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  1. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    Between the scapulas ? Bottom of the back of my neck going down to upper mid back. It actually feels like the spinal area.
  2. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    Cheers mate .. do u know what caused yours ? Also was you still training like normal whilst you were visiting the chiro? Would you recommend it ?
  3. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    I felt mine a few hours after chest day . But I must admit I was doing heaving squatting the day before. So may have injured it then and had a delayed response.
  4. Just recently I've developed this pain in this area. So I've refrained from working my back for the last week. Has anyone had this sort of pain . How was it caused and what treatments did you have done ? Did it resolve it it ?
  5. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    Petr I think most people say don't touch a petrol car over 100k. But with diesels it's higher. But not sure if that theory works for the newer cars.
  6. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    How much would a full blood check cost with the discount?
  7. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    Well I wanted to spend 2500 so I was looking to buy an older car. Until I saw this one and thought if I can haggle this. I'll buy it as it's a newer model.
  8. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    2.5k. I'm actually selling a more powerful car cus I'm going to save the cash and use it for something more productive. My car rinses for fuel. Hense buying a cheaper and smaller car and not a petrol this time. Speed isn't an issue. I'm a safe driver. I'm gonna get the guy to drop the Astra in price from 3300 to 3k
  9. 1.3 diesal...1 previous owner. It's getting sold at a low price ( due to the miles its driven most probably ) by a local car dealer. Drives all good . I can only assume it's got such high mileage either it did alot of motor miles or it may have been used to hire it out ? The price is good for the year . It drives well. Would you stay away from it ? Or buy it if it's in good nick?
  10. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    Keep us updated.
  11. So for people who use serious compounds like Tren etc. Do any of you use any think for health purposes along side it. For example liver/ Closteral protection etc m
  12. Is it just me...

    Are you bored ?
  13. T3 vs ECA

    Which is the best ECA on the market?
  14. T3 vs ECA

    This is a for a friend. She was asking which one if the 2 is a better fat loss aid. I've never ran either. She's an avid gym goer and eats clean as far as I know. So FOR Those who have used both which did u benefit the most from ? Also if you only used one. What were your experiences?
  15. Meat / chicken everyday

    For my protein source I eat alot of chicken breast every day! Been doing it for a few years. I also do have other sources like tuna, mackerel, cottage cheese. I was speaking to a guy at the gym who was totally against the idea or eating chicken every day. I've read this too many times ... But I still do. What about you guys ?