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  1. Extreme caber sides

    I crashed my prolactin to nearly 0 on Intex caber. It's strong stuff, posted bloods on here
  2. Hygene winny

    Yes gtg
  3. any feedback for Intex Pharma....

    Massive water retention, blatant moon face, face was red like beetroot with blood pressure and nipple issues 100% not superdrol
  4. any feedback for Intex Pharma....

    Their superdrol is dbol. Not used anything else after that
  5. Can't think of any 450 blends off top of my head. But SG do 400 150 tren e 100 test e 150 mast Could just add a tiny bit of test E to make right ratio etc if your arsed
  6. Methylstenbolone / M-Sten

    I've used m sten really liked it in fairness. Minimal sides gained 6kg in 4 weeks kept 3.5kg which I was very happy with. No sides and felt good on cycle
  7. How many unemployed, how many working from home now?

    Pros and cons to this though. If it all becomes work from home you'll no longer be competing with those in the area for jobs, you'll be competing with the whole world
  8. How many unemployed, how many working from home now?

    Yep pretty much this. I'm a postman so have been working throughout. The volume of shite people are ordering is an absolute joke. We are busier than Xmas, I'd suspect most are better off on 80% wage than 100% with travel food etc expenses. I think they are going to be in for a nasty shock when they have no job to go back to and have spunked the last couple months wages on clothes and make up
  9. Nexus winstrol

    Well that's what I like to cruise at. Using a slin pin, just fancied chucking some winstrol on top of it for a few weeks
  10. Nexus winstrol

    Had 100 10mg pharmacom running 5 day for 50mg PD so was on for just under 3 weeks. Swapped to Nexus about a week and half ago same dose, started the Nexus day after running out of pharmacom mate
  11. Nexus winstrol

    No mate .1ml of 300mg. 30mg 3x per week. Estrogen definitely not the issue
  12. Nexus winstrol

    Yep I also thought strange which is why I'm looking if anyone else has experienced similar. At the end of the day labs are only as good as their raws. And I'd put money on no UK ugl doing GC/MS testing etc. With the Corona virus and raws issues in China it wouldn't surprise me if Mr Wong had sent out a few shite batches recently.
  13. Nexus winstrol

    I've been running pharmacom up to last week but only had a box of 10mg tabs so switched to Nexus on running out. Sex drive and strength are down compared to before. And one thing I notice straight away with winstrol is the my jaw line and cheek bones become much more sharp and defined when using. My face is looks a little puffier than last week which for me is a tell of good winsrol due to drying effect.
  14. Nexus winstrol

    Should add I'm only running .1ml pharmacom sust MWF on top of this for 90mg a week
  15. Nexus winstrol

    As above mate, I've also had lots of Nexus stuff. Cyp, NPP, Ralox, Mast and even some orals like there 50mg var. All worked great. This is the first issue I've had with them