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  1. Medicheck Results

    Definitely go to a hospital/clinic to get it done, I’ve seen some odd results from finger pr**k tests which don’t seem to occur with a proper venous sample like false high prolactin and low testosterone values.
  2. Oral PED

    Don’t use 10,000ius daily without getting a blood test beforehand to see where you’re at, 5,000iu is likely a safer bet and you should also use vitamin k2 supplements if you’re taking higher doses of d3 to prevent calcification of your arteries.
  3. Oral PED

    10,000 iu of D3 daily is a very high dose, especially in the summer, and without any form of vitamin k2. I tend to run very deficient in D3 and 10,000 iu’s daily puts me towards the upper end of the range in the winter, I wouldn’t advise anyone to start on such a high dose without getting a blood test beforehand and also a few months into using it.
  4. What Lab ?

    ROHM personally, followed by Nexus. I haven’t used inone yet.
  5. Nexus anavar

    So far so good, for me anavar seems to take some time to ‘kick in’ but I definitely have an increase in shin pumps, strength and occasional cramping which is what I usually associate with anavar.
  6. Nexus anavar

    These are the same as the ones I’ve been using for 2 weeks now.
  7. Best labs currently

    9 pages now, really?
  8. Adding Mast to a cycle

    Not stuey but for me it helps with reducing the water retention from excess estrogen, and consequently helps with my blood pressure too, increases libido, mild increase in strength which is neurological and not from largely increased water retention as you get from compounds like Dianabol, so it mostly stays after you go down to a TRT dose, mood benefits, acts as a mild AI depending on who you speak to and it will also slowly build lean muscle tissue. I don’t think I see myself running a future cycle without it to be honest, and I’m only using 280mg a week at the moment.
  9. Test feeling estrogen ?

    It’s a controversial opinion but I honestly think you shouldn’t waste your first cycle of test cutting, 500mg is overkill and you can cut to a bodyfat % in the low 10s quite easily as a natural. I wasted half of my first cycle doing so and whilst I probably put on some lean muscle mass during those 6 weeks, I should have cut beforehand and used the cycle to bulk later on.
  10. Galenika test e

    I remember reading on meso forums or somewhere else that a lab or a site used to have different UGL products tested for heavy metals but they never came across an amount that would be different to pharmaceutical grade products so they stopped it, I think janoshik has said the same before where he used to have the ability to have customers pay extra for heavy metal and/or bacteria testing but there was never any point in the end. It’s good to know I guess. I believe you if you were using steroids with a considerable amount of heavy metals, you’d start to see heavy metal toxicity appear in the form of elevated liver values after having used said products for several years. You can also have a heavy metals hair test done fairly inexpensively in the UK, I’m planning to have one done soon just out of curiosity’s sake and since I’ve been having two tins of tuna a week for several years now and I’m curious if I have elevated mercury levels, which is highly unlikely anyway. I know NAC is a good chelating agent for heavy metals.
  11. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Great response, thanks. Also the D3 theory is interesting, I also haven’t had any joint issues before but my D3 levels are consistently at the upper end of the range since I supplement it pretty heavily. On the same topic I see people complaining of joint issues on masteron which I’ve never had but this makes me think that the androgenicity of some drugs causes issues when E2 levels aren’t supraphysiological too. I had mild joint discomfort when I had in range testosterone and estrogen whilst using proviron but my E2 has been 2-4x the upper limit of the reference range since using masteron which may be why I haven’t had any issues. Also some of the powerlifters I’ve spoken to who don’t seem to have joint issues on winstrol also tend to use fairly high testosterone dosages and 0 AI, which may also be another reason why there are so many mixed views on the drug. Also I can certainly attest to nizorals positive effects on hair. I don’t really have MPB on either side of the family from what I see but since using the shampoo 2-3x a week since January I don’t think I’ve seen any hair loss from running compounds like mast or tren but this may just be the result of other factors too. I also asked Alex Kikel if you know who that is what drugs he likes to use with athletes entering strength blocks yesterday, purely from a neurological standpoint, and he said winstrol and anavar are typically his go-to’s with superdrol also having interesting properties too but I believe he likes to keep drugs like superdrol and halotestin towards the end of a peaking block from what I understood. I’m going to be entering my strength training block in around 3-4 weeks and that’ll be the last block before my cycle of test mast and tren ends, I’m going to be introducing the orals into my cycle soon and wanted to know whether I should implement 10mg of SD or 25mg winstrol into my stack? You’re a great salesman for both drugs haha. I’m also leaning towards implementing 30-50mg of anavar daily too purely because I have it left over, respond very well to it strength wise (making me stronger daily whilst on a deficit at 30mg/d the last time I used it) and side effect wise, and for whatever reason it seems to mediate any tendon and muscle tightness issues I have. I’m wary of using doses in excess of 60mg a day though since it largely metabolises in the kidneys and because of its price.
  12. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    I’ve read through most of the comments you’ve made and noticed your favourite orals are winstrol and Superdrol. Funnily enough you seem to be one of the few people who seem to advocate running superdrol for longer periods of time. How do you combat the lethargy that many get from it, and would you say 5-10mg is a reasonable dose for someone who wants to run it for the first time? I’ve done a lot of reading and don’t think the toxicity is as bad as some people say but I think the lethargy seems to stem from something else completely, I remember reading why on another forum but can’t find the post now, I believe it was cortisol or something and he linked a few studies to back up his reasoning too. Ive also spoken to a pretty highly ranked powerlifter over in the USA who’s taken 150mg of superdrol (yes legitimate superdrol lol) a day for several weeks and had mild elevations in liver values, so I don’t see why so many guys on forums seem to say they felt as if their liver was dying a week into 10mg a day of SD. Also in terms of using winstrol, do you not experience the hair loss many seem to complain about whilst using it, or the tendon/joint pain? I guess that could be combatted with letting run estrogen higher which most people fail to do so? It’s one compound which I’ve been told is great to run in strength-oriented training blocks.
  13. Very good experience in general and I’d recommend them but I wasn’t a fan of the test e 300mg/ml as I often had PIP on it and whilst my blood levels showed that it was definitely real, I’m inclined to think it was quite overdosed too given the testosterone levels I’ve had from using testosterone made by other labs.
  14. There’s no specific cutting/bulking AAS, that’s just forum gymbro talk lol. You can use anavar/mast to bulk, just like you can use deca or dbol to cut. I guess tren is really the only exception somewhat given its nutrient partitioning effects but again, it’s effective for both losing bodyfat and muscle hypertrophy.
  15. ironanabolics primo and anavar

    I’ve been using their stuff for several weeks now and my experience has been great. Highly recommend, great pricing too.