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  1. What made you start bodybuilding?

    It's a family passion... sort of. My grandfather won one of the first competitions in Bulgaria back when roids did not even exist. It was not essentially a bodybuilding contest, but the male with the best body wins it, he did. I was mostly inspired by my father. He was hardcore used to workout for about 2hours per day, never touched roids ,started when he was just 13 years old. There was not really any gym equipment or gyms back then in bulgaria(communism or socialism) so he had worked on the bars and after wrestling in the gym there was a bench and a sets of dumbells. Soon after information started arriving in Bulgaria about gym equipment he made his own benches bars and machines etc. By the time he was 19 first gyms came to be. He has not really competed in any bodybuilding show or anything. When i was just about 10-11 years old I remember going to the gym with him and everyone was in awe not only did he look good( lean 10-12% bf) but he was powerful as fuark. He used to bench 250 kilos at 90-95 kilos, he had amazing 20 inch arms and small waist huge back, he was about 33 years old back then. He is also about my height 5'7-5'8 Now he no longer works out mostly gives me advice, and has a big belly, but stills looks badass, and still has the muscles, just a bit more covered haha. So I started my journey like him, I went to a wrestling club by the time i was 9, when I became 14, dad started training me in the gyms, though unlike him he used to be chubby and I was scawrny haha. Though the apple did not fall from the tree I had knack for it. It just came in natural, It was like non stop progress(genes I guess), by the time I was 18 everyone was thinking I was on roids. Currently I weigh about 73-4 kilos, 24 years old. 17 inch arms, really small waist, huge back, bench- 150kg 1 rep. I hope by the time I am 30 I can outbench his record haha
  2. How the fuark did the UK choose such a bozo is beyond me. Thatcher is probably turning in her grave, after what she negotiated for the UK and what BoZo did .
  3. Banning smoking outside of pubs etc

    I think that smoking has it's place in society( I don't visit pubs often and I am not a ciggarate smoker and I don't smoke often)... though at certain occasions, where I have to wear a shirt with some nice pants and mocassins a cuban cigar fits in quite well goes quite well or when my lady is invited to an event..... or when I go to socialize in a shisha club like the Tigerbay Shisha lounge or the Shisha garden in London where you put on your leather jacket, some nice denim and some great sneakers and just enjoy your date or socialization with friends, while having an amazing fresh or sweet bowl of herbal nicotine free shisha and eating some cake and tea.
  4. Life advice needed

    Erm... does she love you or want you? Are you in seprate rooms? If you are in seprate rooms I don't see why it's such a big of a deal. Maybe give her some time to adjust with this thing.... though don't fck her, because she wil never move out.
  5. Gym hates

    I hate non educated wa*nkers that give other non lifters or newbies tips, without them asking for them or giving worthless pieces of advice. I also hate those retards that forget to breathe mid set and get so red that they look like a tomato. I hate people who don't grunt out their sets. I hate twats who say you are loud or stop throwing the plates near the bench when I am doing pyramid sets and going up and down. Also People who can't take a joke. Old farts who bash on Gymshark, yet have not lifted a dumbell in the past 2 years.