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    Thanks, not afraid of anything really, its my first Var cycle and my GP is unaware of my usage.  It's not something I want to discuss with them at this point.
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    So do I call them up with a girly voice and say I want to be called Frank?
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    I’ve been in with the NHS for TRT for the last 16 months, though due to my local hospital being useless, I was on TRT for 3 months, off for 12 and I’ve been back on for 1 month.
    currently using Tostran 2% gel. My original specialist refused to discuss injectable options but my new guy is great and has discussed all options but I’m sticking with the gel for now.
    My diagnosis was Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism- my natural levels are as low as 1.8nmol so you can Relate to how s**t I felt for years. Struggle to shift weight, no sex drive, not putting on or retaining muscle.
    Another few weeks to see your Dr is worth it, I wouldn’t self medicate as it’ll skew your bloods and may end up making your prostatitis worse.
    if you’re really struggling with your mental health, you can self-refer to your local CAMS in the meantime. Don’t go doing anything daft for the sakes of a few weeks wait to see your Dr.