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  1. GH around eating?

    Quick question here, so I’ve been running ghrp2/6 with mod grf for the past 5/6 months. I’m now thinking to order a couple of Gh kits to use in place of the peptides, it’s been 8/9 years since I used synthetic GH and can’t remember if it’s the same regarding eating before and after as is with the peptides? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Advice required

    What size needles do you guys inject biceps /pecs etc with ? I’ve only ever done delts , glutes and quads.
  3. TRT clinic London

    I’m 32 now and have been on for around 5-6 months after a good 4-5 year break then before on and off from age 22 , yea NHS seems a hassle as it is I’m definitely looking into the ledger after your recommendation and looking at their website. Thanks for all your help I won’t ask you anymore lol, I’ll have a word with my cousin abroad as he was a user before getting on trt on his opinion , generally I’d prefer to be honest. Again thanks for all your help and information mate , much appreciated.
  4. TRT clinic London

    Thanks again, I’ll keep that in mind, long esters e&c is what I take so maybe 3/4 weeks after last shot should be pretty low. But the fact that it will negatively effect my FSH and LH would be a give away I’ve been using it already , in your opinion should I be honest about my AAS usage?
  5. TRT clinic London

    That’s what I assumed .I would do however I’m running 200mg testosterone a week currently, I guess I could come off in a few months for a couple weeks get bloods go back on then few months later again come off get bloods so by the winter I’d have 2 a few months apart. Also do you get HCG at the ledger?
  6. TRT clinic London

    When you say natural, as in on TRT? And also the two blood tests your were diagnosed on did you get them privately Yourself and within a short time of each other?
  7. TRT clinic London

    Again thank you, I will probably wait till the end of the year. And yes the full hormone test oestrogen, fsh etc, I’m also assuming you don’t have to be as low as the nhs require, as my cousins were at about ~14/15 though they are in Canada.
  8. TRT clinic London

    Ok thank you once again, so as I understand before my original consultation, I am to have 2-3 blood tests (medi checks) maybe spaced out over a 2 month period prepared for him, and that they don’t take bloods themselves at the Ledger clinic to asses your low T?
  9. TRT clinic London

    Thank you for the thorough explanation, when you say to have 2-3 blood tests could these be from private labs like medi-checks? And yea I looked at their site a few hours ago and the prices are definitely worth a journey over paying a lot more here specially if it’s only once a year.
  10. TRT clinic London

    Hi mate , I use testosterone anyway, cycle and then cruise, however my last natural levels were 17.5 nmol back in October last year so not very low however I’d like to remain in the mid to high 20s , how much was your initial consultation/visit up there? I think Harley street is about ~£350. £25 a month covering the testosterone as well?? Or what does that £25 cover you for ? Thank you for your reply. —Quick edit had a look at the site looks good price wise though it states one face to face visit per year is that all? I could work with driving/train up there just once a year or even 6 months. So you get your yearly prescriptions at once and how often do you do blood tests if you don’t mind the questions, thank you.
  11. TRT clinic London

    This is great news to me , I was looking at one in Harley street today. My natural levels were in the middle range in October last year before I turned 31, I’d prefer them to be in the upper range. So essentially what I’m gathering is the clinics here are no different from the ones abroad. Thank you for your reply.
  12. Help required please

    How long have you been eating 1800 cals and how has it affected your weight /body composition?
  13. So I was on the 8th week test e cycle planned for 16 weeks the last day the gyms were open and I think I made good gains. Started the cycle at morning weight 84.5 kg 25th January March 20 91.5kg morning weight, body fat stayed the same throughout maybe even dropped at some point. Also been on ghrp2 and mod grf last 3 months . I ordered Gym equipment 20th March. Since the corona lockdown I dropped my test dose to 200mg a week and Then 125 a week. In effort to retain as much as I could continued my PPL as best I could with weighted, inclined press-ups and pull-up days with some lunges after my morning runs. Was far from convenient as the weight in the backpack while doing press-ups was causing me serious wrist issues. My equipment ( a power rack with pull up bar Olympic barbel set 170kg 15kg dumbbells 25kg dumbbells and an incline decline flat adjustable bench. Now I’ve been thinking to cut for a few weeks and have been eating in 5-600 deficit last 2 days to then continue my bulk leaner but after training legs yesterday and chest shoulders today and realising how much strength I’ve lost I’m thinking is it wiser to eat at least at maintenance or slight surplus to regain my losses quickly? Also upped my trt dose to a 270 cruise planing to use some rad 140 I have but want to get back to some normal strength before that . Also my morning weight is now only 85.7 kg as of this morning 88 on Sunday morning.
  14. Cutting/Diet/Cardio advice

