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  1. Squats v Leg press

    Friends, Thanks to all those who have helped me previously on these forums. As mentioned previously I am getting back to the gym after being out for about 20 years. I have been working out for a month and I have two basic routines which I am concentrating on and I go to the gym 3 times a week. I have aways been uneasy about doing free weight squats so my routines include seated leg presses which I am comfortable with. I was chatting to a chappie the other night who was using a Smith Machine to squat as he felt uncomfortable about squatting without a spotter and he felt the Smith Machine provided more safety and stability. I would appreciate thoughts on whether seated leg presses (which I am now comfortably pressing the complete weight available) are a good alternative to squats, or should I be moving to Squats as free weights or if not in a Smith Machine. Many thanks MV
  2. thanks Gents, I will order something today
  3. is that also the case for zinc justin>
  4. DSC_3962[1].JPG

  5. Squats v Leg press

    Im sure thats true, Im just trying to familiarise myself with it all really. We also dont have a squat rack which makes me a bit uneasy. I dont want to bust myself
  6. Squats v Leg press

    I sort of get that, the plane doesnt follow natural motion but Im going to experiment
  7. thanks Gents, I have adusted my workouts which are in line with what has kindly been suggested by Troll. I am now starting to get my squatting technique on track so this should help me
  8. Squats v Leg press

    Thanks for your help all. Yesterday I tried to do some Squats in a Smith Machine which turned out just fine. The only thing I may have done wrong was slightly poor leg position which I suppose wasnt helped by using a Smith Machine. I am now going to include these in my routine so many thanks
  9. Squats v Leg press

    Thanks Troll, I certainly have no medical reason not to squat, I guess I'm just slightly concerned to squat as I havent before and certainly wont have a spotter. There is no doubt about it, the leg press (4 sets x 12 reps until failure on every other workout) is certainly making me feel like the exercise is an assault on my entire body in a way that no other exercise does. I suppose the question I am asking is whether the effect on your body with leg presses is as I understand it is with squats. I believe (perhaps albeit wrongly) that squats are a major assault on your body which promotes growth etc and I am trying to understand whether leg presses are a credible alternative.
  10. Boxing Day Lunch drink

    Thanks San and Endo, In the end I went for a few glasses of wine which gave me a pretty nasty headache as I hadnt drunk for 3 months or so. I didnt wake up with a hangover though which was certainly welcome. Thanks for your contribution Super, really well thought out valid and super intelligent stuff
  11. Friends, On Christmas day I will be having a lunch of masses of turkey with no alcohol but on Boxing Day I will again be having masses of turkey but inevitably drink will be involved. I have cut back on drinking of late (I have only ever had a maxiumum of 10 units a week anyway but since starting to train I havent drunk and I am just sick of hangovers especially that lathargic washed out feeling. I would be grateful for thoughts on the drink which will have the least significant dietry / body impact. On offer will be Stella Artois, Red Wine or unoaked and light White Wine. If I was to go for the Stella it would probably be around 5-6 bottles and if it was Wine, probably abour 2/3 to a bottle spread out for lunchtime to around 8pm. This may seem like a stupid question but I do want to let my hair down a bit on this one special day with family. Cheers MV
  12. Hi All, I have recieved some every so helpful advise on this forum which relates to loosing some weight and hopefully putting on some muscle. I have a short term goal of loosing some weight for a holiday (in 3 months) so I appreciate I have left it a little late. I have returned to the gym for the first time in around 25 years and have found that my gym is full of 'Millennial Men' who do seem to do things in a different way than I did arond 25 years years ago. When I used to train 25 years ago I am sure that regardless of the amount of reps in the set and regardless of whether you were trying to gain definition or muscle mass that the last rep was a 'failure rep' where another rep could not be completed. I would appreciate thoughts on whether this is now deemed bad or out of date practice or not as the Millennials never seem to visibly fail on their last rep of the set. Secondly, as mentioned above I am trying to loose some weight and hopefully add some muscle and have been following two routines kindly provided by a fellow forum member. I have been training 3 times a week and I would be appreciative of thoughts on how long I should leave between sets. I am currently leaving around 2 mins 20 seconds but would like thoughts on whether this duration is about right Many thanks MV
  13. Reps until failure and time between sets

    OK many thanks everyone and yes I am in my 40s and god i feel old!
  14. Reps until failure and time between sets

    thanks awfully people, and if I understand correctly, it is ok to fail on the last rep
  15. Reps until failure and time between sets

