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  1. Green to pull it out! And I use an insulin needle to in inject never had a problem yet
  2. Hey guys I’ve heard a lot of you use B6 during your cycle! Can you please tell me the benefits of using it! Thanks
  3. I put on about 3 pounds! And I’m doing cardio maybe need to do more! But my cycle wasn’t about putting a lot of size on, that’s why I wanted to run Var! I’m looking for lean muscle and more definition! I did donate blood the other day and it did seam to help out! This is my first time running Var so i wasn’t for sure if it was doing it!
  4. Hey guys I just stared on Anavar last week and my heart rate has gone up! Is this from the Anavar or something else? Getting ready to start my 6th week of my cycle! 400mg test 12 weeks 50mg Anavar the last 8 weeks
  5. Chelsea so you do 250mg test 250mg Deca and 200mg of mast? Is that right
  6. Giving blood on cycle

    I gave blood today! And I’m on Test 400mg for 12 weeks with Anavar! Helps keep your Red blood cells in check, and lower iron! And most important your help saving lives!
  7. Pharmacom all the Way never had a bad product from them yet! And they have a great wed site you can check your gear make sure is legit! Also Balkan pharm makes some Awesome gear too and they have been around for a long time
  8. Anavar

    Thanks Brother, I’m using Balkan Pharm Var, I love there other products so wanted to use there’s! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Var, Swole troll said it’s like Dbal with out the water gain
  9. Anavar

    I just started Friday! And I was planning on doing 50mg a week, but I’m the kinda guy that likes to start low! See how my body reacts to it! Today was 30mg plan doing one more day see how I do, that would be 4 days on 30mg! If good plan on bumping it up to 40mg For a few days! 50mg was the max I was I’m running it for 8 weeks
  10. Beat off more, and do it with anger all ways work for me
  11. Just started my first Anavar cycle, how long does it take to start to feel it work! I know like Test about 4th or 5th week you can see your strength go up and weight! Thanks
  12. When taking 30mg ED,do you take 15mg in the morning then 15mg in the afternoon or should you split it up into 3 doses
  13. This is my 3 cycle the others was Test! I took sus 250 for 10 weeks, body didn’t like it very well! Got big and strong as an Ox but gained a lot of water! With some crazy side effects! Second one was Anadrol it work awesome! So this time I wanted to try Deca, wanted to use it for a long time! And back in the day with Arny that’s all he did was Deca and dbal cycles! Plus I have a bad shoulder was hoping it would help! They are 1mg when I answered you I was at work lol! I know how to use it lol! Just not the dose and how often to use it! Sorry my friend I’m in my 40’s now so I was thinking 200mg of Test C would be like a TRT for me! The reason I didn’t run them both at the beginning because if my body didn’t like one of the drugs I wouldn’t know what one was doing it! Am I making sense now lol
  14. Yes sir I have and I have some Arimidex on hand I think they are 1mg! Yes my friend Deca only wanted to see how my body did on one compound! I have Test C , I guess I should use it to to help out! Just don’t want to do a crazy cycle! Was thinking about doing 200mg of Test C and the 250mg of Deca together!