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  1. Compounds enough?

    Plan is to do a session before each run so usually about 3 times per week, 45mins per session at most. Just trying to workout what's going give me most bang for buck. Upper lower, full body, high reps or low reps.
  2. Eddie halls new house

    Lovely big house and grounds but that needs a ton of money to make it even slightly modern. Having done a full refurb but nowhere near that scale, they are in for some upheaval, well she is as Eddie will be away doing his own thing
  3. Compounds enough?

    As I've got older I'm more into hiking and running not to mention spending time with my kids who are fast approaching their teens then they will be moody little sh!ts and will want to do their own thing. During lockdown i also got into gardening which I'm keen to keep doing. Also all the other chores and work means time is at a premium. I also don't want to stop lifting but I ain't got time to hit every body part, would just doing the big compound lifts be enough to maintain some muscle mass throw in some dips and pull ups too. Will be running or hiking up to 3-4 times per week as well as all the other stuff so want to get the most out the gym time there is. Best to do full body or upper lower?
  4. Camping

    Stunning sky in the middle picture mate, jealous a bit with the camping I had to settle for a day on the hills and home :-(
  5. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    Wholemeal wrap, chicken, some rice or grains, lidls do good ones. Spinach sriracha sauce and mayo. No idea on calories but a couple of them will see you ok.
  6. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    This you on giro day when you get new £10 top up.
  7. The day has come... when will gyms open

    f**k me not another one, almost as bad as wylde. fu**ing open them already to stop bursting our head.
  8. Camping

    @Tricky @lancs_lad. Aldi selling those chairs for about £17 I think as well as other camping gear.
  9. Camping

    What was included in that price 2k for weeks in the Alps sounds like a great deal.
  10. Camping

    How much was the Mt Blanc trip if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Camping

    @Trickynot a double but good reviews in your budget https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Trekology-Camping-Mat-Sleeping-Mattress/dp/B07N4KK854/ Also good reviews on these, will be picking one or 2 up myself when I get round to buying some gear. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/s?k=AEGISMAX
  12. Camping

    Some really good gear on Ali express if you sift through all the shite. I've not done any wild camping since I was younger, supposed to start this year but then this virus stopped that. Need to start looking at gear again.
  13. Camping

    That's for when you're older mate, in a caravan your looking up at the hills, in a tent your in the hills, just think how many spots you find out hiking nobody there but you and nature. f**k it am going to start looking for tents and other gear lol.
  14. Camping

    A looked at that bag and nearly bought it before I bought my Lowe alpine one. There is a good video on how to reduce weight on it. Forgot about 3f up, some of their tents look quite good. How much was the cook set?