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  1. Hard times

    Hi guys My goal is to bulk up, but my job requires me to be cycling 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Any tips on how to be able to bulk, or even to maintain weight as maintain won't be easy either. I need advise to not end up like a spaghetti please Thankssss
  2. Confused

    Hi guys This is driving me crazy these days, so the thing is, if I tighten my abdomen I do have a normal six pack, but if I am loose I have a massive belly that seems like is bloating but I have no clue because nothing in my diet has been changed. I am an athletic guy at 5'10 and 70kg Any good tips for this?
  3. Bulking

    Hi guys Any advices on how to bulk up whilst staying lean? I wanna bulk up but don’t wanna end up gaining fat. I am right now at 65 kg and 5’10 eating 2800kcal a day (taking care of macros) it’s been 3 months since now and I am still at 65kg even tho I am stronger and more lean. I need advice on how to increase gaining muscle mass cleanly
  4. Role

    Hi guys! I have been working out for 3 months now, I am 5’10 and 65kg. I would say I am at 15% body fat rn. Any tips on how to get this kind of body? I know I have a long way but still, any advice would be key. thank you!
  5. Gaining

    Hi guys! Hope u are all well in this times. I have been in a discussion with myself for the past 3 months, I have a body where my legs are really skinny, I have skinny arms too, but I have belly fat, I would say I am approx at 16% of body fat. I do wanna get big as its clear a good decision, but my main goal would be to look leaner so that I can see my abs and have nice pecs, also getting good legs and arms throughout. At the moment I am doing body weight exercises as nobody can go to the gym in Scotland... Monday arms, Tuesday legs, Wednesday back and shoulders, Thursday chest, Friday cardio and back on legs if they are not sure. I also do 12 minuted of abs every day. I am also eating 2300kcal a day, with macros about 40% Healthy fats, 30% good carbs and 30% protein. I am 20yo, 5'10 and 65kg Could someone please help me out to know what is the best option for me to reduce my body fat percentage as a main goal, not getting ultra skinny Thank you guys
  6. Low back pain

    Hi guys, I have been working out for the last three months, and whenever I go to do leg raises or any other exercise that involves the back, after a few repetitions I just can’t keep going not because my abs are burning, but because my low back is. I’ve done research into it and I am 200% I do exercises properly, I also started two weeks ago a workout for the back, haven’t seen any improvements yet. Any suggestions or tips that could make this easier? Thanks! Hope you are all safe in this times.
  7. Advice

    Hi guys, I’m new to this, I’ve been going to the gym for 3 months now. Just to be healthy and in form. Im 19, 5,9” and 65kg . I would like to know the best way to get this physique, thanks in advance!