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  1. Test cycle whilst on trt

    nice one. thanks for the input
  2. So, just had first bloods done on trt (6mnths) slightly elevated free test. High e2. Now on 12.5. EOD of exemestane question is......... when I start a 450mg 12week cycle of test e, do I ignore the trt and ai , And do a completely separate cycle of ai etc or factor that in to my dosages etc thanks as usual for any input good or bad
  3. hi y'all what do you think would be the best 1st cycle. 300mg test e or test cyp. whats the difference, they both appear to have the same half life. thanks for any and all input, doing my research first
  4. Where is best for needles?

    medisave for me too
  5. test300 cycle

    ooh err
  6. test300 cycle

    swoll troll.....how on earth could you walk after a 4ml shot in the leg????? didn't you get chronic ache the following day
  7. test300 cycle

    hi ya not overly big to be fair, I can reach glutes with 1 arm ok, but cant get other arm around to aid the injection. I just aint that bendy anymore.lol having injected quads and stomach, I find the subq much "nicer" to do, but was under the impression that .5ml was the max that could be shot at one time into stomach. I was prescribed hcg to prevent my natural test shutting down. not doing the kids thing now at 53 and having the snip (Jaffa)
  8. test300 cycle

    yeah I pin the test e at 0 .25ml twice a week for the 125 subq 27 g 5/8 no pain, no pip, no sensation , no aches the following day. works a treat for me.
  9. test300 cycle

    3 x jabs, due to thinking max pin in stomach was only .5mls
  10. test300 cycle

    first cycle ever. 53yrs old training for 18 months, stagnated growth, losing strength, hence trt for last 4 months. going to try a probable one off test e cycle to see what happens. I only train twice a week at mo, need all the recovery I can get. lol unless you guys think different thanks again
  11. Blood results

    your right , my bad they don't check free test only total test. the total has to be dire for help. thanks for the correction
  12. so, getting bloods done next week after the 4months of trt 125 mg of test e and 250iu og hcg if they come back hunky dorey, looking at a 12/14 week cycle of test 300 pinned 3 times week at .5ml to give 450 a week my question is..... 3 x week subq to stomach at .5ml, or 1 x a week at 1.5ml to quads, cant reach glute. also, would I need an ai at this quantity of test e. thanks
  13. Blood results

    good luck with the nhs circus. they wont help trt unless your free test is thru the floor. private clinics have a higher free test level to work with, thats why private clinics give trt easier than nhs.
  14. Which protein after gym

    thanks for all the input. Proper can of worms opened here. Think I’ll alternate between both until finished then think about what to do next.
  15. Which protein after gym

    Hi ya what protein would you recommend for after an evening gym sesh train at 7-8.30 pm twice a week. (53yr old) whey isolate straight after. Or bedtime casein with milk a couple of hrs later. Thanks for any input.