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  1. ask her how her weeks gone if theirs anything shes got planned during the weekend what sort of things shes into ? surely if your both meeting up for a date you must have a idea? unless you've arranged a meeting off a app if so ask her something like whats the funnest or dirtiest thing someone has sent you on the app ? and what ppl like to do together is f**k
  2. how long have you been considering suicide for ? her husband will most likely come back with a small army cut you up and cut her up and sell the pair of you at the local halal butchers youll be marketed as enhanced beef
  3. Dynamic laboratories test e legit fake real ?

    Only came across 1 post about the lab not good either but surely they wouldn't f**k up good old test up ? might just pin 3ml a week compared to 2 of my normal stuff
  4. Just brought some masteron and got this test with it has anyone ever given this Indian test a go before stuff legit ?
  5. Best Brand of Anavar

    When it comes to anavar Cenzo pharma have been spot on for me
  6. Millionaires of UKM

    Work horse is a honda civic lpg Weekend toys the e60 m5 car shows it's the e30 M3 And the money pits the c2.7
  7. Starting up a business.. what would you do?

    its not that simple and you would have to wait atleast 2 years before breeding the female and you wouldnt breed her no more then once a year.
  8. Starting up a business.. what would you do?

    your spot on their mate theirs definitely cash in it but yourve got to know what your doing choosing the correct lines to breed from and to do it right you have to get active papers for both females and males. the abkc. are currently in the process of doing health checks on breeding sets. As ive thought about giving it ago but the start up cost is too dear for me at the monent then yourve got to sort out security for the dogs yes for the dogs you would be surprised on now many of this dogs get nicked.food diet also supplementation. insurances and most importantly TIME. its something worth doing if your working part time or willing to go into it fulltime
  9. Starting up a business.. what would you do?

    If your a animal lover considering something like dog breeding ? Only worth doing if your dog person? My brother being doing it for a while his got 2 females and 1 male his currently in the process of buying another female for 16k but due to cov 19 his unable to pick her up. His into them bully XLs just to give you a idea his pulled out 28k last year out of 2 litters
  10. Why isn't this cop in jail?!

    ? Any links to that buddy
  11. Motivation

    Keep pushing through it
  12. got arrested and charged for an assault

    The police have the full footage as it works in my favour as I jump the fence you can clearly see me running towards the dog and untieing it and him charging for me
  13. got arrested and charged for an assault

    Thanks everyone I've been granted bail till further notices for questioning I will be sending the cctv footage along side with a mug shot of the c**t to birmingham mail to expose this pr**k once its over and done with solictor quite confident I will be walking away with a slap on a wrist have never been arrested before clean record and all and for the lads having a little bant over the dog come on grow the f**k up the poor thing was fu**ing suffering imagine driving the poor thing 20mins in a car only to hear it crying out in pain
  14. So yesterday i was in my kitchen when i kept hearing a dog whining and crying next door so i went upstairs to take a look out the window . What i saw put me in a fit of rage the next door neighbour had the dog hanging from his neck and was beating it with a metal cooking spoon. So i run out jumped the fence to unhook and untie the dog the neighbour swung for me so we ended up in a scrap cut a long story short i ended up breaking his jaw giving him a fractured eye socket. and i took the dog drove it to the vets dropped it off made my way back home had a call from the wife that the police are here. So i handed them the cctv footage you can clearly see how bad the dog was abused for 7mins ok i jumped the fence but what else would a normal person do but im the 1 whos been arrested and charged for assault when this pussyhole been living with family because his to scared to live next to me i asked the officer in charge whats going on with the c**t and i was told further investing will be needed? SO you can clearly see this c**t beating this dog for 7mins hanging it from the neck and im the one charged. just had to have a little rant on here would anyone of you guys do the same as i did ? the dog has passed away too
  15. Magnus pharma

    Buying off the internet is risky