180 squat and 235 deadlift. Since then I've joined the forces and nearly been in 5 years. Then I got lazy stopped weightlifting and training and had surgery. About 3 or 4 months ago I woke up and have been doing alot of cardio getting ready for a promotional course next year. Now I want to get serious back into my weightlifting aswell. I've got about 10kg to lose I'd say. But along the way I'd love to put some of my old size back on, I've read into muscle memory and wondered if it would be possible? I'll be doing my old weight routine along side maybe 35-40 miles running per week on a calorie deficit. Maybe eating 2000-2500 a day depending on days activity and making sure I'm getting a good amount of protein in Is it possible to gain some.muscle back while losing the weight and getting fitter?