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    Shergar got a reaction from Clubber Lang in Hygene PEDs...   
    @Clubber Lang I've tried the Sust and it is very good. Couple of friends and my cousin are running their D-Bol, Anadrol and various oils and are very  happy with what they are seeing and will be sticking with this lab for the foreseeable they have said.
    I have just started Dr prescribed TRT but I will be buying a few of their bits for my stash to use at a later date.
    I have tried many many labs over the years and I would recommend them from what I have seen/heard/experienced from myself and my close network, they wasn't pushed on us by any means, they too were free samples.
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    Shergar got a reaction from fakenattymatty in Would you still feel comfortable injecting Chinese gear?   
    A lot can come from India or Malaysia now also but your right it is mainly Chinese.
    To the original post Yes I would without hesitation.
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    Shergar got a reaction from shazzer2406 in Dnp cycle length   
    You are damn right there buddy, nothing really to look forward to on this stuff.
    Boiling hot, sweaty lethargic mess.
    Results? Can be great, Would I run it again? No.
    400mg a day for 21 days was plenty for me but I built up to that dose slowly, I cant stress enough how careful you need to be and even if you are not feeling much after the first 3 days do not increase your dosage trust me that would be a bad idea.
    Good luck and be safe.
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    Shergar reacted to lewdylewd in Dnp cycle length   
    IMO dont set a length on it.
    Start taking them and stop if the sides get too much or when you reach your goal. If you have to stop before you reach your goal take 2 weeks off and start again.
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    Shergar got a reaction from Clubber Lang in REAL OR FAKE. Androlics and blue hearts   
    Was great once upon a time but a huge gamble these days.
    Stick waith your trusted ugl, if its genuine and correctly dosed then they will be on par with these anyway, just wont look as fancy.
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    Shergar reacted to Clubber Lang in Deca+Susta   
    i did Norma Deca and Karachi Sust for my first cyle about 15 years ago, was fine lol. 400mg Deca, 500mg Sust split in 2x jabs over the week, worked wonders lol. Went up about 2 stone in 12 weeks.
    ideally Test on its own @ 500mg each week, 2x 250mg jabs, say Mon and Thursdays to keep bloods fairly balanced, would be best for a first cycle, but then again my cycle was mint. I already had 6 years natty training under my belt and did all the research before using PEDs. At the time i could draw you the formula for each testosterone. I knew the risks so decided for a Deca & Test cycle.
    Do your research and if all the boxes are ticked, diet, training plans, supplements, possible gyno issues covered, knowing all the possibly sides,, if these are covered then crack on mate. Enjoy.
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    Shergar got a reaction from MrGRoberts in Crs v dimensions   
    Oils were fine nothing to rave about but totally fine. 
    Orals on the other hand, brilliant especially the ultra burn.
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    Shergar got a reaction from MrBrightside in Addicted to protein apparently it’s a thing   
    Yes this would be interesting, I’m unsure what or if the differences would be noticed in all honesty.
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    Shergar reacted to MrBrightside in Heroes? 🤔   
    I bet supermarket staff are getting some fu**ing abuse. I just feel sorry for these people having to deal with the public when everyone's panicking. The general public are retarded enough without the panic. 
    Hats off to anyone out there still working. 
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    Shergar reacted to BLUE(UK) in Workout inspiration for y'all......   
    For me, it doesn’t matter, the milestone is done in my eyes. 
    He’d be better off doing a different lift but blowing everyone away with it IMO. 
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    Shergar reacted to BLUE(UK) in How long you recon?   
    Corona won’t survive in that place. 
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    Shergar got a reaction from Mrmotivator in Dunning   
    Website available to all now, Service
    “ so so” products first class.
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    Shergar got a reaction from PSevens2017 in What are we watching?   
    Oh Paul Bettany now you have my attention.
    I have been recommended a few of them from your list off a lad in work who has great taste so I will definitely add them to my list.
    Cheers buddy
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    Shergar got a reaction from Mrmotivator in Dunning   
    Website available to all now, Service
    “ so so” products first class.
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    Shergar reacted to Sasnak in So we're stuck at home- haircuts   
    1g of Masteron a week should see you right 
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    Shergar reacted to Cronus in How much weight ya lost?   
    Im in kent, got a fairly decent setup and would be happy to invite people local and trusted to train if I was not currently staying with my old dear. I can't risk her getting ill, she is 56 years old
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    Shergar reacted to BLUE(UK) in Arnold's Stay At Home Workout.   
    Beginners 10 pull ups. Yeah right. 
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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in What are we watching?   
    I just watched 1917 this afternoon and it’s absolutely brilliant. What those lads went through in WW1 for our country  was incomprehensible to a generation overwhelmed by a request to just stay indoors. 
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    Shergar reacted to Seppuku71 in Once life goes back to normal.. China   
    Maybe at minimum they could be made to learn how to cook and eat regular food, instead of living off rat s**t and bat noodle soup
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    Shergar reacted to swole troll in Self trt, carona virus, hospitalised   
    A family member of mine is doing front line work in an ICU specifically created and waiting to treat severe cases of covid-19 and they've been briefed that if the water accumulation on the lungs is too great to 'dry them out' at a cost to the kidneys ie permanent kidney damage as collateral for saving their life.

    I don't remember the means by which they do 'dry you out' (I'd assume IV diuretics) this was just the terminology this person used in their description but we were having a lengthy conversation at the time so it kind of got glossed over.
    Anyway the point I'm making is by the time you are in an intensive care unit, you are dead without them, which is always the case with IC, you are dependent on the staff and machines to stay alive so again declining test really wont be at the forefront of your mind.

    I say to you and to everyone reading this, whether you take this all seriously or not, your number one goal right now should be staying healthy and doing your part to minimize the strain on the NHS.

    EDIT - 

    it was an IV of furosemide

    and they'll be put on dialysis if needed, the kidneys will still take a hit but as I said there comes a point where life is the only remaining goal at a cost to anything else.
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    Shergar reacted to Oxon Jay in Anyone got "Monkey Dust" instead of Tren?   
    You been shopping at the Bolivian corner shop again?
    I went in there last month and asked for a "lottery ticket" I'm still gurning 4 weeks later 
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    Shergar reacted to godsgifttoearth in Is this cycle safe/ good? (UPDATED)   
    I'd tweak it a bit.
    suatanon and deca is a nightmare. it spikes quick for a few days then drops like a stone, right when the deca starts spiking. messes with libido even more than usual and makes controlling e2 a pain. use test e instead.
    I wouldn't run ostarine with such low doses of aas. it crashes shbg which makes the anabolics clear much quicker. not so bad when you're doing big doses with a pin every other day.
    finisteride can offset some of the deca issues but drops DHT, so can leave you open to e2 issues/gyno.
    the nolva dose is utterly pointless until PCT. deca can mess you up long term so be prepared to PCT for up to 8 weeks.
    adex for that amount of test and deca, with finisteride would probably be better off 0.5mg 2-3x per week. if you want to use an oral, proviron would be useful. a DHT with deca is almost a must for me.
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    Shergar reacted to Mrmotivator in Home Gym Upstairs   
    Jesus, to go to all that effort for 2 to 3 months.
    Sure, perhaps if you are top of your game but then if that was the case you would know someone with a gym and have access.
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    Shergar reacted to Phil_tuggins in Price gouging   
    Boycotts are the only option for profiteers 
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    Shergar reacted to Davemp in What are we watching?   
    Just finished Narcos and el Chapo on Netflix