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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in What are we watching?   
    I just watched 1917 this afternoon and it’s absolutely brilliant. What those lads went through in WW1 for our country  was incomprehensible to a generation overwhelmed by a request to just stay indoors. 
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    Shergar reacted to Seppuku71 in Once life goes back to normal.. China   
    Maybe at minimum they could be made to learn how to cook and eat regular food, instead of living off rat s**t and bat noodle soup
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    Shergar reacted to swole troll in Self trt, carona virus, hospitalised   
    A family member of mine is doing front line work in an ICU specifically created and waiting to treat severe cases of covid-19 and they've been briefed that if the water accumulation on the lungs is too great to 'dry them out' at a cost to the kidneys ie permanent kidney damage as collateral for saving their life.

    I don't remember the means by which they do 'dry you out' (I'd assume IV diuretics) this was just the terminology this person used in their description but we were having a lengthy conversation at the time so it kind of got glossed over.
    Anyway the point I'm making is by the time you are in an intensive care unit, you are dead without them, which is always the case with IC, you are dependent on the staff and machines to stay alive so again declining test really wont be at the forefront of your mind.

    I say to you and to everyone reading this, whether you take this all seriously or not, your number one goal right now should be staying healthy and doing your part to minimize the strain on the NHS.

    EDIT - 

    it was an IV of furosemide

    and they'll be put on dialysis if needed, the kidneys will still take a hit but as I said there comes a point where life is the only remaining goal at a cost to anything else.
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    Shergar reacted to Oxon Jay in Anyone got "Monkey Dust" instead of Tren?   
    You been shopping at the Bolivian corner shop again?
    I went in there last month and asked for a "lottery ticket" I'm still gurning 4 weeks later 
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    Shergar reacted to godsgifttoearth in Is this cycle safe/ good? (UPDATED)   
    I'd tweak it a bit.
    suatanon and deca is a nightmare. it spikes quick for a few days then drops like a stone, right when the deca starts spiking. messes with libido even more than usual and makes controlling e2 a pain. use test e instead.
    I wouldn't run ostarine with such low doses of aas. it crashes shbg which makes the anabolics clear much quicker. not so bad when you're doing big doses with a pin every other day.
    finisteride can offset some of the deca issues but drops DHT, so can leave you open to e2 issues/gyno.
    the nolva dose is utterly pointless until PCT. deca can mess you up long term so be prepared to PCT for up to 8 weeks.
    adex for that amount of test and deca, with finisteride would probably be better off 0.5mg 2-3x per week. if you want to use an oral, proviron would be useful. a DHT with deca is almost a must for me.
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    Shergar reacted to Mrmotivator in Home Gym Upstairs   
    Jesus, to go to all that effort for 2 to 3 months.
    Sure, perhaps if you are top of your game but then if that was the case you would know someone with a gym and have access.
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    Shergar reacted to Phil_tuggins in Price gouging   
    Boycotts are the only option for profiteers 
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    Shergar reacted to Davemp in What are we watching?   
    Just finished Narcos and el Chapo on Netflix 
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    Shergar reacted to PSevens2017 in What are we watching?   
    I’ve been saving Homeland to catch up on. It’s the final season. Been a solid show throughout. Currently got 5 episodes to catch up on. 
    Netflix are now showing Ozark season 3. Watched the other 2 seasons. Great show. 
    I have a NOW tv box which means I can subscribe to a sky film Channels or Entertainment package pay as you go monthly. I usually stay off it for 8-9 months and then pay for the movies. They’ve usually added a load of new ones so block watch. Then unsubscribe. £8-£9 for 10-12 new movies. 
    The entertainment package is well worth it. Loads of box sets. Defo get your moneys worth. If you can’t afford sky, the now tv box is VFM. Plus you get great tv to binge watch. 
    BT sport rugby are showing classic cup games with up to date commentary by a player who played in the game they’re showing. Only started last weekend. They’re planning for more. Great if you like rugby. They’re also showing old MMA (UFC) matches. 
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    Shergar reacted to Jackoffblades in Day 10   
    To much activity Iv reported you to the police
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    Shergar got a reaction from monkeybiker in Who else is missing the gym?   
