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  1. Best Childhood Console Game

    Where to start? Honourable mentions Goldeneye (N64) Desert Strike (Megadrive) Mario Kart (SNES) Rock and Roll Racing (SNES) But it has to be Street Fighter 2 on the SNES overall. This was the first time I felt like I was playing an arcade at home. Great times.
  2. C.O.D Warzone

    Necrobump! Anyone still playing this? I'm on PS4 most nights but too late for all my "real world" mates, anyone wants a game post 11pm through to about 2am hit me up...
  3. Starter steroid

    Yeah, pretty much. The amount of effort and angles you have to cover to build muscle I think is lost on a lot of the general public. Losing fat, however, is very straightforwards. Move a bit more, eat a bit less. Now if you were trying to lose fat while retaining muscle mass you might have more to think about, but seen as you say you've already lost all the muscle... Interesting point OP raised on age and doing less gear now he's older. I decided to go on gear precisely because I got older. No more kids wanted, natural test in decline etc etc. Different points of view I guess, both with pros and cons.
  4. Last cycle I started my PCT 2 weeks after my last test-e shot. I read on here that that may have been too early so I gave it 3 weeks this time then started. Out of interest I ran a testosterone blood test the morning before I started the PCT. Cycle was 10 weeks at 600mg p/w. Results were: Testosterone 6.66 nmol/L (normal 8.64-29) SHBG 19.1 nmol/L (normal 18.3-54.1) So sure enough, it looks like there is still exogenous test in my system 3 weeks after last pin. Also, whilst my test is low, I am still horny as hell and f**ked for Britain that same night. Just thought I'd throw that into the body of results in case it helps anyone in anyway.
  5. Steroids and Joint health

    Do you look like you're on steroids? Doctors like nothing more than wagging the finger.
  6. Philip Schofield

    Wonder if he's ever attended a barrymore pool party.
  7. 22 year old with low T

    Here's the issue in my eyes. You may well have low testosterone levels, maybe through lifestyle, maybe just bad luck, but these are things to discuss with your doctor. Instead, you've gone straight to the steroids section of a website and asked opinions. It seems a lot like you're fishing for people to say yes, you should take steroids, for your health. That way you get to gear up and tell yourself it's the right thing to do too. With that in mind the question you are actually asking is should I blast and cruise, because that's what will actually happen, and your low test is irrelevant to this question. So, 2 options. 1. If you are serious about trt, talk to your doctor. 2. If you want to take steroids then man up and make the decision for yourself, rather than trying to push it onto us to decide for you.
  8. 22 year old with low T

    What prompted you to have the blood tests in the first place?
  9. That makes sense. What starts to not make sense though is cycling at all. If you do a 10 week cycle, wait 7 weeks to start PCT then follow Swole's 7 week protocol that's 24 weeks on for a short cycle. Time on = time off leaves you with one short cycle a year. Is anyone, anywhere actually doing this? Thinking about blast and cruise, I keep reading 10 weeks on, 10 weeks off. If it's still sat in your system for 7 weeks you're almost never actually cruising then?
  10. Well s**t. I thought I had a handle on this. I've done test-e for 10 weeks, first 5 weeks at 500mg, second 5 weeks at 600mg. I've purposely avoided clomid because I read a few bits on liver affects (have had liver issues in the past) so I wanted to avoid it. Likewise I don't touch oral steroids. HCG I wasn't too bothered about - my family duties are done and dusted and I'm not fussed about the size of my nuts, plus it's hard for me to mix up some weird s**t and have it hanging around in the fridge without some difficult questions from teenagers. I swear I read multiple times that two weeks after the last shot was the time to start?
  11. How will I know if I'm recovering without any meds? If I do bloods 4 weeks after cycle and I have some test in my system does that mean I'm recovering without PCT? Will PCT mean I recover more quickly even if it looks like I'm recovering naturally? Also, if I wait 4 weeks then do a PCT do I need to add the extra 2 weeks onto my time on = time off calcs? Sorry for so many questions.
  12. I've decided to finish my second cycle early after 10 weeks (was originally planning 16 weeks) as I've herniated a disc, lifting an engine without even thinking about it properly at work. So pissed off right now but I'm trying to salvage something from the whole thing. I was on test-e, last pin was 23rd January so I'm starting a 4 week nolva PCT this Thursday 6th February. I'm going to track things with blood tests much more closely this time. In an ideal world, what would you have tested, and when, during this whole PCT/recovery period before next cycle in what's hopefully going to be around 5 months? The idea is to find out as much as I can about how I respond so I can make an informed decision on PCT vs blast and cruise for the future.
  13. Third cycle opinions

    Would the proviron not be enough to dodge those issues?
  14. Third cycle opinions

    Low test, high npp a bad idea then?