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    If the government announced they will pay out 10grand for every male and female, all these attention seeking cu**s will soon start coming out with s**t like "well if you look at my birth certificate it actually says I'm male" 
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    As the posters above have said, 3-4 weeks, 
    then if wanting peak levels, 2 days after your jab
    if trough levels, take bloods just before your weekly jab 
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    Lovelyjubly reacted to TERBO in Checking my test levels to see if my gears legit   
    What lab you gone to and from mate?
    Probably best to leave it at least few weeks, but seems an unnecessary expense if you trust the lab.
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    From when you injected your new lab, I'd say 4 weeks would be peaking your levels, you could definitely get them done earlier (in 2 - 3 weeks after injection) and your test levels should obviously be raised but not "peaked" for the dose you're taking.
    Always worth getting a cheap testosterone test if you want to confirm legitimacy of your gear, otherwise it's just something in the back of your head that'll be nagging at you
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    Anadrol burns through my hair line as well.  Even with Nizoral.
    Lol that makes sense.  Shame I couldn’t have any beard hair taken.  My beard is ginger, my hair is light brown.  Wasn’t an option.  Haha
    I had 3500 grafts in the end.  My hair is currently shaved no guard with clippers.  And just having the outline of a decent hairline looks loads better.  I’d seriously consider a hairline tattoo if I lose too much.
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    Consider yourself lucky as the injections to the chest and beard area were not fun at all. I think I had like 50 in all. The whole thing was unpleasant to be honest but then I did have 4500 grafts. 
    Patience will be yiur friend as it is mine now and I'm 3 months post op. I can clearly see the hair growing now and in places were it was almost none existant before. 
    It's appearently around the 6 months mark when it will be some what decent looking at 60% then another couple months when you can begin styling it. I had a prp injection post op so I'm hoping that helps my results 
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    Wasn’t the best experience tbh.  I don’t recommend the clinic.  Gethair. 
    I had to wait over an hour at the airport before my  ‘chauffeur’ arrived.  Wasn’t the clinics fault but was a bad start.
    Hotel was good, nothing like a brochure though.  Food was good at the hotel, staff were great.  Spent most of the time in the lobby chilling with the staff.
    Found a good restaurant down the road.  400g T bone steak with all the trimmings.  Drink and a coffee for around £14.  Good value.
    Clinic was not even remotely like the ‘modern facilities’ advertised as per the website.  It was a partitioned room in a general hospital.  One half was a lounge area.  The nurse asked if I’d like a coffee.  Sure.  But she dropped the coffee machine lid down the back of the unit.  I pulled it out so she could retrieve it.  Underneath it looked like someone had emptied a Hoover bag all over the floor.  It was filthy.
    The surgery room looked about 30 years outdated.  There was a toilet in there, and staff from throughout the hospital floor (not involved in my surgery) were coming and going during the surgery to use it.  Wasn’t impressed.
    I paid an extra £600 for the doctor to be involved.  He spent a whole two minutes drawing my hairline on.  Then disappeared during the anaesthetic and extraction phase.  Popped back to open up the incisions about midday, then left.  Never saw him again, not at the end of the day or during my post op check up the next day.  Literally spent less than an hour with him the whole time.  Waste of money.  
    The techs were pretty good, it was all them tbh, think they did a good job.  They did the anaesthetic, extractions and implantations.  Results should be ok.  Paid for 3600 but only got 3500..FUE
    I was given a prescription for finasteride and minoxidil.  Went to the pharmacy down the road.  They wanted £25 per bottle of minoxidil and £30 per 28 tabs of 1mg finasteride.  Which I didn’t get.  Can pick them up on ADC for a fraction of the price.
    The chauffeur who drove me back to the airport was a madman.  Watching YouTube on his phone and texting people during rush hour, doing 50-60 mph.  I had to tell him not to look/play with his phone.  Which he didn’t appreciate to put it mildly.
    I think the results should be ok, although  the experience was pretty darn dismal.  It was just a cheap punt.  Under £3000 in total, including flights, operation, accommodation and spending money.
    I’ve only been using Nizoral and a zinc vitamin A lotion.  I’ll be using a fin/spiro/minoxidil solution as soon as they arrive from ADC.
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    Similar day then.  It was very uncomfortable.  I must of had 200 micro injections during anaesthetic.  Not painful just highly irritating, then my scalp burned for the rest of the day, the numb burning sensation.  
    All of my transplanted hair has fallen out.  Even some of my real hair.  Still a bit red.  Wouldn’t want to go through this again tbh.
    Hopefully though, by the summer, should be looking decent. 
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    Consider yourself lucky as my chauffeur never turned up at the airport, I had to get a taxi, of which the clinic reimbursed me 
    Sorry I had to laugh at your above post because I had the exact same experience with the taxi guy, he was texting off my phone to the lady I had to meet where I was staying in her house, doing this whilst driving 60mph overtaking in and out of lines. He was cool though, offered my a cigarette and talked about sights lol
    The place I went to the clinic was absolutely lush, better than the private hospitals I've used here and it was all just for hair lol. The technician I had was a bit pushy, but overall the team, staff were great. I paid extra for the surgeon to open the channels which was the most important part. The 5 star hotel they had me in was also very lush. Customer service was spot on at the clinic, hotel was a tad bit hit and miss but overall staff ok.
    I believe Gethair has been going a long time mate and I've seen guys post up very good results including someone on here if you look back from threads. I think you'll going to be at least happy with thge outcome
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    The donor hair will not fall off with steroids use.
    The rest of your hair will keep falling though. Maybe is a good idea to blast all the hair thinning compounds before making the hair transplant lol
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    Yes. 500iu e3d ideally. A minimum of 500iu twice a week
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    I just run 500ius twice a week easier to prevent rather than reverse mate.
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    Lovelyjubly reacted to swole troll in Still common advice to use HCG while ON cycle?   
    yes, come off, let ester entirely clear (calculate half life) then run an HCG blast similar to the revised power PCT 