    Who's expecting it to be packed for the first few weeks  like it does for a short while after new years day?
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    Shergar got a reaction from Jaling in Best way to store oils and tablets for exte ded periods   
    I'm still cruising on some UpJohns Cyp from 2003, Jokes aside oils are definitely fine if stored in a cool, dark place. Orals if sealed/dry may lose some potency over the years but will also be fine.
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    Shergar reacted to Sasnak in SP test 500   
    Personally I’d only use at this concentration for small Trt jabs or if I was mixing it with another compound. Half a mil mixed with a mil of deca should be okay. Thin it out even more with mast
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    Shergar reacted to Robbie in Think the posties are going to be extinct   
    Why are you spreading something that you don't know is true?  The amount of misinformation at the moment is ridiculous.   Just stop posting stuff on the internet.
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    Shergar got a reaction from jjtreml in Home Gym Upstairs   
    THIS....^^^^ I've been having a nosey the last few days on the local adverts and gumtree etc its scandalous what these guys are charging for some rusty old tat that your gonna be stuck with once the gyms are open again, good luck I would rather sit it out.
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    Shergar reacted to lewdylewd in Is China lying about their number of infections and deaths?   
    That's a one week chart. Expand to 11th of March when you made the statement about buying gold, it's down since then.
    If you cant understand that you really shouldn't be investing in anything as you obviously dont understand what your doing.
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    Shergar got a reaction from MrBrightside in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Yeah most guys expect an amazon prime service all year round probably even more so now.
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    Shergar got a reaction from jd in Oats....   
    Nice, I've blended them in the past too but I find eating them whole fills me up for longer.
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    Shergar reacted to Skitz in Dimension Labs   
    Dimensions is solid, nothing I’ve ever used by them has failed to deliver ....rate them up there with all the usual consistent labs, Dunnings, Dark Ghost, ROHM, NP, Nexus.
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    Shergar reacted to PsychedUp in Had anyone ever tried this stuff   
    Had it offered to me, locally in Ireland as well, probably about 6 months ago. 
    He was really pushy, offering it cheap and even though I had no intention of getting it, that seemed really suspect. Plus the same fella only sells s**t anyway as with most local dealers here.
    I'm happy with my UK domestics of which there are plenty and of very good quality.
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    Shergar reacted to Necrotising in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    What a great thorough reply mate. Thank you
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    Shergar reacted to BelfastBound in Pharmacom   
    He said he got it from his local source I ain't about to travel from Belfast Malaysia. Wasnt asking where he got em. Just curious he said raally cheap if I'm getting points lol f**k trouble. Thanks tho. 
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    Shergar got a reaction from arbffgadm100 in Next cycle to go with test?   
    Test, Primo and some anavar is a great cycle.
    Many fear their anavar and primo being faked and will spout they get nothing from it but if genuine then you will yield some great results if your diet is nailed and drink plenty of water.
    Not too many sides with the above either but always best to keep an eye out and still take bloods but I've always been fine and much prefer it to running tren or winny and although mast is a good steroid I've had to be relatively low BF to notice the full benefits from it.
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    Shergar reacted to Mingster in olympic plates   
    If he carries on derailing threads he'll be banned never mind gay.
    @LethweiUK pack it in.
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    Shergar reacted to daringhorse in Who else is missing the gym?   
    It's not bothering me. In situations like this it becomes apparent how much you are defined and even controlled by the lifestyle you live.
    If everything is reliant on the external world for your sense of purpose then you're nothing more than the weights you lift, the gear you take, the car you drive, the gym you go to etc. That puts you at a very high risk of simply breaking down when these things disappear because behind it you're nothing.

    So for me, it's a loss and I feel it but it's not the end of the world. Strength can always be regained, as can physiques. Bodybuilders do it all the time. Retire, come off, lose size, come back, put it back on.