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  1. Would you rather

    This one is straight forward mate. No brainer... live a 1k ..who wants to die when u dont decay or die for 1k yrs.
  2. Missiles from Gaza destroying Israel

    Lmao clever man. Not. Its like Germany comes into England and says 80% of England is for Buddhists and 20% of England is for Christians. Then walks away and leaves them to argue about it.
  3. Bicep tendonitis

    Thanks for that mate.... So are you suggesting doing dumbel curls heavier on good arm. Lighter on injured arm. Lowering the weight down slowly to feal the intensity? Also rotary cuff excersises with bands ? I did have an injury there a couple of years ago. Do you also recommened i dont train the upper body at all until sorted? Ie shoulders , back chest?
  4. Bicep tendonitis

    Cheers mate.. Ive got pain in the area but had a few massages from the Mrs. So kinda feels better. But still pain in that area. . Doees feel like i could manage a few light upper body workouts. Would that be silly to do ? Just to keep things flowing. Thinking of going for a sports massage... what did your physio make you do mate ? And how often?
  5. Bicep tendonitis

    Has anybody had this ? Between side delt and bicep. Whats the best way to heal it? How long were you out of training.
  6. Best deals on protein powder atm?

    Try getsummer21 offer and get 45 percent off
  7. Just found 2 boxes of gh i bought a while back 2 or 3 yrs ago.Not been mixed or strored in a fridge. Could I still use it or shall i just bin it?
  8. Tren cough

    Im not getting it whilst injecting. ... only during the day.
  9. Tren cough

    So ever since ive been taking tren. Like my previous usage of this. Ive got the trem cough. How do you guys deal with it... im not talking about when you inject it wrong and you pass out .

    Whats your routine for shoulders guys ?

    Whats your gains been like ? Any sides before and after changes ?

    What about test etc?

    Anyone else with any ideas as to dosaagds which be best?

    Hi mate thanks for that ive used both several times in my 20 yrs of training. Just not together.
  15. I rememver in my earlier years of training and cycling. I was recommened to take this supp which helped with lethargy significantly. Does anyone else use this?