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  1. What are we watching?

    Unabomber On Netflix. Only 4 episodes long about the infamous Kaczynski. Some unheard recordings and also very detailed accounts from himself and the FBI agents involved. Not a bad watch at all. Danny
  2. Who else is missing the gym?

    Who's expecting it to be packed for the first few weeks like it does for a short while after new years day? Danny
  3. Day 10

    Work, Cemetery, Morrisons and Londis. Danny
  4. Not that much harder to find but a hell of a lot more expensive that's for sure. Danny
  5. Oats....

    I was going to try something similar, mix a scoop of whey in water/skimmed milk and mix that in once cooked and then another quick blast in the microwave. I cant stand the oats thick and concrete like so hopefully with the addition of more liquid it will be just right? Also bought a shaker of cinnamon which is quite nice but you only need a little bit as too much can be overpowering which is fine if you like it that way but then you wouldn't taste the other ingredients would you? Danny
  6. In that case then I wouldn’t bother at all, even at a low dose if it’s gave you serious issues before buddy. What dose did you run it at just out of interest? Danny
  7. Oats....

    Oh right think I’ve got you now buddy, so you have the oats upon waking? Then eat at those set times? I have mine around 6am and then don’t eat until 10am but I could easily go a bit later than that if I wanted. Danny
  8. Oats....

    That's not bad at all is it buddy? Are you not clock watching for your 12 o'clock meal no? Danny
  9. Future holidays...

    Good advice above gents, thanks. Maybe looking at next year will be a safer bet all round. One thing I hate in life is being ripped off though and I just a have a funny feeling that the travel agents will be expecting a stampede of people desperate to get out of the country because they have been "banged up" so long. You will most probably see Benidorm 2 star hotels, self catering for about 5k for a family of 4, ok I may be exaggerating but I'm always a glass half empty kinda guy. I would rather sit in a farmers field in my tent in a thunderstorm than pay through the roof for a week in Spain. Do I book now for next year and hope prices stay the same or risk waiting and see them treble. Danny
  10. Yeah most guys expect an amazon prime service all year round probably even more so now. Danny
  11. Oats....

    Nice, I've blended them in the past too but I find eating them whole fills me up for longer. Danny
  12. I wish there was buddy as I'm sure it would be high on many peoples shopping list. Danny
  13. Future holidays...

    Hot topic online and in society at the minute but what's everyone's thoughts on future holidays more so do you think the prices will rise massively? Would it be safe to book one now for the October half term or is it not worth the risk? What's the best way to be protected, ATOL only packages? We have lost New York and also Dominican more than likely. Looking to just book Tenerife or the Canaries now for later on in the year, I wont be ripped off though and pay extortionate prices if the airlines and travel agents need to make up for their losses, we will just go camping or something in the UK. More things to worry about I know but just after some opinions from some of you guys on here, who I have a lot of respect for considering I haven't been around here long. Danny
  14. Oats....

    I have really been enjoying my oats lately, Slow release energy and definitely keeping me full for longer. Also as above I've been chucking some peanut butter in there some days but also loving some cold blueberries sprinkled on top on other days. 2 minutes in the microwave and that's a lovely quick breakfast before work. Danny
  15. Home Gym Upstairs

    THIS....^^^^ I've been having a nosey the last few days on the local adverts and gumtree etc its scandalous what these guys are charging for some rusty old tat that your gonna be stuck with once the gyms are open again, good luck I would rather sit it out. Danny