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  1. This was a very good watch.
  2. Elbow sleeves?

    Bought a sh1tty brand ones from ebay for a tenner. 5mm neoprene did the job. I looked for comfortable fit /tight
  3. Does anyone here do some sort of cardio?
  4. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Has anyone done anything like.
  5. Anyone know this clothing brand logo?

    Matattta batatata
  6. There are moniroty of 'credible' guys who openly talk about their cycling etc. Havw you come across any?
  7. Best sleepers on the NHS

    Ive been going throigh abit of a sh1tty sleep . No stress etc. Docs prearibed me Promathezine hydrochloride for a trial. I cant say i feel any difference using this. What else is available?
  8. AAS youtube vids

  9. Ive taken tren a number of times now with high and low test. I suffer from extreme insomnia and or restless sleep whilst on it. Although my phyqiue looked decent using it. Looked at some pics where i look like ive got handbags under my eyes. My face didnt look healthy at all whilst using tren ... due to lack of quality sleep. Not worth it just for that! But i never say never lol.
  10. AAS youtube vids

    Who's JP?
  11. Best sleepers on the NHS

    What dose benzos worked for you guys?
  12. State your stats and protein intake?
  13. Lack of sleep.

    Im barelly getting a few hours of sleep like 3 or 4 before i wake up. Restless sleep. This has been going on for the last 3 weeks or so. I haven't go no stress at the moment. Gear im taking is test 500mg and hcg 500 x 2 pw. Any experts here ?
  14. "Cuties"

    Awful and wrong.
  15. Lack of sleep.

    I train about 6ish to 7.30pm ish. Drink a cup of tea around 4pm I don't watch telly or anything before bed at all. Go to bed about 2am.
  16. What's the longest blast you've done? And how long did you cruise for after ?
  17. Gary Lineker - what a scumbag

    Stupid thread
  18. Also do you any of you train on the same day or not?
  19. If you drop down to only 500mg test e pw. Would you 250iu of hcg e3d will be suffice. Abit of adex to keep the oestrogen low
  20. WWF WWE

    Hate the sh1t show. But loved it during the 80s and 90s...for those who did at any point. Post your fav fights or scenes....
  21. The PANIC!!!

    Whether Coronavirus is a legit threat or not is a seperate conversation . Some of us believe it is. Others don't. However the points you posed above a genuine questions and in some cases is a harsh reality. That should be a topic on its own.
  22. Fury vs AJ

    I like both guys in terms of what they've achieved etc. But i just prefer AJ style. So i hope AJ wins.
  23. Seen another thread alot of people doing this. Ive done it a couple of times on my quads and didn't feel like it went deep enough. Ended up with a slight bump on the site for a few days. Clearly because i dont feel the oil was injecting deep enough. For those who do use a slin pin what are your experiences and which sites do you use ?
  24. I tried using a slin pin couple of times. I feel it doesnt go far deep enough and causes a temp lump in the area.