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  1. Delete account

    Can you delete my account please as I can't pm any admin regarding this Thank you
  2. Total rebuild

    Back to lifting heavy for next year enjoyed competing in 2019 .
  3. Eddie Hall Backflip

    I like the pink leotard... similar to mine
  4. Total rebuild

    So after being out of competition due to dislocated shoulder for last year I'm taking the next 18 months solely to eat and re build..after dropping down to 15 stone 3 in summer 2019 I've managed to regrow to 18 stone 12 and get my dead lift back to 305 kg it's took a fairly strict but straight forward approach to diet and training..I'll upload pics soon on progress and my road to Kent strongest Man next year ,as I'm approaching 40 this year I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see what I can do ..for anyone out there thinking of competing you have nothing to lose ..keep eating keep lifting keep growing...
  5. Anna’s log x

    Great physique,hard work is truly paying off .. incredible
  6. Hi from Norwich

    New to forum , competitive strongman from Norwich