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  1. Hi if you guys can help me out I'm so confused. I'm 5 ft 3 weigh around 58kg my body fat is around 15% When I checked online on Lean Body Mass Calculator it says I should weigh around 52kg I should loose weight to loose fat to reveal my abs while I'm doing home body workouts. If I do loose weight as the calculator calculated the estimate then when my abs reveale do I showly gain weight to 60kg or so or until I feel I have enough muscle mass look leaner shredded What do you guys say I do.
  2. Hi guys I am 5 ft 3 and I weigh 126 pounds in stones I'm around 9 and in kg I'm around 60. What I wanted to know is I'm in a healthy weight on NHS bmi calculator it's saying Healthy weight range for your height: 47.4kg - 64kg. On bodybuilding website I used the calculator to calculate my lean l body mass it's saying 52kg is my lean body mass with a fat percentage of around 12% I do check my fat levels at the gym using the body composition machine. Do I need to eat more be in a calorie surplus. All I want is a nice toned body reaving my abs like how Cristiano Ronaldo body is. I will appreciate if anyone can guide me give some tips. On bodybuilding website I used the calculator to calculate my calorie intake to gain muscle it's says 2555 calories. As you guys can see my current body from the pic above.