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  1. Sterile vials ?

    Ide go underground mate you’ll probably find some there or someone who can help you out
  2. Tribal house music

    If your not on the underground your doing something wrong I think
  3. Favourite song by The Jam

    Haha like it buddy very cryptic indeed
  4. Who's where ?

    So your a he or a she @Skye666 ? Or in this day and age possibly both
  5. Just give your head a wobble and come back to reality, There all make believe buddy and we all know it , it is honestly getting beyond boring now , cruises with slappers and Norwegian 18 year olds begging you to rape them and slap them about ... yeah yeah happened to me last week to mate so this 18 year old Australian life guard who I rescued from the jaws of a great white shark , fell in love with me while I was giving her mouth to mouth. She’s proper hot but I don’t know what to do should I brake up with cindy ? Thing is as head cheerleader for the Dallas cowboys she gets me free tickets and with girl 3 being a pilot I get free flights to go watch them to .... what should I do aye
  6. prison gyms

    Yeah giving your hole up
  7. prison gyms

    Multiple wanks or you make a pretend flamange bit like them flesh lights somthing like this
  8. prison gyms

    Multiple wanks or you make a pretend flamange bit like them flesh lights
  9. prison gyms

    You talking about @anna1‘s star fish there ?
  10. Training late at night

    Video or it never happened , and if @drwae your little crush is in it with you I’m quitting life
  11. Advice

    Ask @drwae he’s achieved this look in a relatively short period of time
  12. prison gyms

    His twisted fantasies
  13. prison gyms

    Yeah and I’m sure your 15 + stone