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  1. Weight is 13 5, making progress on lifts, I've had to drop out squats and overhead presses due to shoulder pain, also started melatonin last night to try to improve my sleep.
  2. Lifts still increasing, I'm dropping the calories back for a couple of weeks to finish up in decent condition, high protein, high fibre around 3k.
  3. Update, weight is now 13' 7
  4. Update! I pulled a 200kg deadlift for three reps today, no straps no belt. Best deadlift session in a good few years.
  5. Update! Weight is climbing steadily, up to 13 stone 1, still very lean, making gains on all lifts, really having to work to get the calories down. I've added 40mg anavar ed, was going to add masteron but wasn't convinced the mast available was up to much.
  6. A drug you wont ever touch again ?

    Anadrol. No gains whatsoever, increased aggression was literally the only benefit, and it came with a load of sides. My mate took the other half of the same bottle and gained loads.
  7. Yes, I move around a lot, active lifestyle, it has always cost me a lot of calories to maintain any size. I've purposely reduced my activity levels for this run.
  8. I haven't gained any fat, just strength and size. It benefits me because I have a crazy metabolism and struggle to keep on top of the calories, it probably wouldn't work for most people.
  9. Lol Ben and Jerries is exactly what it was , I'm just about to nail a 500ml tub now, handy thousand calories.
  10. For anyone interested, this is copied and pasted from a workout log I'd kept back in 2013. My current regime is nowhere near as clean. 8am 60g oats cooked in water 1 banana 1 cup green tea 1 whey protein shake10am 3 eggs in a wholewheat pitta with brown sauce and green tea12pm 2 bananas1.30-2.30 Workout, 1 bottle lucozade post workout plus 25 grams whey protein mixed with 25g dextrose3.30 100g (dry weight) wholewheat pasta with a can of tuna and handful of spinach6pm 2 eggs in a wholewheat pitta8pm 1 large chicken breast 3 potatoes 1/2 head of broccoli and some sweetcorn9pm 100g trimmed bacon and spinach in a wholewheat pitta10pm 1 1/2 500ml tubs of ice cream11pm 3 teaspoons cod liver oil
  11. Day 27, weight is holding steady at 12 stone 10, weights on compound lifts still climbing steadily, gaining size, still very lean. Sleep is woeful, sex drive is insane, some night sweats. Overall a productive run so far, hitting 5k plus calories a day, hoping to push this up.