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  1. Test cycle

    Have done exactly that myself. Its amazing how far it will go in to your thumb with minimal force Didn't hurt until I looked at it. Pulling it out was the worst part.
  2. Satan Pharma

    Yeah there are still alot of morons about. I'm not sure if SIS is UK based or a European lab?
  3. Satan Pharma

    Probably Rohm, Sphinx and Dimensions because they are 3 of the biggest UK based UGL's. Big online and in gyms. Nexus is almost unheard of in the real outside world away from here. I'm not disputing they are a quality lab.
  4. Will covid 19 go away

    Sorry but that's a completely ridiculous statement. Someone who knows future world events before the vast majority of people has the potential to make unlimited funds. To give just one very basic example. Had you have known that this pandemic was coming at Christmas and you had a lot of money invested in the stock market then you could have sold all of your stocks and repurchased them today at a massively reduced value. The more specific the information you have about coming world events then the greater potential to make money you have. Since you mentioned 9/11, here is a more specific example of prior knowledge. In the days before 9/11 a huge number of put options were placed on United Airlines stock. This means betting on their share price lowering. Days later the biggest terrorist attacks in modern history and the aviation industry crashes. United Airlines is the worst affected airline worldwide as their planes are involved. This is either an astonishingly lucky prediction or certain key people knew what would happen and even specifically which planes would be involved.
  5. 50mg Anavar I used 12 months ago weren't great and I've used numerous labs so know what to expect. Lad in who trains in my gym used the Oxys and said he thought they were severely under dosed. I've heard a few reports that the 50mg Winstrol was poor.
  6. Sphinx orals are not the most consistent. Everything I've used from nexus has been good.
  7. Accutane ? Need some

    If your in the UK then your doctor can only refer you to a dermatologist who may then choose to prescribe it. This is likely to take a few months, especially at the moment. Various UGL's like sphinx, dimensions etc do accutane or there are various pharma grade options you can get on the black market for a little more money.
  8. I agree about this dose being effective. I dont agree about no sides. Not for me anyway.
  9. Next cycle

    I'd go with 150mg EOD based upon the dosages you've run before.
  10. ROHM new batch

    That's very strange. I'm not doubting you though. I've heard 2 different stories about NP. One that they've packed up for good and a second that it's a long term break but they will return.
  11. ROHM new batch

    Never heard a bad report about NP to be honest. I'm using their mast prop atm. Its spot on.
  12. That really could be anything.
  13. ROHM new batch

    I like JP. He's always come across as a really decent guy. He doesn't seem to realise though that the last thing he needs is more mass. When your 300lbs at 5'6 and can't get the pro you've spent several years trying for it's not because you dont have enough mass. It might however have something to do with your condition being way out on show day and 3000mg of nandrolone per week in the off season isnt about to help with that. I'm sure he would be able to see this himself if he was advising one of his clients, but he cant seem to see it in himself.
  14. ROHM new batch

    Its probably best you dont tell him about the thread on tmuscle 2 days ago where they were discussing how much longer his heart will hold out.
  15. Inone oils and orals

    Theres no benefit. Volume amounts have to be kept much lower than IM. I guess there are more options for injection locations though.