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  1. T3

    About 20% I struggle with fat loss in general even if I’m dieting hard and training hard I still struggle to use then someone mentioned taking t3 with clen I used clen before it was great
  2. T3

    Using clen and t3 what’s good starting dose of t3 and how long do I run it for
  3. Human growth hormone

    Compared to my pals that are 6 foot to 6’2 and If I’m honest I was more interested to hear about fat loss side of things I heard it burns off fat rather quickly
  4. Human growth hormone

    Would you say it’s not really necessary for younger person to take it?
  5. Hi can anyone give a little information on hgh such effects, how long your on cycle, how many times you pin, does it make you taller p.s I’ve tried searching online but information abit vivid
  6. Sarm tastes

    It’s the liquid sarms they taste so bad
  7. Sarm tastes

    Can I put sarms in a drink? And just drink it or will it dilute the sarms?
  8. I want to do sarm bulking stack but I can’t seem to find yk11 with third party testing any help?
  9. Good sarm bulking stack?

    I’ve had a look on the maxmusclelabs looks good but I was hoping to get some yk11 is this hard to get a hold off?
  10. Good sarm bulking stack?

    Cheers bro but do know any good legit sarm labs that ship to uk?
  11. Dirty bulking

    Just taste better in the sauce what’s up with that?
  12. New start to the gym

    So I Started training non stop for 2 years I had a couple of months off and struggling to find my motivation to get into again any help?
  13. Dirty bulking

    I tend to eat weight watchers tuna with brown pasts the tuna comes in Tomato and herb sauce
  14. Dirty bulking

    Cheers mate very much appreciated