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  1. Var effect on Kidneys

    If you have any existing kidney issues any oral would be a terrible idea in my opinion, along with any injectable that’s likely to cause hypertension through a substantial increase in fluid retention, have a large impact on erythropoietin (boldenone) or anything highly androgenic (tren). Also I’d look into Astragalus extract from a reputable supplement brand, both as a preventative measure against further potential kidney stress and to somewhat improve their existing health. I’ve heard of a lot of success stories in the bodybuilding scene in terms of astragalus improving kidney markers and it’s something I’m using at the moment too in low doses to increase my egfr which decreased slightly on my last cycle.
  2. Identical to mine which were purchased directly from a Turkish pharmaceutical company and I had verified with lab testing. You should be good to go.
  3. I wouldn’t trust a labmax result personally but the boxes and expiry dates are identical to mine which are real and I had lab tested for personal assurance. Do you have any pictures of the ampoules?
  4. This is quite similar to my story so I thought I’ll share, I also reached out to some members on here who had a similar experience after seeing their old posts so hopefully this will help others. This isn’t to say that steroids are exactly safe for your body, damage is always happening with high amounts of androgens in the body but it usually takes years to manifest, and is a combination of unfavourable genetics along with poor lifestyle and diet choices. The main advice I can give is to get bloodwork regularly, a yearly ECG at the minimum (with an echo too if possible), use statins if needed (the side effects are far overblown) and keep your BP as close to hypotensive as you can, high BP can be far more detrimental to cardiac remodelling than steroids will ever be for most. In short, I had several hospital visits in 2020 and stopped training for almost half of the year because of palpitations I noticed I was having, along with heartburn caused by the compounds I was using which often lead to occasional chest-centred pain from the GERD. My palpitations were also in the form of an irregular heart beat to make matters worse, commonly known as an ectopic beat, in my case premature ventricular contractions with an RVOT origin, completely benign in nature and very common, although mine occurred a few times a minute. For over two months I was extremely depressed as a result of the severe anxiety I had developed because of knowing the regular ectopic beats I had developed, and it didn’t help it was towards the end of my cycle and I had been using a low dose of tren for the entirety of that cycle which had slowly deteriorated my mental state over that time period, although physically the results were great. I will say though that I never plan to touch it again. I also remember having arguments at the time with the A&E doctors who blamed my whey protein and creatine usage for my irregular heart beat and LVH (which the echocardiogram operator said was so minimal that it barely classified as LVH regardless of the somewhat extreme ECG wave amplitude). I was also asked several times whether I used steroids by the same doctors which I denied at the time as my echocardiogram and x-ray came back as extremely healthy and so knew it wouldn’t help things further but rather have them class me as a drug user. However, this didn’t stop me from researching the effects of steroids in the cardiovascular system for the next several months and convincing myself that my very minimal steroid use, along with a very healthy lifestyle, had lead to my irregular heartbeat and that I’d drop dead at any moment from a cardiac arrest leaving my friends and family distraught, and in my case it also didn’t help that my lipids have always been quite poor genetically, so at the same time I was thinking that I was at the bring of having a heart attack so I ceased all physical activity for several months. It was only until November or so that after I requested my old hospital records, consisting of ECGs and echocardiogram reports before I had ever touched any sort of pre workout or steroid, that it seemed that my ectopic beats were far more common when I was younger than now, yet for the past several months I had been certain they only started in the summer and were caused by my steroid use. It was a huge relief and my anxiety went way soon afterwards but in my case it made me realise how running compounds like tren can really f**k with your mental state as at the time the only thought in my mind for several months was how the use of steroids had permanently left me with cardiovascular damage at a young age and a cardiac arrest or heart attack was imminent, it didn’t help with all the studies and news reports of young bodybuilders dying from heart ailments I was binge reading then.
  5. Medichecks home testosterone kit

    I now avoid all finger pr**k results personally, I’ve had over six done over the past year, along with venous NHS and medichecks blood tests and almost every finger pr**k test kit differed quite a bit from the venous results. And this was for haematology, thyroid, hormones and more. NHS venous > Medichecks/other private provider venous > finger pr**k
  6. BlastinG year Round?

