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  1. Conspiracy theories

    Absolutely mate.
  2. Conspiracy theories

    Why so nasty? That little cretin thinks anyone who works for a decent life and contributes to society has been brainwashed into it by the government, eh no don't think so! I make my own decisions to provide a good life for my wife and kids. You know the worse thing about him though and all those other clowns, is he is one of the faceless cu**s that joins in a witchhunt against people and brands them pedos for being nothing other than successful. fu**ing despicable those cu**s! Animal lifter at least he has an excuse of some sorts, he's retarded. Thanks for your opinion on me which your entitled too, does it bother me, not in the slightest.
  3. No please don't! Load that syringe up and do us all a favour
  4. When cars make that loud hisssss noise

    £1000 budget. 130bhp and absolute beast away into the conspiracy theories thread with those other two fu**ing dreamers
  5. Conspiracy theories

    Kazza you come across as someone who looks at it from both sides and gives the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully this little pr**k who has insulted many will now realise that eventually he will piss everyone off and they will distance themselves from him, if he has a bird hope to f**k she sees what a said fu**ing loser he is, and get him to f**k.
  6. Conspiracy theories

  7. Conspiracy theories

    Squats hurt? You giving it the big lifter mentality, whilst doing 40kg for 5. My daughter was doing half that for sets at 9 years old 3 year ago. You know f**k all. 40kg for 5 and it hurts, haha. No wonder you shat it when trey turned up on your doorstep. Pussy!!!!
  8. Conspiracy theories

    Where to begin, legs ain't that important, suppose so if your a lazy fucker that's sits about all day. 40kg for 5 So...sor.....sorry boss don't want to cause any trouble.
  9. Conspiracy theories

    Lettuce see this physique you've built real life lifter
  10. Conspiracy theories

    Oh right one of those f**kers, that doesn't like the effort required for training legs, pussy! Regarding the last bit, wtf does that even mean.
  11. R Rate above 1 In UK says SAGE

    Just hope to f**k that you've given yourself the best chance of coming through it by giving yourself enough of a buffer. I don't spend money on anything other than my house and kids so hopefully we should be fine. I can't believe after this year there is people still making huge purchases on tick, a good mate has just bought a house for not much less than 280k where he needs to work 2 jobs to pay for that as well as the 2 cars on pcp too hopefully he comes through it ok but would be very surprised.
  12. Conspiracy theories

    You haven't seen leedalifter have you?
  13. Conspiracy theories

    Your trying to motivate me  f**k knows how you're top heavy as that head of yours is full of saw dust.
  14. Conspiracy theories

    See above post.
  15. Back strength

    Maybe of some use, when trying this it just emphasised how much I need to work on mobility. My daughter thought it was so funny in one of the stretches, that she would rather piss herself laughing at me thing myself in knots rather than be on tik too.