    If that’s what your eating it doesn’t add up to be enough for your size. If you under eat too little you will lose weight but not change your physique. Work out your Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE ) Online there’s calculators , look in to downloading the MyFitnessPal app for tracking your food . Deduct 500 calories from your tdee keep training the same and track progress, increase cardio gradually to keep the weight coming off. Maybe do 20 30m cardio on non training days if possible.
  15. Kitsa I started your recommended super cycle today 100mg Dbol 100mg Sdrol 100mg drol for 3 weeks followed by 2 weeks of cardio and t3 no weights eating just chicken n broccoli through cycle do you recommend I throw in 500mg monkey dust in there too ?
  16. I think it sounds like a great cycle, 1500 calories chicken, broccoli and shakes 3 (or 4 weeks ) 3 orals, high doses followed by T3 + lots of cardio for 2 weeks. ?
  17. ok So I’m on the 8th week of a test e cycle 600mg p/w started taking 12.5 mg gentech asin at 12.5 mg every injection day then week 3 upped it to eod then thought I was experiencing low e signs so dropped it to e3d when bloods came back my e was sky high so I thought I needed more. After reading reviews on the product everyone has said it did nothing and that it’s either severely under dosed or fake. now with the U.K. going in to shutdown tomorrow I can’t get anything . I only have pharma tamoxifen Can this be used In place of an ai does it lower estrogen or sides ?
  18. My type error not the U.K. but London is, its getting announced publicly today, I thought to come off cycle but as it’s only 2 weeks I have plans to work around gym closure with body weight exercises and have some limited equipment at home. I’m not sure if Royal Mail will still be functional. If I were to cut my cycle short now and start pct 2 weeks later how much would this affect my immune system realistically?
  19. I’m 4 weeks into a test e tbol cycle. I run every morning for 30 mins have been for months. Last few weeks , specifically last 2 my calves ( left one in particular) is always sore when I wake up . I take 5 to 7 g pure taurine powder and do some stretching prior to my run and usually make it without much pain. Today it seized up and could barley walk back to the car. I did increase tbol dose from 40 to 60 to 70 to 80 weekly. Is it wise to say the 70 80mg tbol dose is causing this?
  20. Does caffeine blunt the Gh pulse? If I were to have an expresso as in no milk just a shot of black coffee sooner than 20m after my shot would this affect the release?
  21. Black coffee after ghrp shot

    Lol no no I’ve done my fair bit of research a teaspoon coffee ,water ,and a “splash” of cold water. I was doing this and still waiting the 20m just to be sure(i normally wait the 30 before eating food. But last few days I started having it within 5 so hope it doesn’t affect.
  22. Black coffee after ghrp shot

  23. I have read over and over that carbs and fats blunt Gh pulse and to avoid eating until after 20-30m after injection but what about before? some sources say to have not eaten in 3 hours while others 1-2 hours I think apart from morning 3 hours would be hard especially if pinning 5 times daily . Does anyone have some input?
  24. Ghrp2/ mod grf quality

    Ok thanks so it's perfectly normal not to feel anything after injecting and just to judge by results after some time? I was just assuming most people felt them.
  25. I started Ghrp2 / mod grf 100mcg x3 daily, I've read many get sides after injecting such as a warm feeling , facial flushing and numbness/ tingling in the jaw , arms etc. As well as some increased hunger . I am not feeling any of these Does that mean my peptides are weak / bunk or does everyone not feel those sides?