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  1. Crs v dimensions

    Crs research lab brand. Theres a lot locals selling it but seems.to have no internet finger print besides odd 1 post. Two dealers I know local rave about it.
  2. I know a guy who sells crs who rates it brilliant and I have always uses dimensions with good results. So been looking to stock up so soon as lock down is over I can jump back quickly. Anyways have much experiance with crs. It's a lot cheaper than dimensions to. Cant find any forums on it when I type into google.
  3. Hgh timing

    So I been taking 5iu 5 on 2 off for last couple of months now but been reading and woundering if I sm not taking the full advantage. Brand changes from anasome to hyge now and again but sides stay the same so I know they both they correct stuff. So my point, I been taking 5iu in one go every morning when I wake of sometimes just go to the toilet at say 5/7 am. Been thinking maybe it e best to do 2.5iu or 2 iu am and the remaining 1 hour after I finish training so that's 1 hour after a shot of detrose and my protien drink. I normaly finish training around 14.30. Is there much point ? What about none training days 5 iu soon as I am up ?
  4. HGH Who what and where???

    You will know of it's real.as.you joints mainly elbows will start to hurt and hands will get pins and needles quicker than normal.
  5. Due to problems in other post I can get this fairly quick. Anyone used it. Was sis but now phamraqQO. Sure read it was good stuff before, just seeing what's users take.
  6. Ansomone HGH

    Yeah untill you drop it doing that lol ???
  7. Ansomone HGH

    Pump about 3 syringes air in before you try taking it out.. It wontntry taking it back in and cause loads bubbles then.
  8. Deca problems

    Deca takes.me.weeks to recover fully. Even after pct Its still hard work to be hard. I find just doubling up a cruise cycle for few weeks till its leaves completely only way I can keep going.
  9. What you think about the rock. He always adimant hes natural and that big i dont think he would think he could fool anyone. I cant see it but he always says
  10. Ansomone HGH

    Looks like the 100 I get but red. Any spelling mistakes on box lolol. Anasome has v high vacume vials. So soon as you put the needle in to the seal to add the water is should suck it straight in instantly. And then you still need to add 2 syringes of air to get it out with out it being dragged back in.
  11. Best labs at the minute ?

    Yes used blue. It's fine. All the sides you ment to get are there healed my shoulder in 3 weeks that supposed be 3 months lost body fat as vains in legs came back even though was eating more than should.. Used for 2 months before switched to hyge for price. 190 for 4 weeks is quite high I think. Well my misses told me it was lol
  12. Hcg question

    You can buy slin syringe and just change the needle tip if you want to. Save you the fuss still. I dont reuse I'm.needles but inslin needles normaly used many times before all pens with changeable tips on them. Didnt do any harm then. Isnt doing me any harm now. Personal preference though I suppose ?
  13. Hcg question

    Just mix with 1 mil. Draw it out using the syring so you have a slin pin full. Ie 100units. Then every 10th is 500iu. Inject then out back in the fridge till ready again.
  14. Hcg question

    Why using all the pins. Just use two. Fill them up and there 2500iu in every 100 Inject 20 at a time.onnthe marking and that will be 500iu. Only 2 pins needed then not 10. I would.mix with 1 mil personally and have 5000 in 1 mil. So only 1 pin and every 10 is 500. Lot easyer
  15. Hcg question

    I had to buy a extra fridge for my hcg and hgh. Was no room for food lol