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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in Damn! Those Creatine Results!!   
    Someone selling creatine on eBay and this is genuinely the before and after pic they are using to sell it! How stupid would you need to be to fall for that?

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    Shergar got a reaction from Kazza61 in How long can they really keep the gyms closed?   
    Happy Gilmore too.
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    Shergar reacted to Garryspoon in Zanamex and Merck gear   
    The home of copies...... Say no more lol.
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    Shergar reacted to Endomorph84 in Getting a refund for gym membership because of gym closure   
    My gym cancelled my membership, I was more than happy to have kept it going at the beginning of the pandemic. 
    This was before 35,000 people died of the virus and the unemployment rate sky rocketed to over 1.3 million. Some people are ridiculously narrow minded.
    People dying and losing their jobs and alls you can think about is cancelling your membership because you couldn’t train for a few months. Look at the bigger picture, bitter bastard.
    People are so easy to forget all the joy/ happiness/ stress relief (How ever you see it) and health benefits the gym brings and has bought them. End of the day, it’s a gym. It’s kind of a big deal as far as lifestyle goes.
    You must have valued it somewhat to pay annually whether you were saving money or not. That’s retarded. 
    You're down for the months you couldn’t go (big deal) but the gyms down the full amount and any fees they will of had to pay.
    Put yourself in a gym/ small business owners shoes that’s getting zero/ drastically less income right now. 
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    Shergar reacted to drwae in I’ve had this hat for years ,but it’s time to bin it   
    It looks like you've had that fu**ing disgusting mug of coffee for even longer than the hat  is that mould??
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    Shergar reacted to Endomorph84 in Injectable AAS during summer   

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    Shergar reacted to stuey99 in Pharmacom Winstrol   
    I'm not sure I can spell it out any clearer than I already have 
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    Shergar reacted to TALBOTL in How long can they really keep the gyms closed?   
    Absolutely, but it’s boring coming on to a forum looking for a bit of light reading and fun and seeing the same old thread, written in fifteen different ways and the same old people arguing about COVID with the same pointless arguments. 
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    Shergar reacted to Sasnak in How long can they really keep the gyms closed?   
    You ain’t far from Kettering Vinny. I can’t see Kettering’s most famous idiot/thief paying much attention to current law. Why don’t you visit Lambo’s retarded gerbil gym or whatever he calls the place.
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    Shergar reacted to aLadNamedAsh in Would you like to do this as a job   
    Isn’t that the wall where Andy Dufresne left that note for Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption?
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    Shergar reacted to drwae in Would you like to do this as a job   
    Not sure that spending all day thinking of what s**t threads to start here counts as inventing pal
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    Shergar reacted to Smilez in I can't believe this is a tranny   
    What were you doing looking up trannies at 3am?
    (cheers for posting though )
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    Shergar reacted to Huntingground in Basically you can B&C and and don’t drop dead young [Title Changed, no more confusion]   
    Well done mate, good to hear. I have always stated that AAS usage (if you know what to do) is less damaging than a lifestyle of booze/coke/cigs.
    I try to follow the points in my thread here.
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    Shergar reacted to TERBO in Your first ever cycle.   
    Was given a box of pharma dbol, took 20mg each morning until they ran out, diet & training was well dialled in and made awesome keepable gains.
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    Shergar reacted to vetran in Running   
    I’ll  jog where I fckin want mate would of been my reply 
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    Shergar reacted to drwae in Would you like to do this as a job   
    All your photos are from the 70s, you just been sitting at home on the dole for the past 50 years?
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    Shergar reacted to vetran in Would you like to do this as a job   
    They were actors they weren’t the real deal 

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    Shergar reacted to Mingster in First set of bloods in a week from Nebido...   
    My trough reading was low for the first year or so with only gradual improvements.
    Most people I know, and also people posting on UK-M, have suggested that it takes at least 4 to 5 jabs for levels to dial in.
    Obviously I felt much better almost immediately, but it generally takes a while for the numbers to catch up.
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    Shergar got a reaction from sitries in Your first ever cycle.   
    500 Iranian Test e
    400 Greek Deca I think
    30mg Thai pinks
    Best cycle I ever done, rinsed and repeated many many times.
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    Shergar reacted to BLUE(UK) in POST YOUR SET UP.   
    Ignore the mess, as it’s not just a lifting room but also for bikes/gear. 
    The rack is 4x2 box section, and can’t say I’ve ever stressed it  

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    Shergar reacted to Spieren in Spanish flu vs covid 19   
    Columbian flu is not that nice either, so I hear.. 
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    Shergar reacted to Sustanation in Did a medichecks full test (any advice? )   
    Use code pscarb10 to get 10% off. It's in 50mg capsules so just take 6 spread through the day. 
    That literally took me 10 seconds on Google, you don't want me to wipe your arse for you aswell do you.?
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    Shergar reacted to sean m in Oh 5hit   
  25. Haha
    Shergar reacted to vetran in Sat night treat for the wife   
    I’ve prepared a cheese board for her, before I take it in is there anything else that I should put on it ? I value your opinion thanks