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    Shergar got a reaction from Ironman TS in Dark Ghost Feedback   
    Really good lab and one of my favourites.
    Always smooth jabs, considering  they are higher dosed vials.
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    Shergar reacted to Endomorph84 in What can cause bad sleep on cycle ?   
    What can cause bad sleep on cycle?
    Being the same size and strength 8 weeks into a cycle.
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    Shergar reacted to Hong Kong phooey in Dianabol 1st cycle   
    @swole troll has covered everything for you here mate. 
    Follow his advice and you'll be fine. No worries. 
    An oral cycle of dianabol is one of the most popular 1st cycles for a beginner. An ideal introduction to steroids. Very good for packing on size and strength, and it does it in a short space of time. 
    A favourite compound for those of the golden era. 
    When it comes to building significanct amounts of size and strength, few steroids can rival dianabol(possibly with the exception of anadrol) .
    Make sure your training, diet and sleep/rest patterns are all on point, and prepare for lift off! 
    As long as all the above protocols are adhered to, you will grow like a weed. 
    Enjoy your first cycle mate. 
    Let us know how you get on. 
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    Shergar reacted to G-man99 in Should I have full English breakfast tomorrow?   
    You still an alcoholic or cutting back a little??
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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in Did anyone put weight on over Christmas   
    Lockdown has helped me establish daily cardio in my routine so I’m leaner to the tune of about 10lbs. 
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    Shergar got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in Just found this of me in the 80's   
    Is that a Borstal shirt Ken?
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    Shergar got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in Just found this of me in the 80's   
    Is that a Borstal shirt Ken?
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    Shergar reacted to Kill Kcal in What sport or hobby would you prefer to put your boy in when he reaches say the age of 5   
    Can't be doing Cocaine at 5 pal.
    Now if he was 6...
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    Shergar reacted to Thedynamitekid in Looking for some more info   
    70kg to 80kg?
    Have you tried food? 
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    Shergar reacted to Towel in Has the lockdowns been good for jucieheads?   
    Been class 
    been blasting all the time and smashing the gym 
    It’s like being in a race and all the other athletes are chained to the starting line 
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    Shergar got a reaction from Rob27 in Anyone still get there pins from needle exchange   
    My local chemist have always took mine off my hands buddy.
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    Shergar reacted to Ironman TS in SG Clen   
    I’ve tried Malay and must admit was surprised how well I tolerated it at 120mcg - got some wicked cramps eventually but normalised to the sides pretty quickly.  There was clearly some seriously overdosed Malay out there though - I reckon they mistook mcg for mg 
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    Shergar reacted to BLUE(UK) in Any Whippet owners?   
    Carry a few rabbits inside your wax coat, it won’t leave your side. 
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    Shergar reacted to Big Ian in Needles and Syringes   
    Not always about price for everyone is it though, I’d happily pay a little more than another company just to give it to a fellow brother in iron lol I often get my pins the source that I’m buying my gear from if they offer it as a service even though it’s usually quite a bit more expensive as for me it’s convenient and I know it’ll arrive in discreet packaging.
    next time I need pins and I’m still on a buying ban on gear for myself I’ll be buying them from @Robbie ‘s place 
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    Shergar got a reaction from Caveman187 in Dark Ghost Test 300   
    Injectable orals for me are perfect as they don’t wreak havoc with my appetite or digestive system.
    I can cram more food in this way and get the most out of my cycle and workouts.
    The injectable version also feels more potent for some reason when taken pre-workout.
    I used to love the Thai androlics with the little serpent pressed on the tab but if I had to choose I would go with the injectable version these days.
    I use slin pins and have them pre loaded so it’s really just as easy as downing a tablet for me anyway.
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    Shergar got a reaction from Pez189 in Anyone still get there pins from needle exchange   
    Medisave for me, cheap as chips and I don’t need to leave the sofa.
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    Shergar reacted to PSevens2017 in Hospitals and NHS Care.   
    Lots of staff going off at the hospital I work at due to covid symptoms or family/partner being ill. 
    Agency staff being pulled in even though bank staff covering contracted staff. Most appointments reverting to virtual as surgeries stopping. I’m at a non Covid hospital. We are covering NHS appointments of 2 hospitals so they can continue with treating Covid admissions. 
    My sister in law was admitted onto an ITU on NYD after being put to bed for 22-23 hours a day for 7 days. She was on a 3 patient ITU Ward (actually an operating theatre turned into makeshift ITU). A 22 & 26 year old were on the ward, both on ventilators. My SIL who is 52 was using oxygen. Diagnosed with covid pneumonia.
    Frightened the life out of her watching a 22yr old girl being given a tracheotomy and then being put on a ventilator. It’s kicked the sh1t out of my brother also. 
    @wylde99 fancy giving me your thoughts on this?? Am I just falling into the BBC’s controlling narrative? Or is it the consultants/nurses who are being told lies by the government to then tell my brother & my SIL family that they nearly lost her at one point..... you know, just for the craic? Or, is it for the lemmings, like moi, to post on here because I’m a paedo? Maybe my SIL just wanted a break from my brother so she’s in on it too?!?! So many options.......  Seems logical 
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    Shergar reacted to Spieren in Do I have a vintage Rolls-Royce key ring here   
    I believe people would pay more for Ron & Reg memorabilia. @KETONES paid 20k just to bum one of Ron’s ex’s
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    Shergar reacted to Jackoffblades in What would you prefer home gym or commercial gym   
    £55 a month why? I can guarantee you there’s better gyms (weights) for half the price no matter where your located 
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    Shergar reacted to vetran in Anyone still get there pins from needle exchange   
    I actually don’t mind standing in a line with the junky scumbags they make me look massive 
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    Shergar reacted to vetran in Anyone still get there pins from needle exchange   
    I do I have a dremil to resharpen them with 
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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in What useful piece of equipment is missing from your gym?   
    Still got a bit of tread on those tyres too! Nice. 
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    Shergar reacted to Kazza61 in GYM!   
    Do what prisoners do and fill 2 litre milk bottles with water. Or assuming you are not in prison, fill them with sand or concrete. Or get some strong carriers and put rocks in them. With a little imagination, you can create a well rounded routine to maintain muscle and build fitness. Improved fitness will pay massive dividends once you do get back in the gym. 
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    Shergar got a reaction from Sasnak in Tren A   
    Parabolan is the daddy of tren buddy.
    Its the daddy of steroids, come to think of it.
    2 amps per week is fine mate, you don’t need much of this for it to work it’s magic and I would be very very surprised should you encounter any sides at all from it either.
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    Shergar reacted to Big Ian in Nexus labs   
    Slightly worrying for two reasons
    1. There’s no cap on it yet you haven’t started pinning it yet.
    2. There’s a pube attached to the top