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  1. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Hopefully a joke! Fcuk being around that idiot during lockdown. 3 years supposedly on tren
  2. Making money in this coronavirus uproar.

    Only do this for long term gains, definitely not for quick returns.
  3. Making money in this coronavirus uproar.

    Buy stocks, with markets tanking everywhere, buying power is in your favour. Once out of this mess and back to normality in a few years, you should make a nice profit.
  4. Lock down

    No not out to get us, but no doubt some will making some serious coin out of this. Also got to wonder how many of these nuts would get on a lot better in life if they tried to make life better for themselves, rather blame those that have worked that much harder for their own failings. Yeah granted some corruption and shady s**t goes on, but that's life at every level.
  5. Dnp cycle length

    Mate, do your research and take all precautions and you will be fine. And more is definitely not best with this drug!
  6. Lock down

    LOL at believing at god, not me. I do believe government is corrupt but not in the way you think it is.
  7. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    OK mate, I'm with you, 30 bottles of homebrew cleared tonight to help with this situation and to block out some of these dumbfucks posts. Although I do have a laugh to myself how some have managed this far, f**k, only the other day one clown thought he had injected monkey dust rather than tren. If the majority of the human race thought like that, we deserved wiped out
  8. own body weight exercises

    Excellent channel
  9. Dnp cycle length

    You will know when it's too bad!
  10. Lock down

    Wylde that you??
  11. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Seriously! You are arguing over those dumbfuck video/posts by Wylde and can't even recognise sarcasm
  12. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Sure they have records dating back that far mate, there has been loads of cave drawings found and verified by carbon dating
  13. Mate, he ain't been on tren for 3 years, idiot's been on monkey dust, duh!!
  14. Yeah I had a seriously bad smell to my sweat, wife was forever cursing due to the extra washing
  15. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    No mate, those 2 are nothing in the world stage without USA muscle behind them.