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  1. So hcg increases testosterone according to the study? Does hcg cause shutdown or suppression of normal testosterone levels? If it doesnt then why isnt hcg used instead of aas or sarms? Not expecting it to increase levels as aas do but if it's a notable increase why isnt it an option to increase declining or low natural levels back to a higher number rather than going trt route etc? Someone with test levels of 15nmol could potentially boost their test levels to the higher end of the scale of high 20s to 30s without the shutdown or suppression? What am I missing here??
  2. How good would I look if I did gear?

    I wouldnt class being on trt as natural especially when you can pick to sit at 30nmol which is rare naturally..nothing natural about that to me especially in your 60s He is short, has an amazing physique, lives the life, trains daily with a strict diet. Youd be looking at Stallone & other movie stars to compare his build & they're known to cycle or be on something year round Can understand if he's sponsored not wanting to lose that but seems dishonest claiming natural physique if using trt or anything at all. Maybe he is an exception but claims theres loads like that on the amateur natural bodybuilding circuit & some in better shape than him I agree, once it starts getting harder to believe or a bit far fetched then weirdly enough it just seems hard to believe & too far fetched
  3. How good would I look if I did gear?

    If this guy's natural at this age then nobody on here should be on gear. He's a natural athlete & gaining at 63 True or false?
  4. How good would I look if I did gear?

    Going against the grain here but you've had good advice so far.... I've seen people jump on gear probably earlier than you are & younger, theyve bulked up well from a cycle & kept it. Not talking cover model stuff but changed their whole build. Also seen people post who have had the same change to physique after jumping on prematurely & underweight for size...the gains they made were enough motivation to keep training after cycle & progress with their physique Also seen & been trained by guy who was 60 plus claiming he was natural..back then thought he might be on trt but fact he couldn't admit that makes me think he's been on all sorts Sad truth but it's a truth...a lot of gear users dont want others on gear as gains & progress do come easier on aas. They also prefer their size being a focal point rather than others being big too You do have some genuine replies on here who are genuinely steering you in the right direction but if you eat well, train well & maintain it then I cant see how you wouldnt gain & put on a fair size of muscle compared to what you have now
  5. Injection sites and subcutaneous test E

    How long is the lump taking to absorb/disappear?
  6. First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult

    With regards to age being the limiting factor or weakest link would you advise gh to supplement & aid with recovery? What age would be best to start with gh supplement & should it be used as an extended cycle 6 months +, used continuously or used alongside with a window pre & post cycle of aas?
  7. First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult

    I thought youd only lose most of your gains or struggle to maintain them if you were past your genetic potential?
  8. Giving up aas

    Not sure why but I'm getting a young vibe off the op Regardless, wish you well for the future
  9. Feeling Ill and Sore

    Length of cycle isn't ideal but sounds like it's the concentration of the test-e causing issues 250 would have been a safer choice as think the higher concentrations are best used with other compounds in syringe to ease pip
  10. DG Topics and opinions

    Keep seeing these threads & was tempted to give sg a go. I used tm before & was happy with product but when they went offline they owed me a good few quid in credit. Seems its definitely the same people behind the scenes & with everyone else receiving an email from them looks like they didnt contact me to honour the money/credit they've already had off me
  11. Cycle Advice

    How did you get on with this cycle? Time on, gains etc? With the new cycle if using test e, instead of waiting 2-3 wk before starting pct, could run an oral until the day before you pct
  12. Proviron solo suppression

    If its ed why not treat that rather than going the hormone route? 5mg cialis daily is meant to work well, libido could be mental from stress & then any ed would add more stress & anxiety to the mix
  13. How long before you start to feel Test E working?

    Have you got long hair, are you pretty? Get your 19 year old guns & bum out for the board Let us help you
  14. How long before you start to feel Test E working?

    I'm watching YouTube right now but only here for John's bumming train