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  1. That must be it I guess ?
  2. How did you get sus from the local pharmacy are you on trt at 16?
  3. From my experience with Iranian pharma (legit) is the Amps in the box have varying amounts of oil volume but every amp still dosed at the same mg of compound. Eg 1 amp may have 0.9ml one have 1.1ml. You pin what’s in the amp and you get the right dose. When I asked someone years ago they said it was done on purpose as one of the few measures to set the legit ones apart from fakes(don’t know about the legitimacy of the explanation) but all of my 20 boxes of aburaihan test e and deca were like this 9 years ago.
  4. Rohm (advice)

    Yea the anavar and tren ace both gtg and yes tren ace always is pippy it seems
  5. Rohm (advice)

    By the looks of it you have Rohm (new labelling) testosterone enanthate in a quantity of 10ml p/vial at a concentration of 300mg/ml.the lab seems fine from what I used this year. Hope this helps
  6. From my own research it could also be low potassium. People tend to sweat more\train harder on cycle and not alway replenish electrolytes sufficiently, just one other possibility.
  7. A+ labs (RAD140)

    I did with mine yes. Got all the sides and benefits I read about pretty much straight away , higher bp, vascularity , strength and focus& aggression on weights . I was taking between 20-25mg a day.
  8. SARMS - your fav?

    This , was good for a month along some test, gave me great vascularity Eating just below maintenance. Strength gains weren’t amazing but decent. Saying this when I bumped up calories to see more strength I was a bit disappointed so just swapped in Oxys.
  9. Tren flu

    I wouldn’t put anything past tren after my first experience. 3.5 weeks 7kg solid gain no sides literally 0, thought I’m a winner, week 4 paralysed stomach dropped cycle , almost 2 months later down 9 kg, 6 weeks no gym no food . Could have been coincidence or not won’t know. A lil flu symptom wouldn’t have knocked me back.
  10. Bro it’s normal I sweated like a pig all through year 11, it slows down once you hit 17/18. And lasted a lot longer back then gear or no gear.
  11. A+ labs (RAD140)

    Rad140 is unique in a way that I found as soon as I took the ml of liquid (15mg) immediately I felt a sense of clarity run through my brain , it’s hard to explain unless you experience it, strength is comparable to anavar imo you get good aggression hitting weights and depending on condition you will notice veins popping up everywhere in days. Something like ostarine is harder to tell as it’s quite subtle and weak
  12. As above 1.25inch needle 23g , top outer quarter of your ass cheek, I’m guessing you might not be going deep enough, push that sh*t in till all the way in till just the plastic is on your skin, aspirate or not, don’t push all the oil in quick, do it over 30 seconds though I just push it in 10s max. In 10 years The only issue I ever had was pip with short esters and a particular mast e.
  13. Test level on Dunning gear

    I’ve been using dunning test e/cyp 300 mix this year and my bloods on 510mg a week were 87nmol the day before next jab.
  14. GHRP-6 - diminished appetite?

    I swapped over from ghrp2 to ghrp6 for the appetite increase but I didn’t feel any even after jabbing 2/300mcg first thing in the morning. Then again I’ve had a shi**y appetite this past 2 years anyway. Mine was also pure peptides EU lot.
  15. Anavar Cycle Help

    I’m pretty sure I ran gentech var earlier this year and felt it was underdosed not bunk as I felt them at 100mg , so I switched to rohm at 50-75mg. Gentech aromasin was definitely underdosed after bloods.