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  1. winstrol

    Elaborate on your last point mate.
  2. Name suggestion for equipment brand

    Lol Call it that
  3. winstrol

    My experience with winny is that it's awful on the joints. Knees/ elbows, if you have existing rotary cuff injuries etc. It just makes it worse.
  4. Working from home.

    Id hate to work all day at home. Id prefer a balance . Couple of days at work place and some days at home.
  5. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    Tyson has that punch n size. Roy jones has fought more recent. Both will have head gear and 12 ounce gloves.
  6. HCG max dosage

    I meant as a kick start to start sh1t off. Might do 1000mg eod. God knows how long i may have been shut down. Then i can do 1000iu every so often e7d. For maintance.
  7. HCG max dosage

    When you say 1000iu in 1 shot. How many times wouod you recommend to do that. I was thinking of doing 1000iu eod for the first vial. Then drop down to 250iu x 2 a week ?
  8. HCG max dosage

    Cosmetic purposes ... but mainly get them to start workinf again. The latter is more important. Yeah i shoulf have done it at the start and i didn't.
  9. So been blasting and crusising since mid point last year. Took a tiny break in march due to covid for 5 weeks. But then went back on. So my question is i need to seriousily get the boys filling back up whats the max dose i should run hcg to kick start?. More importantly is there any point to start taking hcg at this stage?
  10. Winnie is awful on the joints... dries fck out of them .. if u are injury prone or have pre exisitinf injuries like rotary cuff issues or elbow tendinitis. It makes it worse. I wonder how the 2 would work together. One dries yiu ajd the other is known for water retension. I wonder what the experts on this forum say.
  11. Alot older woman

    Underneath view now ? Still deciding
  12. Alot older woman

    Lets see the back and ill decide
  13. Alot older woman

    So lets say your 34 and you met a lass thats 40, dated her since last year. You get on very well. Shes super hot . Looks terrrific for a 30 year old let alone 40. 10/10 She wants to settle down . You have the same ideas. No kids involved from her side. Would you guys do it ? I mean over the years ,looks dont last her personality is still great. But when your approaching 40. Shes approaching 50. Is that much if a gap? Would it start bothering you later ?? No bagage from her side. Downside her age. Would i ever pull a younger version of her. Absolutely not.
  14. So face masks dont need to be worn in gyms

    U mean booty ?
  15. How dare anyone says anything bad o about our closest ally in the world ( who we happen to have a special relationship with, when it suits them )... they have killed so many mothers, kids , babies, elderly thousands of miles away from them for 'self defence' purposes. Im appaled by the title of this thread