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  1. Agree 100% that big names are needed. Just need the site to grow a bit (or a lot) to really attract big names.
  2. Thanks. That's exactly what my friend said, "The doctors don't want you to know this" Have you by any chance seen a fitness site where the articles/interviews doesn't look like adverts?
  3. That's a really good point. Haven't thought of that myself. Thanks a lot for the comment.
  4. We are running a website where we interview awesome fitness people, https://www.bulkhackers.com/ Got some happy reactions to the site, but there are also people who think it looks like a get rich real quick website. That's sad since the interviews are full of great tips and motivational stories + there are some seriously awesome people sharing their story on the site. So do you have time to take a look and share what I can improve to make the site look more serious/less like a get rich website? Thanks!
  5. Hope Kazza61 wasn't the only one liking our site Since the original post in this thread, we have got some awesome interviews going on https://www.bulkhackers.com/ If you could choose someone, who would you love to see interviewed on the site? - and is there something you think we should do better/differently on the site?
  6. Thanks! Glad to hear you like it. Feel free to point out if you think something is missing, if my questions are stupid, etc.
  7. Thanks , but I'm not only interviewing bodybuilders, also other kinds of fitness heroes. That guy just happen to focus on athletic development in a different way, doing bodyweight exercises etc. I think he's cool.
  8. Any AWS Developers here?

    I'm a backend developer, but have no experience with AWS, so not able to help out. But I have good experiences hiring a freelancer to help out through Upwork (for example, I have hired a frontend developer to do some HTML/CSS/JS stuff for a project where I did the backend).
  9. I'm interviewing bodybuilders/fitness heroes on my site https://www.bulkhackers.com, so we can all learn from each other. Would love to hear what you think about the site and the interviews. For example: - What do you think about the questions? Would you ask something else? - Do you feel anything is missing from the interviews? - Anything else you think is missing from the site?
  10. Does coffee break a fast?

    I'm fasting for 24+ hours once a month + every three months for 72+ hours. While I agree that 100% fasting should be done drinking only water, I'm doing my fasting on water and coffee, around 5 cups/day. If I don't keep the coffees, I get crazy headaches.
  11. Hi

    Hi, New here. Been training for a while and trying to combine things with other sports. // Mads