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  1. Weight loss advice required please

    Many thanks Endo, Ill attempt to put this into practice!
  2. Dear All, I am a newbie to this forum and bodybuilding and have already introduced myself in the Welcome Lounge. I have a subject that I would like advice on and would be very grateful indeed for any assistance that could be offered by users of this forum. I may well have posted this thread in a completely incorrect forum, however, I would be very appreciative if forum members could consider the thread with an open mind as this forum may actually be the correct forum. The reason I say this the subject maybe a 'grey area' I am a 44 year old male, of around 5' 6" in height and weigh around 76.8Kg before I got to bed. In the early 1990's, like most late teen, early 20's males, I used to work out usually around 2-3 times per week, focussing on machine based workouts and later using free weights. Whilst I developed good definition, I struggled to gain weight (weighing 67Kg at my peak), and back in the 1990s there seemed to be less marketing towards nutrition and I certainly did not focus on nutrition. My diet had no real muscle gaining focus and I suppose it was similar to what most males ate when living at their Mum's ie a balanced meal with occasional purchasing of Weider Mega Mass or similar. I still struggled to put on muscle, developed and kept good definition, but in the end, my life moved on and I started to get into other things such as motorcycling. From around 25 years old up until around 39 years old, the fat slowly started to come on and I lost definition. Due to feeling embarassed on the beach, over the past 6 years or so (since I was around 39 years old), I have been steadily and surely reducing my weight from my maximum of around 89Kg in 2013 to my current weight of 76.8Kg. I have done this by reducing poor food in my diet, combined with a focus on road running around 3 times a week. My weight loss has accelerated more recently by the removal of sugary food and also by road running for increasingly longer distances (typically 7.5 to 8 miles every 3 days). As a result of this weight loss, I am sure I have lost what muscle I had but I have also lost fat and I can see that definition has increased to a point where I would not be embarassed on the beach. Despite the cold weather and dark wet evenings, I have been able to keep a discliplined focus on my running. Yesterday, I started a once a week 24 hour fast programme and for the past year I have consumed 3g of Creatine a day. As can be seen from the above, I have not been undertaking any weight training since around 25 years old and for the last six years and my focus has been on diet and road running. OK, so now the subject I would appreciate assistance on. In around March 2020, I am going on holiday and clearly I am never going to look like any of the fantastic people on this forum. Some of the guys on here look fantastic and I think that is fabulous. I would be very grateful indeed if forum members could review the above and advise of any appropriate weight training routines that may assist me by loosing more weight (which I believe I have a handle on) and also adding perhaps some muscle. I would not like to interrupt my running routine of 7.5 to 8 miles every 3 days) but can look to change my diet and take any recommended supplements. Unfortunately, I will be unable to go to the gym any more than twice a week and will not have a spotter. I would be very appreciative for some thoughts and am quite happy to be told something like 'You have no hope of achieving anything in 4 months' or 'you are going about this all wrong' etc. Many thanks MV Owner
  3. Weight loss advice required please

    Many thanks Endo, just out of interest, how many sets should I aim for per exercise?
  4. Weight loss advice required please

    I did forget to mention how thanksful I am for your time in responding
  5. Weight loss advice required please

    Thanks for your help both, greatly appreciated. From what I have read from you good people, it would appear I should be sticking with basic, non-flashy routines, so my thoughts are to keep it basic. I will probably opt for free weights but have access to both. Unfortunately, due to other commitments I will only be able to train twice a week, I will be maintaining my running schedule (8.5 miles per session) every 3 days.
  6. Weight loss advice required please

    thanks Monkey, I'll put your advice into practice. If you were a betting person, would you air towards lower reps until failure or higher reps. I know you said experiment but without some sort of guidance, I'll have trouble finding a starting point. Thank you
  7. Weight loss advice required please

    Many thanks Monkey for responding, its very greatly appreciated. When working out would it be best to stay towards machines or free weights, should I do the same full body workout each time and how many reps should I be looking at until failure (should it be 5-7 reps for example or 10-12 reps)
  8. Weight loss advice required please

    Id appreciate any thoughts on the above if possible please everybody
  9. A Hello

    Many thanks Terbo, I've posted a thread elsewhere which just needs to be approved by a moderator
  10. A Hello

    Hi Everyone, Im a newbie here and very much a newbie to bodybuilding and am very much looking forward to considering and putting into practice any information that any helpful people are able to provide. Many thanks MV