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  1. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    Depends on their colo....err racial background
  2. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    Counting calories ewwww..... I would just go to place I feel like eating most likely burger king and take 2 double whooper. some french fries, coke and a donut..... some hookers with the coke would go well.
  3. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    I like all kinds of rap, trap,hip hop everything from Pop Smoke to Tupac, I also like rock and metal(though not to heavy chit) I like Guns n roses,AC DC, Linkin park ,Skillet.
  4. Mayor of London

    I'd vote for him. He is pro EU
  5. Fishing post Brexit

    Just watched some tv report about Norway denying access to the UK for their fishing waters, and I found it quite amusing. . Britain: "Why should the French be allowed to fish in our waters?" Also Britain: "It's a disgrace that the Norwegians won't let us fish in their waters!"
  6. How often do you call in sick at work?

    I don't even work anymore, I just move around cash in crypto, though it feels like you never have a day off. Most nights i can't even sleep without checking the numbers with my phone
  7. Women don’t like muscles.....

    You know back home, woman do in fact love muscles, and almost every male wants to be a bodybuilder, it's like a social norm. Heck even are MMA fighters and soccer players are heavily tattooed bodybuilder looking Though there is a strick hierarchy of what girls love, and it goes like this: Yacht>Nice Car(Mercedes,BMW,Audi,Porsche, it must be german!)> Nice apartment>Muscles. So basically if you have one of those your lucky, though a yacht always beats muscles, so don't stop at working out
  8. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    You are unlikely to get covid through your butt, so just embrace the sweaty seat.
  9. Cryptic quiz ??

    1) Grilled pork steaks and veggies with some fries from MC Donald 2) I am having a hard time trying to decide between Uncle Charlie from two and a half man or Joey from Friends. 3) err... Al- Quaeda ?
  10. Post op

    Keep thinking about finding a tattoo artist that does cover ups, though never actually going to get it done.
  11. Are ponytails hip again????

    Beard and tats are great.... though the ponytail i find offensive. It makes you look like a hentai anal samurai warrior.
  12. finding a father figure at 22?

    Don't search for a father figure, instead aim to become one. So that one day when you have a kid , it won't feel like you did.
  13. You all know this guy

    I guess that’s why no one ever quotes you, but me I am just not that accepting
  14. What's for tea ? Dinner if your posh ?

    Pork tenderlions with mashed potato salad and some cake for desert.
  15. I have been offered my first jab.

    This guy is wierd. Denies the needs for lockdown but is also anti jab