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  1. I don’t have hardly any pimples only on my penis lol! WTF I keep it nice and groomed! It’s at the bottom of the shaft! Is this a come place? never had it this bad before! I’m only running 400 Test week
  2. Lab test help

    Yea I’m on a cycle now! I’m about to be at the end of my 4 week of a 12 week cycle! The reason I wanted to do it was because! I’m about to start Anvar 50mg ED on Friday, for 8 weeks! 400mg Test C 12 weeks anvar 50mg ED last 8 weeks
  3. I want to do lab work, not sure if I’m picking the right blood work or not! Does this look like a good one! Also do I need the FSH and LH blood work too! Thanks
  4. Test C vs Sustanon

    Well I’m getting married and then going a cruise for our honeymoon! So I want to bulk up a little more then dry out and look ripped before our wedding! I’ve ran test and Deca two or three times have great results from it! But I also look to soft, don’t want that this time!
  5. Test C vs Sustanon

    Thank you sir! How many weeks should I run it? I was planning on running it at the end!
  6. Ok I’m trying to get my Next Cycle together! I plan on starting it the first of November! This is going to be my wedding/ cruise cycle lol! This is what I have plan, any helpful Would be Appreciate! I’m on TRT Test C but thinking about trying Sustanon! Plan on doing a bulking cycle and drying up at the end to look hard! not sure How many weeks 12-14? Sustanon 500mg or Test C Deca 300mg Winny 50mg ED not sure how long to run it! Wanted to run it at the end to dry up! My main question is Sustanon work better the Test C! I’ve never ran Sustanon or Winny before! Thanks
  7. Can you do a 12-14 week cycle of Test 400mg and Deca 300-400mg and then run winny not sure what a good starting dose is! But run it at the end to dry you up! Also if that does sound like a good cycle how long should you run winny for? I want to run a good bulking cycle and then try to dry up at the end! I’m getting married and then the following week I’m going on a cruise! What to look good for the wedding and cruise lol
  8. On cycle help

    It’s from a Doctor on the YouTube channel, he’s well known and very popular! They weren’t saying say away from it! But if you want your best gains it’s best not to lol! So I was like WTF! So I wanted to here y’alls opinion on this lol!
  9. I hope this is not a dumb question! But I’ve heard that’s it’s not a good idea to have sex on a cycle? They say you will loose some strength and some gains! When you cum your loosing valuable hormones! Sorry but I can’t go 12 weeks with out it lol
  10. Can you pin Mast and Test together? Also have any of you used SP Masteron?
  11. Deca and joints

    I ran Deca at 250mg ew, it help a little on my shoulder! Most likely would have been way better if would have run 300-400! I ran a low dose because I scared of Deca Dick! But at that dose I didn’t have one problem!
  12. That's not a cruise

    Well said swole troll!!! Me and now my fiancé we run TRT doses! She does 25mg of Test C EW and she feels great on it! She never goes higher then that, my self I do 200mg EW and haven’t felt better! When I run my cycles which I just started Friday, I do 400mg Test C! Seams to be my sweat spot lol! This time I going to put in some Anvar in the mix so kinda excited to see how it works!
  13. What’s a good starting dose of Mast? And is it a once a week pin?
  14. Cutting cycle?

    Do you run them at the same time?
  15. Good lab for masteron

    I’m really going to look dumb but o well lol! I know I lot of guys run mast with there cycle! They say it makes them better! But what does it really do? I’ve never ran it, would like to to but not sure!