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  1. Optimale

    Thanks for the replies, I should have updated. I started treatment with THMC a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Optimale

    My symptoms are erectile dysfunction, no libido,anxiety,hot flushes. On an NHS test a couple of weeks ago my total test was 10.1. I had an operation when I was a child on my testicles and it wasn't successful so I'm guessing that's a contributing factor. My Dr has offered anti depressants and Viagra. I have all the symptoms of primary hypogonadism.
  3. Optimale

    My Dr doesn't want to know unfortunately.
  4. Optimale

    Hello everyone, I started a post a couple of days ago but had no replies so I'm hoping I'm luckier with this one. I've been diagnosed with low t and I've been researching everything and at the moment I'm probably going to go with Optimale. Has anyone had any experience with them? If so were they ok?
  5. Hello, some advice would be great on these results. I've had low t symptoms for a few years now. I had a test at my Drs recently that came back as 10.1 Testosterone but didn't include free t etc. I was told this was normal so I had a private test a couple of days ago through a company called Optimale. They have offered me treatment and I posted on trt Facebook forum. Dr Stevens commented that it's a classic Hypogandal picture. I cannot afford or get to the Men's health clinic so I'm looking at Optimale at the moment. I'm very nervous and undecided about the whole thing. Any opinions would be welcome. I'm from Bristol so if any Bristolians have a recommendation for someone local that would be great.