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  1. Yamamoto Query

    @Clubber Lang Danny.
  2. Oral Packaging

    Hygene sachets come quietly tight and compressed, not rattled on any of my deliveries and as said, most in tubs have the cotton wool at the top buddy. Dont over think too much, you will be fine. Danny
  3. Ace/prop/mast M W F For me? Never again, awesome cycle though. Danny
  4. Does anyone ever really think about

    Brilliant post @Thedynamitekid Danny
  5. Exactly this. I don’t have any of these apps that distract or addict people, I simply take in my phone for emergency phone calls should they ever arise and to also log and time my workouts/rests. Danny
  6. It’s my birthday 58 today (will I make 60)

    We could still show these young whipper snappers how to do it mate! Danny
  7. It’s my birthday 58 today (will I make 60)

    A very happy belated birthday @Ken Hutchinson I have been offline for a few days and missed this one, don't worry about hitting the 60's club. Age is just a number mate, Danny
  8. That does seem a bit steep. Not been in a taxi for around 20 years now, back when it was radio control and a vehicle with a blue sun visor strip on the windscreen, Main thing is, you got her home safe buddy. Danny,
  9. Depending on volume of oil, once per week has always served me well when on a moderate dose of test e. Danny
  10. Best tasting protein powders?

    Any of the Time 4 nutrition flavours, exceptional. Danny.
  11. To clarify if legit, it most certainly will be fantastic gear. Danny
  12. Dog Thefts

    Do you sell them mate? Danny
  13. Dog Thefts

    What dogs buddy? Danny
  14. So when do we think gyms will open?

    Good for you mate, I don’t blame you. Danny
  15. Thoughts......

    My grandkids are more than aware of what’s going on mate and haven’t complained once but the change in my granddaughters persona and mood has definitely dropped off quite a lot. I know what you mean about mental health being branded about so much these days but kids can suffer too, mental health issues don’t discriminate, it doesn’t appear in people over a certain age if you get what I mean. If adults are cracking up and many because gyms are closed then I can certainly see why some kids might be, unless they aren’t normally active or sociable and enjoy strong indoors all day everyday. There is going to be a lot of anxiety amongst kids now and probably more so when places reopen I think mate. Danny