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  1. Can low e2 cause face bloat/flushing

    Just an update to this I’ve stopped all my AI feeling much better water and flushing still not returned. I’ll get some bloods done soon to see where e2 is at. I have been running ralox as a precaution. will ralox skew e2 reading via an Eclia assay due to its similarities? @Bensif @ElChapo
  2. Stair master is quickest for me to burn most cals
  3. Can do that in 45 minutes not really that hard lol
  4. Mass 450

    Using an AI for 12 weeks 3 or so times a year will do minimal damage to your health. AI have been studied and used by women for decades. Stop regurgitating More Plates More Dates haha
  5. Before and after bloods

    You can try it if you’d like. Half a tab won’t be the end of the world.
  6. Before and after bloods

    If you feel great then I’d leave it IMO your test is over 5x the ref range your e2 3x the ref range. That ratio may be good for you. Libido erections etc all good? water retention easiest to notice with sock marks and I always notice a puffy jawline/cheeks. Like your about 10lbs fatter than you really are
  7. Before and after bloods

    How are you feeling estrogen wise out of interest any water retention etc? I get about the same e2 off 300mg test doesn’t feel to great for me
  8. Dark Ghost Test 300

    That looks deadly haha
  9. Can low e2 cause face bloat/flushing

    Definitely darker urine mate but to be honest hadn’t noticed urinating less. I noticed I was a lot less thirsty though? I’d go a whole day at work without drinking water without even realising. That’s about 5 hours fast walking with a weighted bag (I’m a postman). I’d make up for this when I realised by pretty much forcing water down after work
  10. Can low e2 cause face bloat/flushing

    I’ve definitely overdone the AI switched to aromasin looks like I’m a super responder to it. Was using an ‘equivalent’ dose....
  11. Wondering if anyone else has experienced the above? Noticed I had been feeling a bit off on cycle face looked puffier and I would get very flushed mostly after eating high carb meals. Reduced sex drive. Waking up lots through the night. Got bloods done. E2 was in the toilet. I removed my AI and a few days later face looked like I’d dropped 10 lbs and the flushing stopped. I would’ve thought those would be the symptoms for high e2 not low? @Bensif @ElChapo
  12. Still usable?

    Yes mate that means 4th day in 2021. After this exact day it’s no longer any good. I’d just bin it
  13. Nexus sust bloodwork

    Yes I jabbed 125mg on Monday but I have been jabbing 250mg per week split in 2. 20nmol per 100 mg will be per week so 2.5x less total dose.
  14. Nexus sust bloodwork

    Test e or sust?
  15. Nexus sust bloodwork

    G2G then by the sounds of it cheers lads I guess serum levels will vary greatly depending on when bloods taken. With the different peaking esters etc etc