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  1. 21 minutes ago, Brodhurst said:

    That’s what someone said on the JP forum. Although apparently it’s quite common for these hormones to fluctuate a lot anyway. On one of my other tests before gear and my prolactin was way over range, gp reckoned this could just be stress/dehydration. 
    Also don’t drink, smoke or eat any takeaways, so maybe that’s why the test is naturally high.

    Although that is some fluctuation! I tested my “natural test last year before hopping back on and it was 17.5 nmol wondering now if it could have been 27 or 7 the next week or so ha

  2. 1 minute ago, Brodhurst said:

    1st set is results having never taken gear, I’m 39 btw, my test has always been above normal had it tested 3 times since 2015 because I was planning on getting on. Second bloods are 9 weeks into a warrior labs cycle. 

    Ok wow so you’ve got crazy high natural test at 39! I wouldn’t have even done gear lol. But what I’m confused about is obviously there was some gear in as it’s replaced your naturally high test with a lower exogenous level. But why your LH and FSH are still in range I don’t understand is it because they were already higher than average?  I thought as soon as you pin test your FSH and LH are shutdown but I’m far from an expert. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Scratch12345 said:

    So you would 100% know if it’s legit once you’ve started taking it then? 

    I did with mine yes. Got all the sides and benefits I read about pretty much straight away , higher bp, vascularity , strength and focus& aggression  on weights . I was taking between 20-25mg a day.

  4. 16 hours ago, CaneCorsoX2 said:

    Rad 140 is prob the best ime. 

    Doesn't compare to gear, but is better than natty. 

    This , was good for a month along some test, gave me great vascularity Eating just below maintenance. Strength gains weren’t amazing but decent. Saying this when I bumped up calories to see more strength I was a bit disappointed so just swapped in Oxys.

  5. I wouldn’t put anything past tren after my first experience. 3.5 weeks 7kg solid gain no sides literally 0, thought I’m a winner,  week 4 paralysed stomach dropped cycle , almost 2 months later down 9 kg, 6 weeks no gym no food . Could have been coincidence or not won’t know. A lil flu symptom wouldn’t have knocked me back.

  6. Rad140 is unique in a way that I found as soon as I took the ml of liquid (15mg) immediately I felt a sense of clarity run through my brain , it’s hard to explain unless you experience it, strength is comparable to anavar imo you get good aggression hitting weights and depending on condition you will notice veins popping up everywhere in days. Something like ostarine is harder to tell as it’s quite subtle and weak

  7. As above 1.25inch needle 23g , top outer quarter of your ass cheek, I’m guessing you might not be going deep enough, push that sh*t in till all the way in till just the plastic is on your skin, aspirate or not, don’t push all the oil in quick, do it over 30 seconds though I just push it in 10s max. In 10 years The only issue I ever had was pip with short esters and a particular mast e.

  8. 10 minutes ago, Cronus said:

    I was going to say. I've lowered my protein this time round, whilst actually dieting to like 0.8g/lb and noticed no real difference, apart from I no longer have the odd bit of horrendous gas 

    I’ve never considered going lower than 200g on a cut, usually keep it to 1g p/lb . But that’s the reason I tried lower protein higher carb. Even without tracking 3 years ago natty I was probably getting in ~ 350/400g, but digesting it seems harder now at 31 than 27/8

  9. Well f***ing hell ?? haha you’ve got to edit them out before you post , I’m shyt with tech myself . 200lbs at 5”7.5 and you look almost near the high end of being lean. Gains will definitely be keepable even after a pct I have in the past. But more so on trt , if your going to cut 3/400 will be plenty imo if well dosed I mini cut 3-6 weeks on 200-300Test& maybe 25/50mg  anavar. 

  10. Your gear could be underdosed or not, what can tell you is 500mg is more than enough of a dose for you. no sides if well dosed just means you don’t suffer them or don’t aromatise much , either way I would’ve have started a cycle yet with those lifts; what I have advised friends. You’ve increased bench press by what I did in 2 months of starting lifting at 15 . Now I know genetics and everyone’s different but I think you could’ve held back a little longer nah? 

  11. 4 hours ago, gavzilla said:

    They were great gear

    First & best cycle I ever ran 9 years ago 500mg aburaihan test e, 6-10 ml deca 25mg, guy in pharmacy even gave stack advice threw in 200iu Gh (gear was fkin cheap gh wasn’t) didn’t know what an AI was just advised to jab,train harder and eat everything .

  12. 45 minutes ago, MrBrightside said:

    I feel sick all the time. Literally first day on the stuff my appetite goes. At one stage a few weeks ago I thought I was developing some sort of eating disorder. Couldn't eat without feeling sick. Eating half a meal a day for a week or two.

    Feel loads better now. Swapped the tren for masteron. Weird because I'd ran tren loads before, up to 600mg a week and was fine. 

    It’s weird, I was fine for 3.5 weeks gained a good 5/6kg  on the scale strength up nicely. No sides apart from high bp& hr. appetite was actually decent, then one day digestion went to f**k. Carried on about a week longer before dropping the tren, had worked up to 455mg p/w . Was hoping the issue would resolve but never did even 5 weeks later I’m the same , can’t eat can’t train . Don’t know if it was just a coincidence and it’s something else or the tren permanently fu**d me up.

  13. 6 hours ago, MrBrightside said:

    If you can run it, run it. It absolutely f**ks my stomach up. Used to love tren :'(

    How does it fu** your stomach up ? Asking because I ran ace first time when gyms reopened and after just under 4 weeks my stomach / digestive system just stopped working  and now 5 weeks after dropping they’re still fu**d / otherwise was starting to look the sh*t