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  1. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Same could be said about you nasty little w**ker. how is supporting keeping schools closed Gullible? Gullible are retards like you that are not able to grasp the reality of the threat and complain like cnuts that they handle their children at home, and can ‘t swing drinks at the pubs getting wasted like dimwits. Which part of dangerous virus , don’t you get? If you can’t handle your kids, don’t fu**ing make em . You are a parent first and a worker after that.
  2. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    I don’t really know bow secondary schools in England are , but I have studied at South Africa , Spain and Bulgaria, in some of the most elite schools. My class profile was sports, english and biology and anatomy. We studied biology in english , chemistry in english , history in english. I have not directly studied virology, though It was covered briefly at school. My knowledge about the subject comes from interest of covid. I have red tons of information especially while i was sick with it.
  3. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    How about you find a link from which I copied it eh? Plus You could also try reading once in a while, in the post I have stated I study Business not biology
  4. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Vaccinnes depending on the type work by injecting a virus into your body and making you immunity system react to it, so it can preprare for the actual ecounter with the virus. Depending on your immune system post vaccination you could still have it hard. I am not a biologist, but I do know quite a lot about biology and anatomy . Those were 2 of my favorite subject at school. I can tell you that the Virus is made in a lab and was unleashed on purpose, in order to put the mass population at bay and for private companies bilioner companies to get even richer. I.e pharmaceuticall companies that produce vaccines and to derail the world order, with major players arrising from the east and the west falling down. The covid RNA molecule has about 30 000 bases and 15 genes, one of those genes is an S protein gene, which on the surface of the molecule, and it's found in certain animals, however due to the complexity of their immune systems they have undetectable symptoms. Like all viruses Covid 19 mutates according to the enviroment(i.e British Covid variant that causes changes to the molecular structure of the virus). As we go deeper in the vac route, we forget that we are building immunity towards the certain type of covid,any molecular changes to the RNA will leave the vaccines less effective, and once covid evolves(which it will) in order to survive and breach the immune barrier, we will be dealing with a whole new situation in our hands. it is called ''Viral Escape'', it's a type of defense mechanism in the virus, when it feels threatend , it's forced to adapt( much like humans) and survive by becoming resistant to the vaccine barrier. No one can tell you anything about the vaccines ,the long term effects have not been studied. There has never been a vaccine made so fast, which is worrisome, and the best part is no one knows how long you are immune after the jab. From my point of view which is what I am not forcing on anyone.... the exit of the situation is clear: 1 stop life on earth by enforcing strictest rules for 1-2 months, no getting out and the virus will disappear on it's own because it won't have any hosts Everyone must stay home and not leave for 1 or 2 months. 2. Let everyone go out and achieve mass immunity by letting the virus catch everyone. Aftey you have covid naturally, even if you have no anti bodies your immunity system remembers it. There these types of cells called ''Type B'' cells which are responsible for the memory of your immune system and they linger a lot longer than the anti bodies. I study business, not biology. Though from a business point of view I can tell you exactly how the vaccines will work. When the mass population get vacc'ed , and the countries stop buying the produced vaccines, suddenly the WHO will find a treatment which is much cheaper and be reachable by everyone from each class. This is all my explanation about how things work, I am not trying to convince anyone in the same. It's my knowledge about biology and how I think and feel about the whole subject with the vaccines and lockdowns, so please if you don't agree with me or find my knowledge at biology lacking, no need to bash me.
  5. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Listen dipchit, i know tons of people that got vacc'd and got the virus anyway so houw about you stick your opinions up yours eh ? I even have social wokers from my class at uni that had it and got sick. This bloody vac does not in anyway guarantee you won't get the virus., you might have an easier time with it. That's all.
  6. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Social interaction? Nobody is stopping anyone from socially interacting nor did I suggest it. Parks are open, everyone can go interact. Why does it have to be in school? kids can’t play outside school or something ? long term effects ? Are you serious? the little guys are more than happy to bail out on school. this online education would have as much as effect on them as watching porn. In other words none that is proven
  7. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    According to the yougov polls clearly you are in the minority. Most parents prefer their kids to go back when the situation is under control. I don’t have kids , but I am a student and I’d prefer not to risk my health or the health of my loved ones, for overly ambitious parents or to fill in some scheme of a plan created by a liar PM, trying to force normality, when the situation is clearly still not under control.
  8. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    It does not. I don’t actually think these vac’s actually work. Plenty of folks get flu jobs and still get flu , why should this be any different ?
  9. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    No, I really don’t. How is keeping higher education and secondary education online affecting parents work? These kids are grown ups and I think they can handle online education , without their parents having to worry.
  10. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    I think that we are going to restart same the cycle like last time... 1. Start the schools 2.Open everything 3. No restrictions 4. Cases raise 5. Lockdown imminent 6.Lockdown If I was the one running the show I'd do the following. Keep higher/further education and secondery education online, gyms open with mandatory mask , pubs and resturants open with 50 procent of their capacity, mandatory mask use outside and inside. Schools are a huge problem. The virus does not affect the kids much , but they do get infected and start spreading it on their older family members. I hope this dimwit BoJo does not open everything up suddenly, but follows a simillar to mine plan.
  11. Bloody hell mate have you been living under a rock or something. Half my neighbours had it and had signs on their front doors that they have covid I also had it, and it's contagious as af. So quit talking consipiracy theory bol**cks about it's existence. Instead of doubting the virus, how about you go to the closet covid hospital and take a trip inside to check. This is wrongly termed as a ''pandemic'', it's not a pandemic it should be called a syndemic from synergy, because the virus affects your entire nervous system as well and you can actually feel it how it tries to packer away on each part of the body part, and each day you have a new symptom. You should dig a little bit deeper for theories about who actually made it the bloody thing, now that's something I can agree with.
  12. I also had it 20 bloody days. Pain in the muscles, the joints, headache and everything tastes like chit, and you can't smell chit either, a little bit of a cough and tired af. And the doc actually said I went through it quite mildly, only treatmeant was ginger and parcetamol My gf had it hard though, 38.2 degree fever for 10 days and each night she sweated like a Mac Donalnd fatty on a treadmil. I had never seen her sweat before. She was prescribed antibiotics.
  13. Gfs that smoke.

    I know that’s where I regularly send your wife. She earns enough for protein money ya racist pr**k
  14. Anyone still do the old school ab training

    I usually go for 3 exercises after the session, ab raises, ab crunches and a plankie. 3 sets of each 12 reps.