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    I started wanting to loose weight as it had crept up on me. Now I want to get a bit bigger and stronger. Look better cause I damn feel better!

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    Vehicle mechanic now fork lift engineer
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    Landrover (built my own)
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    Diesel engines
  1. The game changers on Netflix

    As in you don't believe Keep looking theres another film documentary called forks over knives Or something alike speaks the same thing
  2. Carl Hawkins

    Shouldn't you work out for a good while before taking anything?
  3. has anybody else watched this film I was very sceptical at first but I couldn't argue with the majority of what was being said. Definitely made me think. I just don't think I could get enough protein and enjoy what I'm eating at the same time I don't turn my nose up at anything on my plate at all but struggle going full plant What were your thoughts?
  4. Wrecked back from deadlift

    Thanks for the response I think because the weight was so much less than last week I must have just had poor form like you said Will get back at it next week and go easy for a while
  5. Wrecked back from deadlift

    Little background Been on and off training for ever This time I've gotten really into it I've been training proper for only 4 months And I've just done my back on a 100kg deadlift Not sure what I did wrong to be honest last week I did a 140kg lift, and this week I pulled something I didn't have a belt on but didn't think I would need it What's your recovery advice and how do you think I went wrong Thanks in advance