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  1. What happens with Man flu

    Cheers Gents, went to GP and got antibiotics. I did loose at least 1.2Kg which seemed to come back on quickly. Cheers
  2. Training with flu

    Many thanks friends Im going to give it a bit of time off
  3. Training with flu

    No one has said it's RS I was just asking for opinions. How much is too ill?? Yes I can pick up a dumbell but Im sure I could pickup a dumbell if I was nearly dead but that doesn't make training a good idea.
  4. Training with flu

    Im considering rest to be honest as (not that its the same as weights) but cardio nearly killed me the other day and made symptoms worse. Also I have a bit of tennis elbow so I'll use the time to try to help that
  5. Training with flu

    Friends, For about the past 20 days I have had a cold but in the last 10 days of those 20 days I have had a serious dose of Man Flu. This was made noticeably worse when I ran on the road so I have now stopped. I have been to see my Doctor tonight who prescribed some Antibiotics for a week and sent me on my way. I asked him whether it was OK to weight train (no cardio) and surprisingly, he wasn't against it but said if it caused me to feel unwell then to cease. I would welcome thoughts on what others would do in similar circumstances. I am around 5 weeks in to a 12 week weights programme and don't want to miss training, I also do not want to collapse! Thanks All MV
  6. Friends, About 1 month into my training I seem to have been struck with a serious case of what in the UK we would call 'Man Flu'. This started around 3 weeks ago as a mild cold and ll that goes with it but then this has gradually got progressively worse over about 3 weeks and turned into a chesty cough with a runny nose and a hot / cold temperature. With this I have lately had a loss of apetite and a slight but noticeable loss in weight. When going to the toilet there appears to be pretty much nothing coming out from either my backside or willie. I also dont feel the need to go to the loo either. I would appreciate thoughts on what 'weight' is typically lost. Is it muscle, water, fat etc? My local Pharmacist suggested I didn't run or do any exercise and should just rest. To someone uneducated like me this seems like good advice as after a run around 4 days ago it made the symptoms (especially the cold / hot temperature) considerably worse Cheers MV
  7. Morning friend, I have definately dropped the Smith Machine from my routine after advice from a very helpful forum member
  8. Squats v Leg press

    Many thanks for this help freinds. I am going to absorb everything that has been said and incripirate into my routine accordingly. Many thanks
  9. thanks Gents, I will order something today
  10. is that also the case for zinc justin>
  11. All, I am new to working out and have been advised that I should consume some good quality multivitamins and some good quality zinc tablets. There seems to be a shedload of information out there (some probably paid for to be highly recommended) so I would be very grateful indeed for any recommendations. I am UK based. Kind regards MV
  12. DSC_3962[1].JPG

  13. Squats v Leg press

    Im sure thats true, Im just trying to familiarise myself with it all really. We also dont have a squat rack which makes me a bit uneasy. I dont want to bust myself
  14. Squats v Leg press

    I sort of get that, the plane doesnt follow natural motion but Im going to experiment
  15. thanks Gents, I have adusted my workouts which are in line with what has kindly been suggested by Troll. I am now starting to get my squatting technique on track so this should help me