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  1. Home full body workout

    Morning all. Thought I would post this up for critique, advice and you never know someone might find it useful. So with being stuck at home I decided to fashion a home gym outside. I've set up a chin up bar, I've got 2× Dumbells with 25kg of weight each, 2 × kettlebells (8kg & 12kg), 4 different resistance bands and a TRX. I've designed my Full body plan loosely based on JP's one he posted on Instagram last year. Sets and reps are followed, exercises differ slightly due to the limited equipment. Standing single leg calf raises 1×15-20 1×20-25 Lunges 1×6-10 1×10-12 Nordic Curl Banded *1 1×8-12 1×12-15 Kneeling single arm shoulder press 1×14-17 1×20 Diamond press up (raised front) 1×14-17 1×20 Single arm bent over row 1×14-17 1×20 Concentration bicep curl 1×14-17 1×20 Standing Db bicep curl 1x8-12 1x12-15 Db incline press 1x8-12 1x12-15 TRX Dips (Feet elevated in front) 1×8-12 1×12-15 Rack Chin 1×8-12 1×12-15 Goblet Squat 1×12-15 1×20-25 Dumbbell RDL 1x12-15 1×15-20 Seated Calf raises 1×8-12 1×12-15 Waiter Bicep Curl 1×8-12 1×12-15 12,15 Standing shoulder press 1×8-12 1×12-15 12,12 Floor press 2x20kg 1×8-12 1×12-15 Pull ups 1×8-12 1×12-15 Pendulum Squat (TRX and Band) *2 1×12-15 1×20-25 Good mornings 1×12-15 1×20-25 Single calf raises banded 1×12-15 1×20-25 I've been increasing the weight as soon as I'm able to complete the rep range. I warm up for every exercise working up to and past working set weight. Warm up rep scheme 10,8,6,4,2. Nordic banded curl *1 I found these on Hypertrophy Coach instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-CkyLrlsBJ/?igshid=j4x53maz6qfr Pendulem Squat. I also found these on the Hypertrophy Coach Instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_NwTZpFst5/?igshid=15yfncigy9aem I'm 4 weeks in and feel like I'm making progress and even gains. Anyway thoughts, opinions and criticisms welcome.
  2. Home full body workout

    @Endomorph84 Thanks for the reply. What would change to de-fluff it?
  3. Frequently at the gym but cannot build muscle

    My 2 pence worth. I was much the same for years never really adding much to my frame. I looked better but was desperate for size. I always under estimated the calories I ate. I was eating relatively cleanly and what I felt lot of quantity. When I actually track what I ate I was struggling to get over maintenance. I work in construction so am on my feet all day lifting and carrying stuff. Then going to gym 4 times a week. I was basically on a cut all the time. My advice is get the My fitness pal app and track exactly what you eat. As soon as I started doing this things started to change. I also agree with @The Nolanator you need to focus on adding weight everytime you complete your exercise to the rep range required. I posted a picture last week of my progress last week. By no means is it super impressive compared to others but for someone who's always looked slight it shows it can be done.
  4. Warm up routine.

    I follow this way as well. Weight increasing and reps diminishing as you work up to your working set Jordan Peters recommend this way with his full body workout.
  5. Everything you use and why

    I was nearly one of those people that didn't use the search function and asked a question that has been answered. Great info as always!
  6. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Thought this would be a good way to introduce myself. Year apart but the same hat. I thought I was doing well at 75kg, but looking at @alphafit I've got alot more work to do.