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  1. Labouring

    Labouring is hard chit. Carrying loads of weights the whole day for 10 quid per hour is bollocks. I would suggest learn how to paint 15 quid less work. The best option with counstruction work would be a tiler it's paid really good.
  2. Points based immigration system

    How about you got F yourself ya racist t*wat. Why are you so hateful towards others a BBC banged your mom or osmething? This is what your so called people with ''senses'' do when they come to my country. YET you don't see me being racist towards them and telling them to f off.
  3. Points based immigration system

    Don't try to explain chit to Lethwei and Simon, they jerk each other off and go tag team on everyone who is not a racist midget.
  4. Decline benching?

    Tried it ,felt wierd, did not like it.
  5. 2 days in Lisbon - suggestions please

    Don't speak Spanish. They don't like it.
  6. For the ladies

    I have a TV, but I still go the cinema. Same with GF's. You have one, but.... haha
  7. Who thinks they are hard?

    I have seen a lot retarded chit, hell I have even read LetweiUK's comments, but this sir this tops a lot of it. It kind of reminds me of Calcio Storico( A Itallian version of football mixed with mma and rugby)
  8. For the ladies

    Bruh.... are you crossbred with a horse something, dafauq is that baseball bat in your pants? I'm like 7.5 inch(18cm) and girls have been all over it in compliments, and have broken quite a few condoms, but you sir are not from this planet. How is less than 9 small, when average is 6 inch lol. Maybe you need better ruler or meter to measure properly. Now on topic, used to talkk with a chick of mine about this, she was like really, really tight for me, she was into smaller cocks cause too big was painful for her. So there is a boat for everyone. (Exepct micro penis, sorry you are screwed)
  9. For the ladies

    Was expecting a dick pic.
  10. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder Full fight

    If by any chance the first link expires.
  11. Points based immigration system

    He can't. No more cheap europeans to call to do it for him, and he is too limited to do it on his own.
  12. Pretty much what Kazza said. In bodybuilding and strength training genetics are key, and PT's can brag all they want about getting anyone in shape, but if you are genetically kissed to be a fatso you will, and if you are gentically blessed to build muscle as easy breathing you also will( Like me eat what I want, no diets, no cardio, barely get to 10% bf while im eating cakes and chochlate and waffles the whole winter and build muscle, without too much effort.) Your goals are depedant on your genetic potenital, and since you are natty like me, after 6-7 year get ready for things to get harder not easier, unless you start gearing. You will continue to build muscle , but at slower pace. Follow the basic logic if your lifts are improving and you are getting stronger, hypertrophy usually follows
  13. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    i doubt even He can fix those gender confused twwaats