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  1. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Does a work dog count? GSD loves sticks and biting haha
  2. He then stops and turns round and points the taser at the cop.
  3. Na but he could use the taser to get the lethal weapon off the cop
  4. Here’s an insight from a firearms officer he first off resisted arrest. Secondly he stole the taser. He then ran so the threat wasn’t as great. However. Cctv shows him turning round and pointing the taser at the cop. At this point he can taser the officer and then get his actual firearm. Would I have shot him at this point? I probably would.
  5. Noticed a lot of racists on here..

    They say racism is big in the police and brutality towards Black people. In my 8 years of being in the police I’ve never arrested a black person. Maybe that’s because I live in Scotland and we don’t really have a lot but still doesn’t matter your colour if you are a c**t you are a c**t
  6. Anyone done a hit and run?

    It was flying down hill
  7. Anyone done a hit and run?

    Na but I’ve hit a pigeon doing around 120mph on a blue light run. Mechanics hated me as it was a f**k mess where I had hit it and cracked the grill haha
  8. BLM Riots in the UK

    Pink is a colour. So is white.
  9. BLM Riots in the UK

    “People of colour” everyone is some sorta of colour f**k sake.
  10. BLM Riots in the UK

    I’m often getting stereotypes and attacked regularly. Things flung at me. Abuse shouted at me. Massive campaigns online for my people to be killed. im not black. I’m in the police.
  11. Gym Characters

    I go to one of those poser kinda gyms. I use it because it’s got a good pool and sauna. Plus good discounts from work theres an Asian peado. Try’s and rubs himself against people and there’s also a midget. Pretty sure I have a picture somewhere of that ?
  12. You could always use the Jiffy bag as a roach ?
  13. Worred about dad's stomach pains

    Is it brought on by something he’s eaten? Like cream? Or dairy. Could be his Gallbladder but at the end of the day I’m not a doctor. Can tell you how to get sick calves. But not to do when you are sick
  14. I think it’s the whole image of using needles in injecting yourself that people have an issue with a like it to heroin. When it’s f**k all like heroin. coke is very socially acceptable. The amount you go into guys toilets and someone will be like “awryt big man want a line” truth be told I’d probs say yeah and get on it. But I’m drug tested so it’s a no go
  15. 800ml of hard alcohol

    A Zoot is a joint ya mad virgin