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  1. Injection sites and subcutaneous test E

    How long is the lump taking to absorb/disappear?
  2. First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult

    With regards to age being the limiting factor or weakest link would you advise gh to supplement & aid with recovery? What age would be best to start with gh supplement & should it be used as an extended cycle 6 months +, used continuously or used alongside with a window pre & post cycle of aas?
  3. First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult

    I thought youd only lose most of your gains or struggle to maintain them if you were past your genetic potential?
  4. Giving up aas

    Not sure why but I'm getting a young vibe off the op Regardless, wish you well for the future
  5. Feeling Ill and Sore

    Length of cycle isn't ideal but sounds like it's the concentration of the test-e causing issues 250 would have been a safer choice as think the higher concentrations are best used with other compounds in syringe to ease pip
  6. DG Topics and opinions

    Keep seeing these threads & was tempted to give sg a go. I used tm before & was happy with product but when they went offline they owed me a good few quid in credit. Seems its definitely the same people behind the scenes & with everyone else receiving an email from them looks like they didnt contact me to honour the money/credit they've already had off me
  7. Cycle Advice

    How did you get on with this cycle? Time on, gains etc? With the new cycle if using test e, instead of waiting 2-3 wk before starting pct, could run an oral until the day before you pct
  8. Proviron solo suppression

    If its ed why not treat that rather than going the hormone route? 5mg cialis daily is meant to work well, libido could be mental from stress & then any ed would add more stress & anxiety to the mix
  9. How long before you start to feel Test E working?

    Have you got long hair, are you pretty? Get your 19 year old guns & bum out for the board Let us help you
  10. How long before you start to feel Test E working?

    I'm watching YouTube right now but only here for John's bumming train
  11. Starting steroids/sarms at 40

    Are you cycling or blast & cruise? If cycling did you recover post pct? Thanks for all the feedback, I've my foot halfway through the door. Understand there's risks associated with using aas but trying to get a general idea from the majority. If I'm in the minority & don't recover its possible it would have always been the case.. Just trying to figure out that with a bit of luck & everything on point that recovery isn't a huge hurdle due to age Thanks
  12. Starting steroids/sarms at 40

    Did you recover well post pct from both cycles?
  13. Starting steroids/sarms at 40

    Hi board I'm 40 years old& thinking of using aas or sarms in the future At the time of my last bloods I had a normal testosterone read 27... Dont know if that's a good score for my age but it's way off needing trt from info on here Considering using aas or sarms for gaining size & a way of speeding up my progress but unsure about a few things & would appreciate some help Taking my age into account, what are the chances of recovering if I do everything by the book with pct & starting with 500 test weekly? Would I recover to my original level of 27 or would my levels be significantly lower post pct? If recovery is more unlikely due to my age, is there anything I can do to reduce the risk of not recovering? Would a shorter cycle improve chances of recovery? Would a blast & cruise then taper off into pct improve recovery? Would sarms or gh provide the added size without the risk to natural testosterone & fertility? If anyone has started using aas at 40, it would be good to get your feedback & hear your experience