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  1. Have you ever thumped anyone

    I’ve never taken or given out a proper punch in my life.
  2. Road to aesthetics

    Pull session weighted pull ups 20kg * 6/5 (annoyed I didn’t get more here!) 10kg *9/7 2 sets BW pullups inverted BW rows *8/8/8 DB bent over rows 37kg * 8/8/8/8 4 sets concentration curls 2 sets resistance band curls
  3. Road to aesthetics

    Chest and tris DB flat bench 42kg * 8/6 only just managed the 8th rep so strength maybe dipping slightly 37kg * 8/7 Incljjne DB bench 32kg * 9/8/8/7 Wrighted dips 10kg * 8/8 BW dips * 12/12 5 sets Lying tricep extensions (with my new EZ curl bar) There’s a pic to show what my 5kg of weight loss actually looks like, here’s to 5 more!
  4. Road to aesthetics

    Played some socially distanced cricket for like 3 hours today so gonna call that cardio. I reckon I’m in a huge calorie deficit today so hopefully the weight will keep ticking down. Trying not to weigh myself too often because I get a bit obsesssd with it if I do. Also is it safe to assume that if your strength is constant throughout your cut that you’re not losing muscle. My DB bench is exactly the same, my weighted pull-up is exactly the same (I weight less though so I guess it’s technically gone down slightly), my weighted dip actually went up and my shoulder press has somehow increased slightly as well. I’m assuming I’ve not lost significant muscle because my lifts are all good but my arms do look a little bit skinnier if I’m being completely honest, not like a drastic change but somewhat noticable
  5. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Current stats? welcome to the site buddy
  6. Booking a November holiday?

    The thing is, you will probably be able to go, but will be subject to a lot of annoying rules when you get there regarding social distancing so imo it’s not really worth it
  7. Road to aesthetics

    Morning weight 78.0kg shoudlers and legs ahoulder press 34kg *11/7/6 32kg * 7/7/6 4 sets resistance band face pulls 5 sets resistance band lateral raises 5 sets of squatting my sister 2 sets split squats
  8. Road to aesthetics

    My set up adjustable bench £55 adjustable DBs up to 44kg, could fit a bit more on if necessary these were about £150 all in i have 4 10kg plates 4 5kg plates 8 2.5kg plates 8 0.5kg plates (I need to buy some 1kg players as well!) pull up bar on my door frame £20 gymanst rings for Inverted rows £15 resistance bands £10 dip station £30 Weight belt for pullups and dips £15 my latest editions an EZ curl bar for £40
  9. Where can I buy weights?

    I’m so glad I saw this all coming and bought a load of iron for £1 a kilo 2 weeks before lockdown
  10. Road to aesthetics

    I do think I have good chest genetics yes, not just for size but also shape and it’s very sort of filled in looking I don’t have the gap between my pecs. DB gets a better strech at the top and also there’s less injury risk
  11. Road to aesthetics

    Time to get back to the habit of logging sessions pull weighted pull ups 20kg * 7 10kg * 8/6 BW * 8/7 4 sets inverted rows 34kg Bent over DB rows * 10/8/8/8 4 sets E-Z bar curls 2 sets resistance band curls

  13. Road to aesthetics

    I’ve been really bad at logging my workouts of late but I’ve been keeping up the training. Today was my birthday so I had a full day off training and also just ate a load of crap as well but I’ll be back to being disciplined tomorrow, ive tweaked my lockdown routine to the point where I’m very happy with it now, and honestly could workout at home forever if need be. When gyms are re opening there’s a lot of talk of booking 1 hour time slots and s**t like that which honestly I can’t be assed with, I think I’ll just book one slot a week to do squats and deadlifts and then just do everything else with my home equipment
  14. Don’t worry @MickeyE I enjoy your coronavirus posts
  15. They will probably open in July but with loads of restrictions. Personally I’ll probably just go to them once a week to train legs and do the rest at home