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  1. GHRP-6 - diminished appetite?

    I swapped over from ghrp2 to ghrp6 for the appetite increase but I didn’t feel any even after jabbing 2/300mcg first thing in the morning. Then again I’ve had a shi**y appetite this past 2 years anyway. Mine was also pure peptides EU lot.
  2. Anavar Cycle Help

    I’m pretty sure I ran gentech var earlier this year and felt it was underdosed not bunk as I felt them at 100mg , so I switched to rohm at 50-75mg. Gentech aromasin was definitely underdosed after bloods.
  3. I’ve never considered going lower than 200g on a cut, usually keep it to 1g p/lb . But that’s the reason I tried lower protein higher carb. Even without tracking 3 years ago natty I was probably getting in ~ 350/400g, but digesting it seems harder now at 31 than 27/8
  4. I play around with it this year jan to June/July I was going up to 450g & carbs around the same then tried lowering protein to ~280 and pushing carbs up to 600+ and I gained better with higher carbs tbh
  5. 3/400g, I aim for about 350g on a bulk. I weigh just over 90kg.
  6. ??‍♂️? 3/400mg test will be enough for a cut, could throw an oral in too.
  7. Well f***ing hell ?? haha you’ve got to edit them out before you post , I’m shyt with tech myself . 200lbs at 5”7.5 and you look almost near the high end of being lean. Gains will definitely be keepable even after a pct I have in the past. But more so on trt , if your going to cut 3/400 will be plenty imo if well dosed I mini cut 3-6 weeks on 200-300Test& maybe 25/50mg anavar.
  8. Test e only cycle so far

    Your gear could be underdosed or not, what can tell you is 500mg is more than enough of a dose for you. no sides if well dosed just means you don’t suffer them or don’t aromatise much , either way I would’ve have started a cycle yet with those lifts; what I have advised friends. You’ve increased bench press by what I did in 2 months of starting lifting at 15 . Now I know genetics and everyone’s different but I think you could’ve held back a little longer nah?
  9. What are your goals for the cycle ? , how long have you been training And what is your current physique like , I’m assuming you haven’t ever cycled.
  10. Aburaihan test

    First & best cycle I ever ran 9 years ago 500mg aburaihan test e, 6-10 ml deca 25mg, guy in pharmacy even gave stack advice threw in 200iu Gh (gear was fkin cheap gh wasn’t) didn’t know what an AI was just advised to jab,train harder and eat everything .
  11. Test E and Tren E cycle advice

    It’s weird, I was fine for 3.5 weeks gained a good 5/6kg on the scale strength up nicely. No sides apart from high bp& hr. appetite was actually decent, then one day digestion went to f**k. Carried on about a week longer before dropping the tren, had worked up to 455mg p/w . Was hoping the issue would resolve but never did even 5 weeks later I’m the same , can’t eat can’t train . Don’t know if it was just a coincidence and it’s something else or the tren permanently fu**d me up.
  12. Test E and Tren E cycle advice

    How does it fu** your stomach up ? Asking because I ran ace first time when gyms reopened and after just under 4 weeks my stomach / digestive system just stopped working and now 5 weeks after dropping they’re still fu**d / otherwise was starting to look the sh*t
  13. At Home Steroid Testing Kit. Recommendations? (uk)

    If it’s Dbol , though it’s been around 8 years since I last took some you’ll more than likely gain a kg or 2 within a week just from water. Wether this would happen with lower calories/ carbs I don’t know from my own experience. What I can comment on Is their Anadrol was definitely what it said on the tin. Personally I also don’t get as high Bp with var like I do with Dbol and oxy but that could just be me
  14. At Home Steroid Testing Kit. Recommendations? (uk)

    If Anavar is faked it’s more likely to be winstrol than Dbol as the latter would be obvious in a few days. I’ve also seen a few of these kits just google it , some I’ve seen are around £30 others £70/80
  15. This ^ most online sources deliver in 1/2 days I don’t see the problem 7/8/9 days missed jabs will just be a dip and rise in hormones, hardly going to affect the gains you make bro.
  16. How would it be fake gear the guys inc bench went from 100kg for 9 to 130kg for 9 in 12 weeks . That’s a lot of progress even for a first cycle imo.
  17. Off cycle boost

    GHRP2 with Mod GRF was what I was using for a while but switched to generic Gh as for a little extra cost can pin once a day as opposed to 3-5
  18. Is my anavar legitimate?

    It’s person dependent, majority seem to say the same as you. Personally I feel orals pretty quick..vascularity from var In just a few days is evident I notice more Veins on my arms first and pumps at the gym, strength up after a week same as tbol which is an oral I rate highly from my own experience though many don’t.
  19. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Funny enough they might have also been yellow even though they were oxys not var. I would just take them mate and see you’ll know pretty soon if there’s something like Dbol or Oxy in it as you’ll start to gain weight and strength a lot quicker than var. if you’ve taken anavar before you’ll know if it is not not.
  20. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Tbh I never got to the second half of the bottle but the top half some we’re a bit crumbly too..it happens some pills are crumbled down a little . Their oxy definitely worked ; don’t have another brand to compare as never ran the compound before but did what was supposed to.
  21. Is my anavar legitimate?

    I’m no expert but my first two cycles were Tbol only cycles for around 6-8 weeks each back in 2010/11 . No test base , had good results in strength and some size. Not 100% on this but I think Anavar isn’t that liver toxic, didn’t seem to elevate my levels much I think it’s harder on the kidneys; then those weren’t affected much either. Aside from drinking plenty of water and obviously stay away from alcohol there isn’t much else that comes to mind.
  22. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Still have the bottle in my drawer, only got through half over 3 weeks. I’ll have a look but at first sight looks the same mate
  23. Aburaihan test

    I know the legit ones I got years ago In an Iranian pharmacy, the amps varied in amount of oil, some were maybe .9ml some 1ml others maybe just over. Same mg in each amp just different volume
  24. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Only tried their anadrol a few months ago was definitely legit. First time I tried the compound so nothing to compare to though I’ve done anavar Tbol (and Dbol years ago) All I can say is it blew me the fk up after just 2 weeks on 50-75mg .
  25. Saizen Somatropin 12mg (8mg/ml)

    Used Gen X few months ago definitely felt legit , water retention , deeper sleep , pumps , I don’t get CTS unless I really push dosage . Also it seems others have had a good experience.