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  1. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    At first when I red thread's name I thought we were talking about the clap and having it, when I enterned I got disappointed.
  2. Russell Howard is being great at politics

    hahaha it's funny af. I don't really consider myself left more like center with a bit right leaning and would not vote for Labour under Corbyn. The conservatives had no plan for anything but Brexit and Labour had a plan for everything but Brexit lol, combaine that with the flawed election system in which when you combine the remain parties vote, you'd see where the majority is. If the battle was between Starmer and BoJo the reallity would have been a bit different. Starmer is likeable and is a lawyer, slogans and chest boosting don't really work on him unlike Corbyn. Also this.
  3. Russell Howard is being great at politics

    Honestly, the only thing I like about the guy is his political views, though browsed around the comments section the in youtube and reddit he is quite liked apparently.
  4. Depends on genetics mostly, like all things body building related.
  5. White lives matter

    The majority of blacks in the USA are killed by blacks, not by racists or any other form of police brutality. It's just chite cops being chite at what they do
  6. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    In Bulgaria gyms are open, but you have to rock a mask and bring clean shoes and do disinfections and all windows have to be opened, no air conditioning, all equipment has to be cleaned every 2 hours with disinfectant spray.
  7. Horrible evil cnut ( but his life matters)

    Kind of confirms my theory about the USA being populated only by retards and dickheads.
  8. Do you fart in front of your wife?

    I actually have a friend in Bulgaria that used to fart under the sheet and cover his girl's head and say ''breath deeply if you love me''
  9. Iphone features anyone know?

    I currently own Iphone XR. The truth is that updates f**k up older phones, so you can buy a new one. It's a company policy and not only Apple, Android have been caught as well. My dad who did not give a chit about what Iphone he had used 5 up untill a few months back, and guess what, he updated it and the phone glitched out, it could not be restored no facotry settings and it refused to start up, so he was forced to buy Iphone 11. My entire family loves Iphones and the camera is awsome. @SwoleTip I have had Andorids before.... never again fu**ing glitched out system that does not run smooth,it's fu**ing chit.
  10. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Blueberry, what do a clowns and tall guys have in common? They use the same shoe store How do you make a tall person look awkward? You can't, he already does. Where does a tall person find a gf? On top of a step ladder
  11. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Bodybuilding in general is a short man sport, don't be mad and bitch about it. (example would be Frank Zane(175cm) beating Arnold(188cm), Phill Heath(175) , Larry Scott(170) best arms bodybuilding has seen, Frano Columbo(165cm) and many many more.) So yeah I am gentically gifted in terms of bodybuilding. Plus not everyone wants to be a tree with mangy sticks for arms. I am quite happy about my physique height included.
  12. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    I actually like Swole's thread they remind me of Thailand lol. A perosn can never claim he has seen many fags and traps until he visits Thailand haha. As for the lube last night when I oiled you up, you did not complain about me fetching it from the bag . I know you are messing bro, Respect
  13. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    HAHAHA piss off
  14. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    @SwoleTip Not into this modern day bodybuilding bull chite, it's just too much for my taste(plus I got tats which is No-No for bodybullding). I do like men physique though, and I am considering to compete. As for arms last time I measured up which was like 6-7 months ago they were about 42-43 cm. ( I want to reach 46 and no more, cause it will look strange on my height lol) @BLUE(UK) Blueberry you have not metioned the LV bag,I am starting to get worried lol if you are OK lol. @Cronus Hahaha rocking a bald head is not my first choice lol ,It's just all males from family are bald, so shaving it off was clearly the right choice and it kind of suits me. I like rocking a bald head, even when it was not thinning on top, I still used to get 2 on top sides shaved. ( Plus so many bad ass actors like The Rock and Jason Statham rock it and they can get a hair transplant anytime. I might get a hair transplant, but it's just not on my to do list, cause it does not really bother me. ).