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  1. Can’t remember the last Time I ever spent longer or needed more than a 1 hour session. Im in and out and sometimes 45 minutes is enough, I hit my sessions hard, very hard and there’s definitely nothing left in the tank for the evening even if it was light work I’d much rather rest and recover ready to go again in the morning, I even take most weekends off or a Monday and Tuesday depending on work and commitments. Served me well over the years and I’m happy with how I look. Danny.
  2. Nexus Anavar...

    I’d have no qualms taking them buddy, I’ve used expired tabs plenty of times with no issues. Oils on the other hand I just tend to buy fresh even when stored correctly and unopened I just like to buy new. Danny.
  3. Classic Test, Deca and Dbol for me. Tried and tested many many times for many years. I grow like a weed on a simple lowish dose cycle of the 3 if all else is on point before I inject. Danny.
  4. Totally fine buddy, good dbol. I use a pill cutter personally if I need to split them they are only a couple of quid from the chemist and it has a tray under the blade which can catch any crumbled bits. Danny.
  5. Work rained off

    Plenty more to be worried of getting you ill in Manchester other than the rain. Danny.
  6. Points based immigration system

    I don’t see what the uneducated/ non skilled immigrants bring to this country other than their ability to drain the welfare system and NHS also the extremists who come over here to bomb our city’s and radicalise the off springs of previous immigrant pregnancies. Danny.
  7. Cheapest primo lab?

    Price shouldn’t be a concern for you in this game mate, injecting drugs and oil that could be contaminated or dirty into your muscles is no laughing matter, the amount of abscesses people get and hospital visits usually down to cheap filthy gear is getting all too common these days and cost per vial shouldn’t be an issue especially something that’s faked as often as Primo. No expense should be spared in my opinion you pay for what you get these days and if your offered cheap primo chances are it’s cheap for a reason. Danny.
  8. Look what I found in a skip today

    My grandad had a brush like that, used it for pasting wallpaper. God knows why someone’s thrown it in the skip, plenty of life left in them bristles. Danny.
  9. Bayer Proviron...

    I’m unsure if they are still producing buddy but I’m using bayer proviron at the minute and they are certainly doing exactly the same job as the ones I used 7 years ago mate. Danny.
  10. Is my ROHM legit ??

    They are spot on buddy. Danny.
  11. Intexpharma test

    Intrigued by this myself. Danny.
  12. Ganabol, now that takes me back. 4ml a week was more than enough for me, no pip at all if I recall. To the op- I keep mine in a shoe box but I really like the bag. Danny.
  13. Best relaxing therapies for hard gym goers?

    Week off from the gym, refreshes me both mentally and physically and I go back hungrier and fresher than ever. I take a week off every few months these days and it certainly does me no harm. Danny.
  14. Regal labs are good, I used the yellow dust capsules on my last run. Danny.
  15. Oats....

    Never had oats from the fridge overnight, don’t know if they would be too thick for me, might give them a try tonight. Danny.