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  1. Bulking cycle issues

    Thanks, I think that insulin wont be used at the moment. We are far away to get all the potential effects from basic steroids yet. Started to working out 3,5 years ago only, on roids for 2 years now with small steps in usage.
  2. Bulking cycle issues

    TALBOTL: Yes, I understand that and thank you. We have a communication issue here, based my weaker english and my position, as an outsider from Body Building husband, who bring this topic here, to help her. Can you confirm, that for 64kg bodyweight, 150g protein, 300g carbs not good enough? About ricecake: she knows that those not the best carbs, but she is in a middle of a strict diet to avoid any gluten, that's why oat missing from her list. In the next few days we try to get back to foodlist oat, exactly follow the method, what actual science advised after CD diagnosed.
  3. Bulking cycle issues

    "low level female competitor who in theory probably isn't enough " Big lol. So she doesnt have any issue, simple stupid ?
  4. Bulking cycle issues

    I dont know the english name, a kind of extruded rice(pic), cooked bashmati rice, sweet potato,potato and veggies, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, etc And she bakes bread herself using anything but gluten content flours because of celialic.
  5. Bulking cycle issues

    Altering her training is planned, however got 10 days left with NPP only, so i think we wont have any lessons learnt from this cycle period. She had used NPP earlier last year, and gave strength immediately, which now completely missing.
  6. Bulking cycle issues

    "For your wife being a competitive bodybuilder she should know this herself?? " That's not that simple, beside this her personal knowledge is not the topic of my question. She is 64 kg and consumes 150-160g protein, and 300g clean carbs. Carbs were increased 2 weeks ago from 180 to check the same idea, you wrote about not enough calories. And i am not sure if the mentioned digestive or possible quality issue is read by you.
  7. My wife stopped growing while bulking cycle. Now its the 6th week of same weight. Protein, carbs,clean food ensured. Training probably ok, any idea about possible other causes? I mean: failed gear quality, absorption issues by her celiac disease, or simple wrong roid distribution? Started June with Masteron for 4 weeks, then Stanazolol pills, then its the 6th week of NPP now, 0,8ml/100mg every second day... Just read somewhere, that for female body builders NPP should be supported some other gear also, its no use to operate itself.
  8. My wife with 64 kg ate 280g Carbs a day and not even growing with NPP, so she simple increased to 400. Now its ok. We going to check Bodyfat soon, and cut back to 350 if neccesary. BF was 14% 2 weeks ago.
  9. The question now is, how to do from now? My next event would be NPC Worldwide Wings Of Strength Romania Muscle Fest Amateur IFBB Professional League Pro Qualifier in November 2020, so I need to create a year long plan... As advised above, yes, I know that I should need a coach, but its not an issue, I have a very good one, who helped me on my way and stand next to me. But he never had a female bodybuilder in higher mass level, that's why I try to collect any info which helps my growing. Thanks
  10. Here is the steroid diary of my wife from the beginning(2017, started body building training in May 2016) I write here some more details also We have two kids, she is 34 year old now, no plan for more children, fertility out of scope. My wife has no concerns with side effects. Accept and happy with deep voice and clit growing (she is even disappointed, that didn't grow as much as she would like ) Hair loss not an issue, was high only in autumn 2018(probably by Testo), now ok, rich hair again. The worst side effects for her is acne on face and back, but no serious inflammation, but aesthetic issue only. Must mention mood issues when cycle ended, sudden hormone changes goes with deep depression, but since earlier she was many time depressed and got panic attacks(before we got married), could handle. Since we are always talking about side effects, let we mention positive effects of steroid on woman: - periods skipping - no pain, no hormone and mood cycling - more positive attitude, self confidence (steroid euphoria) - sex drive, deeper feelings, longer orgasm 1st. Cycle Bulking September-December 2017 Stanozolol Capsule (Masterpharma) 52Kg/11% Bodyfat --> 62kg/20% Bodyfat Break/Natural diet January-April 2nd Cycle Bulking June-July 2018 NPP 100mg(Genesis) 0,7ml every 2nd day, Break 2 weeks 3rd Cycle Cutting August-October 2018 54Kg/9% BF Stanozolol Pills(Genesis), then Winstrol till the end, Testosterone Propionate last two weeks Break 2 months 4th Cycle Bulking December 2018 - January 2019 Stanazolol Injection(Genesis ), NPP( Genesis), Masteron(Diamond) Break 2 weeks Attached pictures taken: "Before part"on the left Dec.2017 end of Bulking ,"After part" April 2018 end of Natural diet 5th Cycle Cutting February-May 2019 57Kg/9%BF Stanazolol injection(Diamond), Winstrol Pills, last month only: Trenbolone(Diamond), Vitamin B6 3x60mg heavy water retention after last event by high Estrogen level with bleeding--> Small Dosage Aspirin helped in sudden period cramps Post Cycle Therapy: Proviron, Nolvadex(Tamoxifen) 6th Cycle June 2019 - ongoing 65Kg/14%BF Stanazolol Pills finished after 2 months, now NPP Injection(Diamond) 0,8ml
  11. Xanax to lower anxiety

    My wife got Vitamin B6 during and before a month next to Tren, worked well. 3x60mg.
  12. Anna, at first, thanks for your kind words. And of course, we have some older female competitor, who used to be in Body Building category, but I don't have any personal contact, and this topic is sensitive here, so I am not awaited anyone to share their experiences to a stranger. That's why I try to collect info from International forums. Your another idea, about Federations... There is no such a things like federation here. Of course, biggest events have a local organizers here, but they are all Gym owners, and profit oriented persons, here is nothing about pure sport, but money. We need a mentor only, who could be asked some question if my wife stopped at a stage. Now our question is about a middle term plan, a year long, how to continue with steroids to able to grow. If someone feels that expert in topic, and keen to answer,we would be grateful and list here my wife steroid usage history with weight and body fat numbers. Thanks
  13. Hi, may I ask if anyone know the usual(I know its not a good term for that) practice how female body builders reach their highest weight? My wife is a figure bodybuilder, has a good working routines in cycles, relaxing, eating, etc. but still small. She wants to grow bigger, so the question is, what is the usual method for woman to reach that? Every answer accepted about: cycles, middle and long term plans. We know, its take years, 10-15-20, she is 34 now. She is dedicated to body building. There is no possible local contact for us who could help. Female Body Builders in Hungary not well built yet. No culture to grow big here. Any idea more then welcome.