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  1. Morning all, planning a transition from a test/tren/mast cycle into a cruise period of 16 weeks and had a few questions - do I go straight from pinning my last blast shots and a Thursday to the cruise dose the following Monday? Or do I take a break in between to clear out the high levels of TTM? With 120mg test and 1000iu HCG per week what aromasin dose, if any should I start with? From what I understand on just the 120mg, asin need would of been unlikely but HCG can raise e2 levels? Thanks v much
  2. personally i would always split the dose am/pm and run daily. In your case pre fasted cardio and then pre bed
  3. Sibutramine

  4. Give supportmax Neuro a go mate, 1 scoop post workout 1 scoop about 2 hours before bed. Reckon it might help. Defo not gonna do any harm
  5. Which preworkout?

    have a few on rotation but really enjoying limitless by muscle rage. Brain Blitz p1 now and again for crazy stim/nootropic but its too much for regular use
  6. Are you using any supplements? I could just be v lucky but I am running tren for the first time and worked up to 600mg per week, mentally im fine, very focused no issues. Sleep can be a fu cker and the night sweats etc, but mentally im cool. Im using SN am priming stack and supportmax neuro in the evenings and i think they are playing a role
  7. At one point (stupid i know in hindsight) i went up to 8iu and water retention was horrendous, the ankle marks when taking off socks etc were crazy. Within a few days of dropping down to 4iu (2 am 2pm), the water retention calmed down a lot, only concern now is stomach and it isnt permanent, just occasionally seem to wake up bloated even with bowel movemnts
  8. Cheers mate. Will monitor closely, lower doses/ drop bits if needs be. 8 weeks in but worked my way up, initially ran 500 test / 350 tren / 350 mast and crept up.
  9. Hello mate, thank you very much for the detailed reply. Appreciate your points and completely understand I'm right at the upper end of an acceptable amateur cycle.. without pushing too far and taking excessive health risks The constipation was solved within about 3 days of taking p husk, I ran the p husk for 7 days in total to make sure and that was 3-4 weeks ago. Now bowel movements are fine; usually once a day within half hour of waking up. I think the bloat could well be the gh, which is coming to an end soon. apprwciate your time
  10. Makes sense, thanks mate. Will lower caber to something like .25 per week.
  11. Thanks for the reply - 3rd cycle, moderately experienced but this is definitely the most aggressive cycle I've been on so far. Aiming to go from around 14-15% down to 10%, give or take. - as mentioned above 8 weeks in mate - the bloat was my oestrogen concern, again as above mate. Thanks for confirming it's likely the GH. what do you mean "been distention?" bowel movements are fine now although I did suffer constipation around week 5 which pysilium husk sorted out. - yes have some gas but nothing excessive thanks
  12. Haha cheers mate. Could do with a bit more sleep don't get me wrong, but could be worse appreciate the quick response
  13. Hello all Firstly, thanks for the great info here; and very grateful for anyone that takes the time to read this. Basically, I am trying to control e2 levels on my current cycle. I'm 112kg 6ft3; I'm looking to drop body fat but not a major amount of weight so essentially a recomp. Current cycle is - (week 8) Test E 750mg per week Tren E 600mg per week Mast E 600mg per week Proviron 50mg per day Anavar 100mg training days only HGH 2iu pre fasted Cardio 2iu ore bed HCG 1000iu per week Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Caber .5mg twice a week Clen 80mcg per day T3 50mcg per day 20mg Yohimbine pre fasted cardio 45 mins fasted cardio each morning, weights 4-5 times a week. Everything is working well, I am without doubt getting more muscular, however weight has pretty much stayed consistent. Definitely in a defecit calorie wise - training days are 220 P, 240 C, 35 F rest days are 220 P, 100 C, 30 F (I weigh 110-112kg, 191cm tall) I am not suffering with any obvious high or low estrogen sides, to my knowledge, apart from perhaps a little bit of stomach bloat. This could also be the GH. Due to taking proviron and mast, I thought it would be best to take a reasonably low aromasin dose due to the anti AI capabilities of the ' Ron and mast. Defo no signs of gyno, no oily skin, just a lack of scale weight reduction and the little bit of stomach bloat mentioned above. The bloat doesn't concern me as i intend to come off the cycle towards the end of November, give the excess water a chance to release, and look my "best" for Xmas/new year period. Not competing or going for a shoot so no fixed date I have to be ready for. Just wanted to get opinions really - if I'm happy with the way things are going; shall i keep the Asin dose the same or should I increase it to perhaps 12.5mg per day I understand bloodwork on Tren is inaccurate which makes life a bit more complicated! Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to contributing towards the community moving forward PS what a great result in Alicante last night! Inspiring.