    2000 iu EOD for 16 days (8 shots in total) 

    3 days after the last shot of HCG start your SERM therapy 
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    Lovelyjubly reacted to vetran in Are you guys taking your mrs out for valentines meal and doing all that flowers sh*te   
    Let me tell you how to save money and have a better time, send your mrs a card through the post from another bloke, kick of and storm out and meet up with the lads , also it’s guaranteed she will wait up and get her knickers down ,you’ve got 4 days left guys to get a card and a stamp 
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    Yeah sounds like that mate. Just rest it... get those wheels working again !!! Good look
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    Doctor was great, staff were very good, except for one pushy technician who kept trying to postponed my breaks, facility was spot including hotel.
    I thought Turkey was boring in general though, hot woman, but being a muslamic state and not speaking the lingo, bit challenging to go out on the pull 
    I can't tell you if it was worth it because Im only 3 months post OP, the hair is no where no its potential, so it would be like asking me how good a new car was before I drove it...however ive got hair growing in places it was not before
    I think it will be worth it and I'm glad I didn't pay the stupid prices it costs in the UK
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    Procedure took like 7-8 hrs, it was very uncomfortable, my neck was tender for days after. I was balding all on the top of my head. 4500 grafts covers a lot. Do your research mate, plenty of HT forums online with good information
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    I had it done with Dr Cinik around £2500 all in with flights and accomdidation. Only 3 months since OP so hair still in growing phase. Was happy with the service and 5 star accommodation, pick to and from the airport as well all including - 4500 grafts
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    Nothing to do with hcg. Maybe you’re just ill.....Paranoid to f**k!
    And Balls growing hours after just 500iu......
    Ok, Bell end 
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    Lovelyjubly reacted to swole troll in AAS and health protectors   

    nothing will really battle the health related side effects of steroids whilst on them, your best bet is to do the cycle, be sensible with dosage and duration, come off (PCT, cruise or trt) and put just as much focus into sorting out your health as you did growing when you were on cycle 

    cardio, tidying up your diet, study backed health supplements, medication if needed
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    Mortgage brokers will look through lenders which are on the network they work on. So they must make you aware which ones.
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    ..to find  matching socks ?
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    Lovelyjubly reacted to Sasnak in Tren side comparison - under dosed   
    Your post is slightly confusing although I think you mean that you have been using tren ace throughout and have simply swapped labs. Assuming the dosage is the same (ace tends to be 100, 125 or 150mg/mil) have you altered the amount of test or the test ester you are using? I got a totally different response by increasing the test dose by 150mg a week (150 to 300)