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  1. National Lockdown

    Crazy times. Until Mid FEB
  2. For the sensible ones who took a break or lowered their doses, who normally wouldn't have.
  3. Does anyone here do some sort of cardio?
  4. 2 months off

    Not sure if its a good idea to take some HCG off cycle? @swole troll and anyone who else can chime in. It will be great.
  5. Right guy's Been on cruise /blast cycle for a year. Been off juice for 2 months .. that includes a 3 weeks nolva/ small dosage of clomid cycle.. Im going to get some bloods done. So a quick question. Libido hasnt crashed but not as horny. However still can get aroused. Noticeable size loss. Mood etc still decent. So this is a question to you experts. Where wouod you expect your health markers to be at this point? I know this is subjective and is down to each individual. Would you say its had a healtjy break . Although i intend to have a break for atleast end of feb.
  6. For those who had the transplants a year or so ago. How have you progressed ? Was it worth it? And how many grafts did you get ? @Cronus and others.
  7. Hair Transplant members here

    Ive used it looks decent. But you dont want anyone to touch your hair even after you hair spray it. They would get it on their hands.
  8. 2 months off

    Im having my multi vitamin and vit Ds. One thing though i did take mk as well after my cycle for a month. It made me FAT lol. But i think thats cus i ate like pig tbh.
  9. Hair Transplant members here

    Can you feel the grooves or ridges like cronus?
  10. Want a pardon from TRUMP

    Haha lets see if he gives 2 fcks lol https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/16/us-capitol-rioters-donald-trump-pardons
  11. TRUMPS fate

    With all the mess in th US with him at the moment. What do you guys think his fate will be?
  12. Hair Transplant members here

    Its only cus when i sent in the pics. They reckoned i needed under 3k grafts.... i was thinking well if i could have up to 5k grafts for the same price. Shouldnt i really wait? Lol
  13. Hair Transplant members here

    Is this even legit mate ?
  14. Hair Transplant members here

    Cheers mate. Do you think its better to thin abit more before getting a hair transplant? So we can rid of the DHT sensitive hair as it will loose sooner or later. Or is it better to save existing hair via finasteride?
  15. Hair Transplant members here

    Insensitive fck lol
  16. Hair Transplant members here

    Cheers mate. I mean after lets say a year. Do the scars be visible? Lastly do you think the techs do the same job as the main guy then ? So rather take the cheaper option.
  17. Hair Transplant members here

    Like where ?
  18. Hair Transplant members here

    Is that 6k grafts? Was that in one sitting? Bloody hell that is alot if thats the case. How was you before the procedure and after mate? Also where did yiu get yours done fron and the cost? Hope you can asnwer my question i had for another member.. As i always have blade zero on back and sides of my head. Would there be scars there preventing me to have that hairstyle in the future?
  19. Hair Transplant members here

    How long did it take you to first see improvements since you had the op? And full results mate? How many grafts mate? Last of all, always wanted to know this. As i always have blade zero on back and sides of my head. Would there be scars there preventing me to have that hairstyle in the future?
  20. Fuel cards

    Are these worth it for business ? And how does it work?
  21. Fuel cards

    Thanks for that guys. I mean were there costs for the cards etc? Also as to the shell ones was it direcr from the shell or a reseller?
  22. Would you sell?

    If you owned a company like a social media company. It was was doing well and worth 1million now. It was projected to be worth at least 100 million + in less than a decade based on growth but all depended on how yiu react to market changes. Someone wanted to buy you out now for 40 million and you couldn't compete in the same industry again. Would you sell or keep your business?
  23. Or u can't read properly.