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  1. Experian credit score

    Credit score means sh1t all mate. Don't read into it too much. It's just an indication. But creditors and other agencies look at your actual credit history. ie payment history, missed payments , how much credit you borrowed, any ccjs, defaults etc. If all the above is in check...electro role and credit searches could affect your score.
  2. Pre workout insulin

    Anyone have protocol for pre workout insulin ?
  3. Why is this even funny ? Bless the guy, he has learning difficulties. That's probably a big achievement for him and his mum is proud.
  4. Pre workout insulin

    Looks like a heavy cycle! How did you split your injections on a cycle like that? Alot of pinning I'd assume. How long were your cycles mate ? And how did you feel with the addition of slin later down the years ?
  5. Pre workout insulin

    In general mate?
  6. Pre workout insulin

    What cycles did u run. It's be interesting to see
  7. Pre workout insulin

    Who doesn't like a good pump? Pscarb I've seen your name mentioned on several forums for many years as a VERY knowledgeable guy. What would you say would be the best protocol for taking 5iu slin sub q pre workout. How would you split the food etc intake mate ?
  8. Pre workout insulin

    I've used it post workout in the past. Just wanted to give it a quick test pre workout. Gaining mass is my goal. I've used gear for over 15 yrs.
  9. Can't install Windows 10. Errors

    It's an i5 so probably quite old . It was for the little one. For him to temporarily use. As she's doing her school work for primary school. Rather than her using my computer.
  10. When ever the computer starts up I get the error shown in the pic. I've tried reinstalling windows 10 via my usb and I've formatted the hardrive. Buy I'm getting errors. I even went into F2 at the start-up and tried to run tests on hard drive and memory but it says failed. Won't let me proceed with them. Does anyone know what to do,? I've installed Windows a few times before on other devices but something is up with this one.
  11. Right second time writing this thread... one disappeared! So for those who have ran it pre work which I've never done. What type of slin do you use ? Ie Humlog / fast acting. What's your protocol? In terms of eating , injecting and training. Timing wise
  12. Insulin - looking super fat

    Did u experience the same thing?
  13. Adex split

    What's the best way to take it or split it ? Eod ? Etc
  14. Insulin - looking super fat

    I don't always use it anymore. It was a while back. But just last year I injected 4iu for 3 days. Belly just stuck out lol
  15. Many many moons ago. I did sustonan /deca with dbol kick start. Stacked on like over 2 stones lol. Wish I could get results like that's again.