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    Acerico30 got a reaction from MrBrightside in Test E and Tren E cycle advice   
    It’s weird, I was fine for 3.5 weeks gained a good 5/6kg  on the scale strength up nicely. No sides apart from high bp& hr. appetite was actually decent, then one day digestion went to f**k. Carried on about a week longer before dropping the tren, had worked up to 455mg p/w . Was hoping the issue would resolve but never did even 5 weeks later I’m the same , can’t eat can’t train . Don’t know if it was just a coincidence and it’s something else or the tren permanently fu**d me up.
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    Acerico30 reacted to lewdylewd in At Home Steroid Testing Kit. Recommendations? (uk)   
    Catastrophic gains?
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from teenagemutantninjagymgoer in Is my anavar legitimate?   
    It’s person dependent, majority seem to say the same as you. Personally I feel orals pretty quick..vascularity from var In just a few days is evident I notice more Veins on my arms first and pumps at the gym, strength up after a week same as tbol which is an oral I rate highly from my own experience though many don’t.
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from teenagemutantninjagymgoer in At Home Steroid Testing Kit. Recommendations? (uk)   
    If Anavar is faked it’s more likely to be winstrol than Dbol as the latter would be obvious in a few days. I’ve also seen a few of these kits just google it , some I’ve seen are around £30 others £70/80
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    Acerico30 reacted to stuey99 in Every 5 days meaning?   
    I'll give you a clue
    Have a look at the meaning of once every 7 days (ie once a week)
    And work it out from that
    Honestly tho...god help us when you start tryin to work out measuring hcg
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    Acerico30 reacted to Seppuku71 in Total Test Enough?   
    You'll probably end up buying a second,  better test after getting your results from a just a total test test anyhow if you're not happy with the result.  I'd just go for something like the medichecks 'male hormone' test, that way you'll know your free test and LH level too.
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    Acerico30 reacted to Vinny in Every 5 days meaning?   
    Don't over complicate things pal.
    Just pick a day, and do it once a week, no real difference between every 5 days and 7 days....
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    Acerico30 reacted to Tricky in Every 5 days meaning?   
    Don’t start drugs if your that fragile. Some tren or too high e2 and your going to throw the rope up
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    Acerico30 reacted to boutye911 in Every 5 days meaning?   
    Lord fcuk this forum gets worse daily. 
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    Acerico30 reacted to Tonysco in Every 5 days meaning?   
    You can't be this thick surely? 
    If its a serious question, and you can't count 5, just leave the gear alone. 
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    Acerico30 reacted to JusJamin in Source has let me down should I just PCT?   
    Get it, jab it, pretend you never missed it. 
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    Acerico30 reacted to boutye911 in Advice on bulk cycle progress   
    You have added 20lbs of weight in 12 weeks
    You have added 30kg to your bench and not just your 1rm
    Same as deadlift
    Results seem pretty decent to me.
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    Acerico30 reacted to Wildkid in Have you had pain at the injection site?   
    1’’ into glutes right  probably had a bit of seepage into subq layer. 
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    Acerico30 reacted to stuey99 in Starting my first cycle (blood results) do I need an AI   
    Bloods on cycle won't tell you if you need an AI mate
    Whether you get side effects related to high estrogen will determine that
    In all honesty, I've only ever got bloods done on cycle once...purely because I didn't feel right and just couldn't work out what was wrong
    Keep it sumple...
    500mg of test with no AI...
    Then IF you get any sign of gyno or decreased libido, add in adex at 0.25mg mon/wed/fri
    I certainty WOULDN'T just start 0.5mg adex eod just for the sske of it
    If I ran adex at that dose on 500mg test my eatrogen would be in the gutter by week 3
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from Sasnak in Off cycle boost   
    GHRP2 with Mod GRF was what I was using for a while but switched to generic Gh as for a little extra cost can pin once a day as opposed to 3-5
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    Acerico30 reacted to Youdontknowme in Dianabol for a begginner   
    Just do 50mg a day for 6 weeks. Look up pct on here, don’t bother with a test booster. Make sure you got nolvadex , enough for your entire cycle if you need it , plus pct meds ready before you start. 
    Don’t  kid yourself I’m thinking nobody will know you’re on gear, you’ll explode with size on that!
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from teenagemutantninjagymgoer in Is my anavar legitimate?   
    I’m no expert but my first two cycles were Tbol only cycles for around 6-8 weeks each back in 2010/11 . No test base , had good results in strength and some size. Not 100% on this but I think Anavar isn’t that liver toxic, didn’t seem to elevate my levels much I think it’s harder on the kidneys;  then those weren’t affected much either. Aside from drinking plenty of water and obviously stay away from alcohol there isn’t much else that comes to mind.
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from teenagemutantninjagymgoer in Is my anavar legitimate?   
    Still have the bottle in my drawer, only got through half over 3 weeks. I’ll have a look but at first sight looks the same mate 
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    Acerico30 reacted to iron2000 in AAS & Hair   
    Seems to lower it or stop estrogen from working as using too much gives me the same symptoms as taking too much AI would.
    As for var, it mainly affects the kidneys I think. I know people who run it year round. Aids patients get put on long cycles without any adverse issues. I wouldn't worry about running it during your whole cycle personally. Labs are always an option.
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    Acerico30 reacted to iron2000 in AAS & Hair   
    More plates more dates on youtube is obsessed with hair loss and AAS. There's some good material there if you wanna use AAS and keep your hair. As for myself, I used to lose hair and recede but it stopped completely. No amount of mast, tren and test seems to affect it. Mind boggling. Makes me think it was accutane that ruined my hairline not AAS. 
    I would agree with others. Increase test or var. Masteron IME is nothing but a cosmetic drug that hardens you up. 500mg mast is a lot for that amount of test. 
    Maybe something like this:
    40-60mg var
    500mg test
    350-500mg mast
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    Acerico30 reacted to Saffaboy in AAS & Hair   
    Also, the hair thing.  If you are so worried about a certain side-effect then don't do the drugs.  The risks are there and will always be there.  Accept or be tiny forever
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    Acerico30 reacted to Youdontknowme in dnp plus tren plus ketogenic diet   
    With dnp though he could look better than 99.9% of the population. I dunno why everyone is so down on his plans , I’m excited to see the results.....
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    Acerico30 reacted to ILLBehaviour in dnp plus tren plus ketogenic diet   
    3g of dnp and report back, we need to know what it feels like, you can do it. 
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    Acerico30 got a reaction from teenagemutantninjagymgoer in Is my anavar legitimate?   
    Only tried their anadrol a few months ago was definitely legit. First time I tried the compound so nothing to compare to though I’ve done anavar Tbol (and Dbol years ago) All I can say is it blew me the fk up after just 2 weeks on 50-75mg . 
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    Acerico30 reacted to Sasnak in AAS youtube vids   
    I’ve largely stopped watching or listening to any content professional bodybuilders or strength athletes put out. You’d get far better advice from Bensif or Swoll Troll in here to name just 2 but there’s others. Pros generally talk rubbish and are pushing products and services. As for YouTube. Tm cycles is an example of bad advice but he’s got thousands of subscribers