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  1. Road to aesthetics

    Trained pull day Weighted pull ups drop setted with bodyweight pullups 20kg * 7 deadlifts lat pulldown t bar rows inverted rows bb curl concentrstion curl
  2. I’m not sure this is 100% true. The hormones required to build a physique to begin with appear a lot more than what is needed in order to simply maintain it. Look at the YouTube derek moreplatesmoredates, he’s just on 100mg TRT and had his bloodwork come back at 500ng/DL and his shoulders and traps are huge, his physique is clearly past the natty limit for his genetics atleast, look at his before pics and his transformation and there’s no way that could have been done naturally, yet he Maintains it with normal hormone levels and hasn’t taken anything other than TRT for years now
  3. Road to aesthetics

    Extra unscheduled rest day, last two days of exam period and honestly my body feels like it maybe needs a slight deload anyway. Might do 20 minutes of cardio before bed still
  4. Road to aesthetics

    Trained chest and tris DB bench 42kg for 8, 9 with a spot from my partner ! My DB bench is going up every single session atm, it went up the last two sessions consecutively so I really wasn’t expecting it to go up again today, I guess what I’m doing for chest is clearly working, just wish the rest of my body could progress as well as my chest seems to Incline DB bench decline bench dips tricep pushdowns
  5. Road to aesthetics

    Morning cardio done weighed in first thing no food or water (gonna do this every Monday morning) 79.4kg down 0.1kg on last week but think im still bulking, probably just more dehydrated than usual, sticking with 3.7k cals
  6. Road to aesthetics

    Shoulders and legs OHP 57.5kg for 7, smashed a PR there, 60kg for 5 ext workout I reckon shoulder press lateral raises squats hack squats leg press
  7. Road to aesthetics

    Trained in the morning Pullups - couldn’t fit my weighted belt in my bag so just banged out some bodyweight ones with all sorts of grips, managed 18 bodyweight pullups @ 80kg BW DB bent over rows lat pull downs inverted rows i tried doing bent over rows, is it just me who really hates this movement? I just don’t like the way you stand and find it hard to go low enough to get the full contraction, idk I just don’t really get on with this excercise preacher curls BB curls. Oh Yh I know i said I was gonna do 12 sets of biceps but that was defo way too much, they are already worked in a lot of pullups and rows for sure
  8. How are we here (srs)?

    Miller-Uhrey experiment is the best thing we have to finding out how the first life form formed, it’s far from conclusive though
  9. Road to aesthetics

    Oh as an aside I’m having bloods drawn next Monday by a nurse, so soon we will know how I recovered from my cycle
  10. Road to aesthetics

    Trained chest and tris 42kg DB press for 7 pretty happy with that, would love to get 10 reps! incline DB press decline press machine weighted dips tricep pushdowns
  11. Road to aesthetics

    Modified my routine a little bit here is my new routine it’s not drastically different to the older one it’s still chest tris, pull day, shoulders and legs. The two chest and tri days are barely different just alternating between DB bench and machine bench press, the shoulders and legs days unchanged. The big difference is the two pull fays are pretty radically different, the first one is basically lats and biceps, which is what my old pull day routine used to pretty much be, I realized I’ve been neglected my upper back, traps so I’ve got a seperate day focused on those, and I’m not working biceps on that day, I used to just do 6 sets for biceps at the end of each pull workout, but now I’m gonna be trying 12 sets every other workout and seeing if that helps them grow more as I’m struggling to make gains on my biceps at the moment. Routine Chest and Tris A DB bench Incline DB bench Chest press machine Dips Tricep pushdowns Pull A Weighted pull ups DB bent over rows Lat pulldowns Preacher curls BB curls Concentration curls Shoulders and Legs OHP Seated DB press Lateral raises Squats Leg press Cardio day Chest and Tris B Smith machine bench press Incline DB bench Chest press machine Dips Tricep pushdowns Pull B Deadlifts T bar rows Pull ups Inverted BW rows Bent over rows Shoulders and Legs OHP Seated DB press Lateral raises Squats Leg press
  12. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    I mean 16 year olds are legal in UK technically but I still wouldn’t shag one, that’s a legit child, I’m 21 years old and the youngest id go is 18 for a shag, for a girlfriend probaly 19 would be my minimum.
  13. Road to aesthetics

    Oh yeah I wanted to check my deadlift form because so took a little clip of me deadlifting on some of my sets, anyone mind taking a look at it and giving me some pointers? Don’t wanna post it publicly since I’ve only admitted to illicit drug use in this thread and the video has my face in it and currently applying to jobs so best to be on the safe side
  14. Road to aesthetics

    Trained back and bis was a slightly sluggish workout to be honest, took me way longer than usual like 1hr 20 usually workout 45-50 minutes even though it’s same volume, guess I’m just a bit tired today. weighted pullups only managed 20kg for 4 normally do 6 deadlifts t bar rows inverted BW row preacher curls BB curl
  15. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    It’s fine I think