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  1. First off there’s no point looking at deaths figures yet, the outbreak is still in its infancy. Second the death figures are low because pretty much all the world is in a full lockdown. US estimated 1.1-1.2 million dead if they had done nothing. Uk estimated 100000-250000 dead depending which research you look at. Third, we are reacting this way to prevent every single ventilator and ICU bed in the country being occupied at any one time which would lead to massively higher casualty figures. Not just from the virus but many other preventable deaths. Say you have a serious car crash or heart attack but there is no ICU bed for you to go as they are all filled with corona patients, your survival chances have now dropped massively. no-one thinks this virus is going to wipe out a significant percentage of the world population nor have they ever, thats not what the issue is
  2. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Like someone else has said, when was the last time seasonal flu consumed every single public intensive care bed in the first world 2 times over?
  3. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    No not really.... and only a small amount of our mail volume comes from individuals posting things at the post office these days.. I’d say 90% of our volume is direct collections we make from businesses (amazon, John Lewis, m&s etc) , letters and parcels, which the post office has 0 involvement in.
  4. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    No postie works behind a till... your title says think the posties are going to be extinct. I think your confusing Royal Mail and post office
  5. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    In what world would we be getting paid 60% for doing the same job.... especially a unionised workforce like ourselves.... we’d be striking in about 3 seconds
  6. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    That’s absolute bollocks about us only getting paid 60% I’m a postie myself
  7. Tren+ A respiratory Disease(covid)= bad news imo. id drop it and cruise
  8. I’m a postie and at the minute with all this going on 1pm special deliveries are even not arriving next day and we no longer have to deliver them by 1pm actually... 9am guarantees are still guaranteed tho
  9. Jesus wept you are so stupid
  10. Can we still send parcels?

    Yep it’s bollocks they’re trying to make us use our own cars but refusing to cover us with business insurance.
  11. Didn’t notice any difference tbh mate
  12. I know eyes will be rolling.. Accutane

    Key is in the 3rd day part. Takes months to work
  13. I’ve used gear from like 3 years past expiry and it’s been fine. Just stored in cupboard nothing special
  14. So who else has decided to stop working?

    No country in Europe has shut down petrol stations and we always seem to be about 2 weeks behind them in all these measures... we’ve still got building sites n about Half the offices in the country open.. can’t see it happening anytime soon personally
  15. So who else has decided to stop working?

    Bollocks how will key workers etc fill up their cars