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  1. Rohm labs do a very good Test and Deca blend I used to use blends quite a bit, mainly for convenience etc but much prefer to make or adjust my own these days Nothing wrong with them in my opinion and plenty of fellas use them hence why they are produced so much Danny
  2. Fight over game of pool

    No hesitation from the lad with the cue No need to use it though as he can clearly throw his hands Some sound would of been good though, see what the actual discussion was over Danny
  3. Steak steak steak

    Had some rump last week from Aldi, the wife piked it up for me and it was garbage Most of it was all fat and hardly any meat on them Never had that problem before from Aldi though Tried the Asda rump in the past when they do the twin packs of rump for £4 and was very impressed Danny
  4. Chicken chicken chicken

    Aldi for the win Tried Lidl, similar price yeah but just wasn't impressed with it, was kind of chewy and did lose size Danny
  5. Best movie you ever seen!

    What are the main differences between a potting shed and a greenhouse? Also a YOI does not compare to a borstal in any way, shape or form these days, trust me Danny
  6. Best movie you ever seen!

    Great film, will stick that on later actually Danny
  7. Ronnie Coleman

    His back is what is f***** Multiple operations and screws/bolts etc Very sad to see him how he is now Danny
  8. Looks like my wife's Gin cupboard Danny
  9. Primo or Masteron?

    Tell us the labs and we will tell you whether to buy or not Primo is heavily faked but there are plenty of legit labs making it right now Danny
  10. How Much you spend on food per month?

    £150 a week-ish Danny
  11. Best movie you ever seen!

    It's a wonderful life Pulp fiction Citizen Kane Saving private Ryan Danny
  12. Don't get everybody's frustrations with poor form? Leave them to it, I don't bat an eye lid, even if it looks dangerous Either they will learn and correct or they won't Whatever they decide to do it won't affect my workout Danny
  13. rohm var 10s gone yellow?

    They are fine The 50's are like a chocolate colour now Danny
  14. Real or fake iranian test e?

    You bought just the box? Danny
  15. Best Childhood Console Game

    Crazy Taxi was good and that tennis game too Danny