    I can understand that 100%, I went through something similar in regards to extreme stress and worrying after an echo and multiple ECGs I had done very recently because of a very incompetent young NHS doctor who wasn’t able to properly interpret my results, this left me with the worry that I was going to drop dead at any moment for several weeks and it wasn’t until I reached out to more experienced cardiologists in my own time here in the UK and over in the USA to share my results with them that the worrying stopped as I was told my results were completely fine. During this period I stopped training and I don’t think I saw my BP below 140/90 once lol. Given your age (I’m guessing around 40?) it’s more unlikely that you have any underlying heart rhythm issues that an ECG would pick up on as you would have likely died much earlier in your life if that was the case to put it bluntly. If anything an ECG would likely pick up on LVH from training, BP and/or PED use.
  7. Test U (nebido) cycle

    It’s what I’m planning on doing soon, it’s just been a pain in the ass to source some pharmaceutical grade test u that isn’t overpriced. Even pinning once every 10 days will have your levels more stable than pinning test e every 3.5 days and you don’t need to worry about bringing anything with you if you’re going abroad as it’s good for several weeks.
  8. BlastinG year Round?

    It depends on your genetics, some guys could blast a gram of test a week with orals and live past 70 and someone else may run a cycle of test and anavar in their twenties and have a heart attack a few months later. Getting health check ups is good but in the end it really is like playing Russian roulette. If you don’t mind me asking how big are you to never go below 1g a week? I‘ve heard of some very large guys who are able to maintain 110kg+ of relatively lean muscle mass on half of that.
  9. BlastinG year Round?

    Even if your bloodwork is fine I’d look at getting an ECG, echocardiogram and potentially an ECG stress test done especially given your age. Everything can be fine until one day you don’t wake up because there was an abnormality with your heart which wasn’t picked up on by blood work. I’ve read of a few cases in the literature where it’s happened to steroid users and it’s scary stuff, everyone should look into getting this done every few years at the minimum.
  10. Does anyone know of any private companies offering private blood lettings or donations in South East? My recent blood test results have shown by hemaglobin and hematocrit is slightly above the range as I suspected and I donated through the NHS only 4 weeks ago so it wouldn’t be possible to donate through them for another 8 weeks. My BP has also been high for several weeks and I suspect the iron supplement I was given to use by my GP for lower ferritin levels is to blame given I was on cycle at the time. Self letting is out of the question but has anyone donated blood twice in a short period of time under the NHS using a false identity or something? I believe I’ve heard someone mention this on here previously.
  11. Blood Count - Thick blood

    Yep, on the other hand taking iron supplements also drives up hemaglobin and RBCs quite quickly when on exogenous hormones, it’s a never ending battle lol
  12. Blood work done, any advice pre-cycle?

    Did you have a fatty meal before the blood test? I’m asking because I’ve never seen someone’s triglycerides so high. Also the advice given above is good, in terms of supplements citrus bergamot and non-flush niacin both seem to have positive effects on ones lipids, I’ve started using citrus bergamot at 500mg a day last week since my HDL tends to run on the low side and I’m excited to see the change in my levels 3 months from now. From people I’ve spoken to it tends to work very well on increasing HDL and reducing LDL levels, fish/krill oil is also good at reducing triglyceride levels and some studies show great anti-atherogenic effects from using it as well.
  13. Tudca source

    I’ve used the TUDCA.com brand on amazon before, 20 grams for £30 or so.
  14. Tudca source

    Sure it can limit the neurotoxicity to some extent but it’s not like it can eliminate it lol. I’m also presuming you saw that post on reddit? There are a handful of other compounds which are also ‘neuroprotective’, for example estradiol, SERMs like raloxifene, Green Tea or EGCG, melatonin, vitamin C - I could go on.
  15. Anyone used thriva?

    Their enhanced testosterone blood test is very well priced compared to medichecks and the like, thanks for sharing. The only thing I wish they included is ferritin.