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  1. People really underestimate the power of this drug caber It's not a one size fits all dosage as you often see online Start low, very low and tweak as your body tells you to or not Danny
  2. Barbell Exercise and Muscle Control

    They lived on cabbage water and dust back then Be interested in this book also should anybody of read it Danny
  3. Generation Iron 4

    Snooze fest for me too Danny
  4. HAHAHAHA Brill @stuey99 and very true Danny
  5. Southern ghost

    Nice blast Danny
  6. DBOL

    Many slate Dianabol only cycles online but they can serve a purpose Are they better with test? 100% but they are still useful considering all things are in check My advice get back into the gym properly for a good few months before adding anything, don't be impatient like half of the lads are doing down there Slow and steady wins the race, let your tendons and muscles adjust to the new way of things again first, your body will thank you trust me Danny
  7. Look like they came out of the burner the coffin went into Buy cheap buy twice vet Danny
  8. Loaf of thick warbies and I am good to go with that lot I would swap the black pudding for white pudding though and plumed tomatoes for the grilled ones Where's the fried slice? Danny
  9. Sage advise Gyms close again

    I hope they don't but this is a good reason why I told a few of my gym buddy's to not hop straight back on a blast the second they reopened Would be very frustrating and a waste to have to drop back down to a cruise or trt Patience is needed in the slow transition back to normality but I think the truth is gyms will shut before the pubs and diners do Danny
  10. Mr Olympia got cancelled tell him It has no place for anyone but that level in my eyes In the wrong hands only one word springs to mind for me- Death Danny
  11. Dimension Labs

    On the whole they are still a very good lab buddy I would use them without a shadow of a doubt Danny
  12. Tbol or Anavar

    Couldn't imagine running 100mg per day for that long 100mg of anavar for me and the pumps are too much I do one working set of squats and I am keeled over on the floor waiting for the pump to fade 50mg or maybe 75mg at a push for me but you are correct 8-10 weeks is no problem Danny
  13. I would be careful posting pictures of your filthy kitchen and cups then buddy If anyone on here works for child protection services then I reckon that full custody will go as quick as your lime pickle does Danny
  14. Protein Bars

    Never thought much of their Pro XS bars though Danny
  15. Protein Bars

    Looks kind of hard and dry tbh Looks can be deceiving though I guess I will place a small order to rest the waters Danny
  16. Protein Bars

    One million percent More filling and a lot better for you too than a regular candy bar we can’t all carry around a tub of chicken and rice with us everyday My treat anyway that I look forward to I will give the reflex bars a go very soon Danny
  17. No need to switch tbh But seen as how you are using short esters to begin with and thinking of swapping, does this mean you are extending your current cycle? If so why not just start with longer esters in the first place buddy? Danny
  18. Inone lab

    Have I used personally? No Would I give them a bash? Yes if my source ever dried up for my other bits Heard nothing but good reports from them and not just internet reports, trusted people in my circle etc Danny
  19. General noob guidance

    My next run with orals is going to be much longer than I have done over the last decade Superdrol or winstrol or dianabol for maybe 10 weeks and not the classic 4-6 weeks I think it was El chapo and yourself who gave me food for thought on this subject My bloods have always been fine after the 6 week mark but I have always assumed my body has maxed out on them at that point so it will be interesting to see a little extension and if it does anything extra Danny
  20. Realising that it was me who actually started this thread I didn't actually state mine Ramsay for the win not just for his TV stuff but I have actually ate in one of his restaurants and it was superb Danny
  21. Or more rather- who's restaurant/food would you most like to try? I expect there to be many replies stating I hate them all or none of them can cook, just interested to hear your fellas views Danny
  22. Anyone been in Bucharest ?

    Where did you come from buddy? Danny
  23. Protein Bars

    I love protein bars The days of your jaw doing a workout with one are long gone Carb crushers from MP are fantastic but my go to at the minute are warrior crunch bars When the above companies have discounts on they actually work out cheaper than a twix or galaxy bar Danny
  24. Will covid 19 go away

    @wylde99 You have been on here for quite a number of years now, Have you always been like this or is it a recent change in behaviour/mentality? Surely the latter as no one would put up with this garbage for 12 years yet you are still here, so whats gone on dude? I ask because I am still relatively new here and can't believe what I am seeing most days Danny