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  1. Not so much after a stimmy or energy based pre workout but interested to hear of any you lads have used that have helped with improved focus? Danny.
  2. 3ml no problems. 4ml Nebido also never a problem. Danny.
  3. Sphinx

    Go with rohm. Danny.
  4. I really can’t see this being linked to your protein shakes buddy. Danny.
  5. Do a good deed.

    This just erases the good deed in my eyes. Attention seeking at its best. I try and do as many good deeds a day as possible, I don’t go looking for them or force them but when the chance arises I will always take them. Its nice to be nice. Danny.
  6. PS5

    Will anywhere be stocking these again before Christmas? Danny
  7. Total respect for having the decency to think of others at a time like this. Thanks buddy and I’m sorry for your loss. Danny.
  8. Milberone

    A friend used their cheque drops last year, I was merely suggesting a possible option for him but never mind. Danny
  9. Milberone

    RX Labs? Danny
  10. Scotland supplement supply

    Sign up to their newsletter mate. https://www.bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk/ Danny
  11. It is an instant-want it now-kind of world. I would blame the internet but this wasn't going on in the days of dial up internet when I first joined the forums. I blame social media, the likes of instagram as you have stated. It's a lazy ass world out there now too and with gear being more readily available than ever its as easy as buying a pack of sweets hence all the 17-22 year olds popping dianabol and running tren. In the late 80's down the gym you had to put the graft in and be introduced or vouched for before you could get your hands on some bits and pieces but now its like amazon out there. Danny
  12. I say Deca only but let me correct myself. True TRT dose of test...125mg Test E for me here at the time plus 400mg Deca for 14 weeks. Strength soared and so did the scales. Zero sides and libido was crazy good. I have ran Test equal to deca and Test higher than Deca and for me higher Deca with true TRT trumps them all every time. Danny.
  13. This would be a waste lol Yeah the lab could be good to go and if they are it just baffles me why they would risk speculation and opinionated people (like myself lol) when they are rocking out good stuff yet trying to live off a name from years gone by plus a couple who have used the name too and failed miserably. Could only lead to tarnishing their own stuff. Let us know how you get on mate, I trust your opinion and will be interested. Danny
  14. Deca only is fine and a good cycle. I have only ever encountered deca sides when I run my test much higher. Danny
  15. What's the jist of the thread mate? Don't have time to flick through 52 pages lol. Danny