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  1. Sourcing Tostran

    I’m pretty sure I have some itnogen on the way from an online pharmacy! Will report back
  2. Sourcing Tostran

    Cool thanks! Will look into that
  3. Sourcing Tostran

    Yeah I was surprised to get 4! Going to literally do a tour of all the tiny village pharmacies to check stock. If I knew which countries stocked it I’d buy abroad.
  4. Sourcing Tostran

    Yeah I remember! I called a local village branch of Lloyd’s pharmacy on the off chance and they had some, got x4 canisters. They said it was shelf stock but can’t get any more. Pretty sure they’re only supposed to do one at a time anyway?
  5. Sourcing Tostran

    If I had to use more testogel I’d consider jabs- you have to smear loads on..
  6. Sourcing Tostran

    Outbid- basically another country has bought up the supply. No pharmacies can order it in, only some branch’s have a few knocking about. It’s a different delivery system to testogel and seems to work better. I feel better anyway and my test was down using testogel but I don’t want to be using a bucket load daily.
  7. Morning guys, does anybody know a chemist chain that stocks Tostran? Not worried about location I’ll drive there, or even a European country that has it available? I’ve cleaned out my local pharmacies around Cambridge area and none can order it in- it’s no longer available in the uk. Same with online pharmacies. Have tried testogel but doesn’t seem to work as well. thanks!
  8. Low test results

    Got some from a village Lloyd’s, last of their stock, can’t get anymore!
  9. Low test results

    That isn’t the cause of mine honestly- none of the chains can even order it, not available in UK.
  10. Low test results

    Yep nobody around Cambridge can order it, or online companies! What chemist do you use?
  11. Low test results

    I was originally on tostran but it’s unavailable, nobody can even order it in. The testogel you have to slap loads on in comparison. I’m tempted to skip straight to 60mg tbh but that’s loads of testogel it gets everywhere!
  12. Low test results

    Well. Not sure this testogel works, gone up from 40.5mg to 60mg daily after my blood test last week was 9! might ask for the needle at this rate.
  13. Low test results

    In case of interest- ran out of tostran, none available anywhere so now on Testogel. Not sure if it’s working but only been a month think I feel better...and have dropped some stubborn belly fat.
  14. Low test results

    Interesting side note the anxiety- my 12.5mg sertraline is perfect, takes the edge off life well. Since dropping to that level I’ve been eating much better, better ‘impulse’ control. the TRT- Went back Friday, lost my bum virginity to a prostate test and I have a pump of trostan to use. The doc said see how you go and if you’re happy then we’ll maybe move to injections- but he said gel is fine and he’d be happy to stay with it.
  15. Low test results

    Thanks- Had a quick google and nebido seems decent. makes me laugh I was always too scared of using peds and now about to get a test shot from the doc....