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  1. So, my intention this year was to gain enough mass to compete as a novice in open bodybuilding. Obviously with things the way they are, it's now looking very unlikely the April comps will run, but I want to go through the process anyway, could be good practice for next year. I started a bulk on 900mg test 1mg adex 2xpw , a week later added 300mg of deca and 0.25mg caber 2xpw... My horniness dropped pretty quickly after starting deca, it's still there but just noticeably worse, I'm two weeks in and I've decided to drop it, ten weeks was my proposed bulk portion obviously then switching to a precontest cut. I'm thinking of finishing my bulk on test alone, 1200mg, keep the caber in for an extra week or two until the deca clears. I'm hoping to hear some opinions, if it's a reasonable strategy or if I should think about replacing the deca with something else.
  2. I've spoken to a bodybuilding coach yesterday, with a view to competing in men's physique, he had a look at me and said no, but I could be competitive in open bodybuilding and will help me prep for April. At this point the largest dosage I've ever run was 1.5g, in this case I'll be pushing it higher, which brings with it health concerns. Any information on where I could get a decent blood test done, when it should be done during the prep, and approximate cost would be much appreciated.
  3. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Those photos were taken last Saturday, I'm in that shape now.
  4. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Here's a couple from the shoot I trained for, and a living room selfie lol
  5. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    I'm 5'10, 36 years old, 13 stone 3 around 10% bf, had cycled then blasted and cruised heavily from age 26-31, took a two year break (working 7 days a week) during which I didn't manage to recover my natural test, obviously lost my previous gains, now after two years back I've done a 10 week 250mg test blast followed by a long (lockdown) cruise at 125mg, and I've just finished 12 weeks of 500 test and 200 tren with 40mg Ed anavar on the back end. My ideal aim would be to add 5kg and drop a few % between now and April. I haven't yet got to the point I left at age 31, so there are still some 'muscle memory' gains to be extracted, I was up to around 1.5g a week at that point.
  6. Sleep is massively important to training, however, my sleep everytime I've taken tren has been absolutely horrible, yet I've made really good gains. Tren seems to overpower the deleterious effects of a lack of sleep. Trensomnia is still not fun though, especially if it's run for a prolonged period. If it's interfering with other aspects of your life to that extent its not worth it.
  7. Forced to stop cycle

    Yeah agree with most others, no point in shutting yourself down hard to not make any decent gains anyway. Coming off is the only logical option.
  8. I'm considering competing for the first time in April (if the shows run) for anyone with experience or knowledge of this, what would a typical prep cycle/blast look like? I just came off test tren, planning lower dose test for three months.
  9. Final pic! Photoshoot went well, it was definitely a productive run. Yes PT business, I'm a personal trainer, strength, physique and muay thai. Dude probably thinks you need to be 220lb plus to be a PT lol
  10. Update! I extended by two weeks, did my photoshoot yesterday, weight is 13 stone 3, pretty lean.
  11. Deadlifts today, 200kg for a set of 5, morning weight is around 13 stone.
  12. Weight is 13 5, making progress on lifts, I've had to drop out squats and overhead presses due to shoulder pain, also started melatonin last night to try to improve my sleep.
  13. Lifts still increasing, I'm dropping the calories back for a couple of weeks to finish up in decent condition, high protein, high fibre around 3k.
  14. Update, weight is now 13' 7