    thanks Swole, What are your thoughts on my two questions please
  16. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    Hi All, I have been following advice very kindly provided by others in this thread:- this was as my aim is to add some muscle and perhaps continue some hard earned weight loss. The workouts at the gym are proving to be enjoyable, but I have only been doing them for a couple of weeks. Anyway, there is a strong possibility that I am barely consuming enough calories through natural food and am considering some protein supplements (as opposed to more food). Over the past month or so I have been intermittently fasting for 24 hours once a week with a view to perhaps de-plateauing my current weight loss. I would be very appreciative of any thoughts on whether I should continue the intermittent fasting as I am probably barely consuming enough calories and have now started going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Many thanks MV
  17. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    OK friends, So as mentioned above I have been doing cardio for many years and have started to go to the gym for three times a week for 2 weeks now using the workouts kindly supplied earlier. I am generally doing 8-10 reps until failure on each set and even after working out for barely 2 weeks I am getting stronger quickly and each workout is progressing well . Whilst I have left it a bit late, my return to the gym has been prompted by a holiday I have planned in earth March 2020 so just three months from now. The question is should I maintain the above workout schedule right up until early March 2020 or will there be a point prior to that when I should change my workout schedule to shed any fat etc. This is just a question so I can plan ahead. Many thanks
  18. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    thanks for your help mate. Last night I ran 13.1 miles which made me feel better in my mind. I believe I may have had some irratic measurements on the scales but will definately implement what you have suggested
  19. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    Apologies, between 1.0 and 1.2kg gain. So to cut this down I believe removal of the jacket potatoes and the cup of milk and honey is probably required, this would mean that all I have varied is now going to the gym 3 times a week and adding a dosage of protein a day. Does this seem a reasonable way to go? Just out of interest do you think the gain I did make of circa 1.0 to 1.2 kg would have been muscle/ fat / hard to tell?
  20. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    OK, So gents, to recap, over the past few years or so I have been running 2-2 times a week (increasing the distance slowly) and this has slowly but steadily reduced by weight from around 88Kg to around 76kg up to two weeks ago. I have always had a static and quite boring diet. In the past two weeks I have continued to run but additionally have been to the gym 3 times a week and followed the routines provided above, but I have also added to my diet slightly by drinking 1 scoop of My Protein Whey Protein a day, eating 2-3 baked or jacket potatoes twice a week (who doesnt like those!) and drinking a cup of milk with 3 tablespoons of honey each night before bed (to make me sleep better) and to me it appears that my weight had increased by around maybe 0.1kg to 1.2kg in those two weeks. The question I would like help on it does this gain in weight appear normal consideirng the addition of the once a day whey protein, 2-3 jacket potatoes a week, milk and honey and 3 gym sessions per week and secondly, if I have been tracking by weight accurately (which I believe I have) is any increase in weight likely to be muscle? Many thanks MV
  21. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    Hello Endo, Thanks for all your advice whilst I have been here on this forum. It has very significantly contributed to be being motivated to get back to the gym. I have followed your advice above especially with regards to the rows and in my other thread and I have now started to use an app called simple workout log which has helped me in tracking everyhting
  22. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    thanks for your help Endo and I will try and not be so self conscious. I will also add some rows to the routine. I would like your thoughts on whether the exercises above are being performed in the right order during the workouts. On the subject of embarrasments, when I was 10.5 stone I used to be able to flat bench about 108kg for 3 sets of 8 reps. A load of us when down the gym for a chest workout where the first exercise was an incline press. I bought the barbell (around 80kg so quite heavy) towards my feet too much and instantly dropped it across my waist!!
  23. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    Many thaks for your help Endo. I have decided to stop the 24 hours fasting, mainly based on your advice and also because I was fasting prior to starting to working out at all. I have now started to workout at the gym 3 times a week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays and have used the routines stated in the link above but I have varied them slightly not because I'm too arrogant to consider your good advice but because Im slightly embarassed to be in the gym at the moment and feel comfortable with slightly different exercises. I have also always struggled with squats and deadlifts. The two routines are:- Workout A Squat 6-8 - This has been replaced by seated leg press (machine based) Bench Press 6-8 - I have been doing these flat on a Smith Machine Lateral Raise 8-12 Tbar/ BB Row 8-12 - These have been replaced by Lat pull downs (machine based). There is the opportunity to do this on a machine but I haven;t done so. Leg Curl 12-15 Bicep 8-10 - I have been doing standing EZ curls or alternative standing dumbell curls Tricep 12-15 - I have been doing tricep pushdowns (machine based) Calf 10-12 - I haven't been doing these unfortunately. I have calves which are large compared to my thighs / rest of body. Workout B Deadlift/ RDL 6-8 - I haven't been doing these unfortunately. Incline Press 6-8 - I have been doing these on a Smith Machine. Pull Up/ Lat Pull Down 10-12 Lateral Raise 8-12 Leg Extension 12-15 Bicep 12-15 - I have been doing standing EZ curls or alternative dumbell curls Tricep 8-10 Calf 6-8I - I haven't been doing these unfortunately. I would be appreciative on your thoughts on whether I should modify the above and also whether I should seek a 3rd training schedule as I am now training 3 times a week not the original proposal of 2. Instead of running 8 miles every 3 days, I am now going to run 8 miles on Tuesdays and Sundays. I believe that I'm probably not eating enough to be honest so at some point will need to consider eating more food. I eat very little sugar, fat, or alcoholic drinks but feel Im not eating enough food. I am taking some My protein Impact Whey (19g a day) Many thanks for your continued help.
  24. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    I may well not fast then
  25. Adding muscle and loosing fat

    Thanks Endo for your thoughts, Im going to consider what you have advised and come back to you (probably with more questions)! Many thanks