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    Perry87 reacted to Sasnak in Best Oral Drugs?   
    Best oral drug? Easy, mdma.
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    Perry87 reacted to Zoob1234 in Home full body workout   
    Looks good. Have you done for single leg rdls? 
    Maybe throw in some single leg hip thrusts (add as much weight as you like) and cannonball squats too (slow eccentric movement and a quick concentric motion)? If you use those as a finisher on a leg heavy session you'll 100% feel it the next day. Looks like a sound plan though  
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    Perry87 reacted to Endomorph84 in Home full body workout   
    Its a very structured workout and that’s fine. But it’s lockdown mate, IMO you should aim to get the most you can out of the basic exercises - ‘bang for your buck’ they say lol.
    Just keep the exercises and rep ranges as basic as possible is all mate 
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    Perry87 reacted to Spieren in Home full body workout   
    As @Endomorph84 said. 

    I would throw in some Romanian Deads using a dumbbell. Either one legged or two, depending on you. 
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    Perry87 got a reaction from swole troll in Everything you use and why   
    I was nearly one of those people that didn't use the search function and asked a question that has been answered.
    Great info as always!
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    Perry87 got a reaction from alphafit in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Thought this would be a good way to introduce myself. 
    Year apart but the same hat. 
    I thought I was doing well at 75kg, but looking at @alphafit I've got alot more work to do.