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  1. ichthyosis

    Ta mate.
  2. ichthyosis

    Really mate ? How long has she had it for ? I thought it was genetic ? Has she or both have you both had any kids tjat suffer from it ? Also is it the mild form she got? My gf seems to have it on her back and some on legs n arms. ... how did she get rid of the excessive skin thats caused from it ?
  3. UFC 254

    He smashed hin standing and ground.
  4. ichthyosis

    How do you know so much about it ?
  5. ichthyosis

    Is this for real mate. Im just dating someone with this condition. Poor soul.
  6. ichthyosis

    Does anyone know much about this skin disease or if any of you suffer from it ?
  7. Some tight fckers here. Just some warm food for under privileged child. Wtf is wrong with the world?
  8. Fckin hate it when we don't stick up for the poorest people of the society. Instead reducle them.
  9. Which brand is good ? I want to give this a whirl. Thanks peeps
  10. Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened

    P.s the petition is for every gym.
  11. Golden era

    Not a bodybuilder but probably had a better insight than guys on here.
  12. A mate of mine sent me this link. In a nut shell Pure Gym is emailing all its members to sign this petition for all gyms to remain open during lockdown. Sign if you like. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/333869
  13. Regards after every post

    Hmmm ... Sam
  14. Regards after every post

    Why do some people write a post and feel the need to add their name at the end ? Not knocking it btw. Sam
  15. Knocking sound when driving car

    Wheres the noise coming from?