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  1. Looking perhaps a bit flatter

    Many thanks for your help Sabbath, very greatly appreciated Since writing the post above, I have started to maintain a very precise calorie intake of 1980-2000 a day and is around 42 carbs, 38 protein and 20 fat. With this precise intake I have managed to loose or gain no weight whatsoever, so I am confident that I have managed to identify the maintenance dose so this gives me something firm to go on. I am going away on holiday soon, but when I return I propose to increase this intake to around 2100 ot maybe 2200 and plug away religously and see what happens but monitoring my progress all the way
  2. Looking perhaps a bit flatter

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated people but I think Ie answered by own question. I am going to go about 2000 calories and cut out my running and perhaps this will make me loose the 'flatened look' I have had since dropping from 2200 calories to 1800. I believe removing my once a week run of 4.5 miles will also assist
  3. Hi All, After coming from a jogging background of 8 miles every 4 days with about 17% bodyfat (down from 28%) I have been working out for 9 weeks now and have been using advise from a very helpful forum member. I have religously stuck to his suggested routine and all seems to be going well. I do not want to bombard him with questions directly via email hence raising the following here on this helpful forum. Around 3 weeks ago, I started to track my diet using myfitnesspal which was 2200 calories per day with averages of 37% carbs, 27% fat and 36% protein against targets of 46% carbs, 22% fat and 32% protein. I was consuming 1.1g protein per lb of bodyweight. I began to increase weight perhaps too quickly but considered this was perhaps a bit fatty weight (perhaps I panicked) as it went on around my hips and waist so dropped down to around 1800 calories per day with averages of 40% carbs, 21% fat and 39% protein against targets of of 45% carbs, 20% fat and 35% protein. With this decrease in calories, the weight is beginning to fall off at around 0.8kg per week which seems to be v quick but it certainly seems to have just loosened fat at the hips slightly. Perhaps my redcution from 2200 calories to 1800 calories was too large. Perhaps it should have been around 2000 calories. Perhaps crucially, yesterday, like every Friday I ran 4.5 miles (which I was doing once a week and have now decided to cease) but today I seem to look alot 'flatter' than normal. I would appreciate thoughts on whether my muscles could be depleted in glycogen, the weight is coming off too fast, its just in my head or is something else?!?!?! If I have understood my good friend correctly, it could be the glycogen but like I said I dont want to hassle him. Cheers MV
  4. Weight gain question

    OK Gents thanks for the effort and time taken to provide the above responses. I believe the reason I wrote the above post yesterday is shock I suppose. I hadn't worn the said jeans for around 3 weeks and for some reason they felt tight and I instantly thought I'd put on a load of blubber. To summarise if I understand you correctly. Don't make the mistake of taking too much short term weight measurements (ie every hour!) as (like stocks and shares) these can skew the view of the 'overall picture' which can cause you to act hastily (which I believe I did really by writing the above). This also occurs with stocks and shares if you arent careful! So perhaps compare on a bi-weekly / monthly basis. When in a surplus (which I believe I am) expect some fat gain even if you are busting your balls in the gym but busting your balls will result in a higher chance of muscle being a higher percentage than fat. I believe I am in this calorie surplus phase now so I assume my target mix of circa 20% fat, 35% Protein and 45% carbs is about right and I should look to just be in surplus to again ensure that weight gained isnt too fatty. I assume my understanding is about correct.
  5. Weight gain question

  6. Weight gain question

    thanks mate, I will start to measure my weight using digital scales on a solid floor first thing in the morning. I suppose the question I should have asked is is the hip bone / 'love handles' area, thighs and slightly in the calfs area the sort of place where fat comes on or may I have simply gained muscle in this area as after all my legs have been stimulated by a full body workout for the last 3 months. I have certainly started looking more muscular in the top half of my body. Definition around the underside of my chest has certainly remained
  7. Weight gain question

    Dear All, I am 45 years old and I have been weight training for 3 months now. During the 3 months I have been weight training 3 days a week using a full body workout and slowly but steadily increasing the total weight lifted during each session. During the first month of weight training I was combining the weight training with a 7 mile run every 4 days. However, following advice from a trusted forum user, during months 2 and 3 I have reduced the running to 4 miles every 7 days. During months 2 and 3 I have been monitoring my calories per day which have been around 2300 a day with a 30% fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs breakdown. Importantly, I believe the fat takes into account fat from nuts and from mackeral. My protein intake has been around 1.2grames per lb of body weight. Perhaps in error, I weigh myself most evenings before bed and my weight seems to vary quite wildly (presumably attached to whether I have gone to the toilet and or whether I have had a large evening meal) however in the last 2 months I appear to have gained around 1Kg in weight but today when slipping on a familiar pair of jeans they felt noticeably tight at the hip bone / 'love handles' area, thighs and slightly in the calfs. However, I seem to have put quite noticeable muscle (which seems to have resulted in more definition) onto the lower chest, shoulders and arms areas. This may seem like a stupid question but I would appreciate thoughts on whether the weight in the hip bone / 'love handles' area is likely to be fat or am I just mistaking this for additional muscle? Many thanks MV
  8. Fats from fish and nuts

    thanks Sasnak for this which I was unaware of. I was clearly getting my knickers in a twist about nothing to be honest
  9. Fats from fish and nuts

    thanks for this, I misjudged it on the day in question by not realising how much of the mackeral was fat / oil
  10. Fats from fish and nuts

    Many thanks for the prompt response. I suppose the question I also need the answer to is would such 'good fats' make me gain fatty weight (im trying to add some muscle and I believe I am in calorie surplus)
  11. All, For the second time in my life Ive started to work out. First was as per usual in my teens and then after a major lay off now in my mid 40s'. This time I have been paying much more attention to diet. I have been using an app that today says I have been consuming a significant amount of fat (45%). This was the fats from mixed nuts and mackeral. Should I be alarmed about these sources of fat (even though I assume they are 'good fats') or should I still be wary and keep them in check. Many thanks MV
  12. Maintenance Calorie calculator

    many thanks, this will give me something to work with. It came out at 2500, I have had other advice which suggests 1900 so I'll go midway. Thanks for your help,
  13. Maintenance Calorie calculator

    any help would be appreicated please people. I have assumed a maintenance calorie number of 1900 per day but would like some guidance if possible please
  14. Dear All, Ive been working out for only two months and I have had some very useful advice from people on this forum so I would like to thank them for that. This has been publically and via the messaging service. I am a 45 year old male, 77.1Kg in weight, 5' 6" tall and around 17% bodyfat and workout 3 times a week, run once a week and have a goal of gaining some muscle and loosing some fat (like everyone I suppose). In my youth when I was working out (between 16 and 18 years old) I paid zero attention to nutrition and had about 10% bodyfat but added no muscle. This time I am trying to apply more thought behind what I eat. I would be very grateful if someone could advise on a calculator to allow me to calculate my 'maintenance calorie number' if there is such an expression. Many thanks MV