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  1. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    I drew out 2iu bung didn’t move air bubble appeared , Plastic tray wasn’t sealed on top either. Figured out they’re fakes , bought a gh blood serum test to see if there’s any gh in at all however after pinning I ate a meal with 50+ gram carbs and another 50~g carbs 2 hours later- 1 hour after that tested my blood glucose came back at 4.6 nmol just before before bed which is what I test upon waking, suspicious.
  2. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    Thanks I guess they’re no good then mine are just in a tray with top side open as in the photo
  3. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    Did your cartridge come in the plastic tray and sealed completely on top? As in you had to break it open ? As you can see in my photo that’s how it came out the box
  4. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    Was you cartridge sealed all around? And yea just stick a slin pin in it and draw mine was not complete sealed though :/ it came as is in the picture
  5. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    I’m also seeing on older posts people saying the plastic tray should be sealed on top mine are not
  6. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    Just to add all 3 boxes have exactly the same barcode number :/ however I scanned them with my phone and come up on google on various sites in Turkish saying Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu
  7. Norditropin Simplexx 45 iu

    First, thank you for your reply. There’s no powder mate lol, it’s liquid! And it came in the regular looking box like the pictures I posted same type material as any other medication type box. As for my source no hasn’t been long at all pretty new. I will check the one box I haven’t open to see if it seems tight fitting.
  8. Cutting isnt easy

    Few questions mate , how long have you been cutting and on 2000 calories? How much were you eating before you started the cut, how much weight have you lost since the start of the cut ?
  9. VG jab site

    LOL it does sound a bit sad to be thinking about pinning though Im thinking about it every morning and now often in the day and evenings as I’m getting paralysing pip from my daily tren ace jabs to the point I was struggling with my barbell rows yesterday. I’ve just been rotating Delts everyday .. do my weekly test/mast on Thursday in the glutes 1 shot , it’s my tren ace which is some horrible pip I’ve never had so bad before, might have to try swap labs
  10. Aright, so I’ve been over pinning Delts and quads sometimes, have heard of the ventroglute site for a while . I think I have it located through looking at pics and videos online, is it the smallish muscle on the top outer side of the quad ? So if your sitting for example, is it the smaller bulging muscle after your outer quads and the last muscle before your hip bone ?
  11. VG jab site

    I’ve realised the videos posted on here are the DG. same muscle as you inject top outer right quadrant from behind . Just done into the same muscle from a different angle I think ?
  12. VG jab site

    Thanks I’m just gonna do it now been a good few weeks keep backing out last min, tomorrow lol
  13. VG jab site

    That’s what threw me off more mate.Before my post I looked through older posts of people asking the same. I shuffled My legs around a bit a long with reading replies on old posts from experienced members and figured it’s the muscle on the top right of my quad, where I can feel it near the top of my pocket if put my hand in. Literally nearer the front than the back.
  14. VG jab site

    Well you’ve done the hard part the other side is just the other side ,did you pin it standing ? It’s a good thing I didn’t pin last week I had the completely wrong muscle in mind top right of my quad lol
  15. VG jab site

    Think I’ve located it , gonna stop being a pussy about and pin it tomorrow.
  16. VG jab site

    Whatever I did nothing popped out of that location..??‍♂️ Must be missing something on leg day
  17. VG jab site

    Lol! That’s the same vid I saw when I said I don’t have the muscle ! Or at least not as developed. tried looking for the vid again and couldn’t find it. I’ve watched a bunch of videos with nurses demonstrating with mannequins ,none of which gave a clear cut example as this guy. When I raise my leg out to the side I do get a lump stick out but it’s slightly further to the front than the guy in the video And smaller :/
  18. VG jab site

    Which link ??
  19. VG jab site

    Let me see if I can find it it’s good if your muscle sticks out like the guy in vid
  20. VG jab site

    I found a good video in the end but upon inspection I either lack in the muscle a lot or it’s just smaller so I pinned the 2.2ml in my dg still couldn’t walk for ~2 hours this mast n tren ace are giving me horrible pip though just for 2 hours tops a time
  21. Heart palpitations

    It’s probably slight anxiety attacks deca can have that effect. to be on the safe side you could go to A&E and say you’ve got terrible chest pain that you feel in your neck aswell and sometimes your shoulder/arm they’ll give you an ecg and run heart enzymes bloods and that’ll give a little insight into your hearts condition , if there’s any issue then they will refer you to a cardiologist (they will say you will receive a call in a few days, more like weeks) and you will likely get more tests my mate did this after having the same . Don’t want to f**k your heart up for sure .
  22. VG jab site

    Might try those too , hopefully see some good gains ? ! 1ml in the boner to test the waters
  23. VG jab site

    Yea that’s what I thought it was , think il give it a go with a couple ml later on !
  24. VG jab site

    I do DG , though I just tried to sit and see where my bum sticks out then upon standing the site I was looking at seems more on the lower outer quadrant as opposed to the higher part
  25. VG jab site

    Yea I believe this site to be the dg site I think the VG is closer to your quad nearer the front if I’m not mistaken , though if by the end of the day I’m not certain I will go with what