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  1. I don't know why but I think we will be reaching the peak next month and everything will start clamming down, or atleast I hope so.
  2. Chit just got real back in my home country currently total number of infected are 30 and 2 are dead, but everyone has panicked buying like crazy. The General that has been put in charge of the battle with the Virus has just closed everything expect food stores and drug stores. Clubs, Resturants and all other businesses are closed off. There is quarantine until 28 of march everyone who is sick or has any symptoms or enters the country from a risky destination and does not stay 14 days in his home, will be either jailed and/or fined huge sum. Good thing I stacked on plenty of meat and rice and potatoes and have my own home gym. Tonight the General that is charge of solving the problem, has given an update and was like'''are you people retarded ,asking me questions about when the barbershop will open , or when the gym will open? We are dealing with a crisis that affects and kills off our elders, just go to the store buy some food and don't go out for a week, and the problem will be solved''
  3. Own up. who's been panic buying?

    Flour that's what I meant.
  4. Own up. who's been panic buying?

    Just bought 60 kg of meat, pork and beef, 10 kg pasta and rice, a few dozen cans of tuna and lots of flower bags. Gonna deep freeze most of the meat, and going to mince and mix some of it.
  5. Best investment I have ever made is my own home gym, bring it on zombie apocalypse...err.. corona virus
  6. I can't believe it! You finally say something that makes sense!
  7. Mike Tyson is greatest heavyweight ever in my opinion. The guy is 1 78cm tall and knocked the chit out of tall viking 2 meter t*wats Reach did not work on him, he was really fast and a really hard puncher. If I had to describe him with just one word, i would choose killer.
  8. Do you feel out of place in night club

    i love clubs. Go clubbing every weekend. Working out does not mean live like a cave rat(train, home,sleep,work). There needs to be balance.
  9. Labouring

    My uncle does tiling in London and Kent for a small bathroom(10-15 squares) like the one you described he gets about 1500-2000 pounds for about 3-4 days work. It's good money.,though it's quite dusty yes, mask is a must. Bathrooms are sometimes trickier than say a living room.
  10. Have I got Gyno?

    Hell yeah you have gyno that some ladies would be jelly for.
  11. Labouring

    Labouring is hard chit. Carrying loads of weights the whole day for 10 quid per hour is bollocks. I would suggest learn how to paint 15 quid less work. The best option with counstruction work would be a tiler it's paid really good.
  12. Points based immigration system

    How about you got F yourself ya racist t*wat. Why are you so hateful towards others a BBC banged your mom or osmething? This is what your so called people with ''senses'' do when they come to my country. YET you don't see me being racist towards them and telling them to f off.
  13. Points based immigration system

    Don't try to explain chit to Lethwei and Simon, they jerk each other off and go tag team on everyone who is not a racist midget.
  14. 2 days in Lisbon - suggestions please

    Don't speak Spanish. They don't like it.
  15. For the ladies

    I have a TV, but I still go the cinema. Same with GF's. You have one, but.... haha