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  1. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    21 days since a death from covid in Scotland. And yet we've shut a whole city because of it. This has to be the least deadly pandemic in history. The government should be lynched for how many livelihoods they've destroyed over this.
  2. Barbell Exercise and Muscle Control

    “I am myself no believer in a special diet, still less in a rigid one, as necessary while training. The old nonsense on this subject, about raw eggs and underdone meat, seems to be passing away, and more rational views now prevail. I eat whatever I have a taste for, without stinting myself unduly; nor do I restrict myself seriously in what I drink. Commonly, I abjure anything intoxicating, confining myself mostly to beer and light wines. Tea and coffee I never suffer myself to touch. All I impose upon my appetites is that they shall be temperately indulged.” – Eugen Sandow, System of Physical Training I remember from reading one of his books he was a fan of diary, eggs, cheese and fresh beef.
  3. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    We've known known since the start that the covid numbers have been inflated. You seen it all over social media of people taking tests who felt absolutely fine, yet came back positive. They then tried to brush that off by saying that those people must be asymptomatic. Then we have the nonsense nightingale hospital etc.. which is now in the process of being taken down. After seeing something like a total of 13 patients, at a cost of £220 million, and that was just to build the thing, not keep it running.
  4. Sage advise Gyms close again

    If they're asymptomatic they wont have a high temperature, meaning that for those 70% measuring a temperature wont do anything to catch it. I doubt they're restricting anyone intentionally, the gym guidelines are just that, guidelines. If you don't feel safe there then don't go.
  5. Sage advise Gyms close again

    It's a joke because they expect grown adults to keep themselves safe rather than micromanage everything there?
  6. Because they're black. And anything against black people is racist.
  7. Luke sandoe death not suicide

    For his size I doubt he was being just "modest" with the gear imo. As everyone should know gear use can result in an enlarged heart, so I'm not surprised he might of passed from a heart attack. Still a shame, he seemed a nice guy
  8. Name suggestion for equipment brand

    King Dick Gym Equipment
  9. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    But but but the covid numbers!!!
  10. Second Wave

    The BLM protests are probably a good bet.
  11. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    Perhaps we could make up some kind of special "camps" that we could send them too for them to quaranteen for a few weeks.
  12. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    So they have covid but feel well enough to go on holiday? Hardly sounds like a virus to panic about. If they were bed ridden, like you can be with loads of other stuff, I might see a point but that's not the case.
  13. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    I wonder how many people have lost their livelihoods and are in danger of becoming homeless due to the decisions made by "some scientist" over the past few months.
  14. Second Wave

    Thats the issue though, is it really? There's a chest infection doing the rounds that's dangerous to the vulnerable. Just like every other virus on the planet. The media frenzy over it and the fear whipped up by them into the public is the real issue here. Followed by the nonsense ideas put out by the government to control it. No one has simply kept a cool head and made realistic decisions that would both save lives and protect the economy. And as a result they've done neither.
  15. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    So they've let them open, take staff the furlough scheme, just to shut them again? Ridiculous, the government have never been this out of touch with the reality of the situation for the average person. The issue is no matter whats done its not going to hurt they're pockets.
  16. Second Wave

    Not with the furlough scheme coming to an end.
  17. Powerlifting comps

    They're tested for PED's to; "The use of performance enhancing drugs is strictly forbidden. Any competitor found to have an illegal substance in their system will be immediately disqualified from the competition." It's not "cheating", its against the rules to be caught with PEDs in your system, not against the rules to use them outright. We don't need to like it but that's the reality of the sport. If a competitor doesn't want to take gear outright then that's great however they need to realise that those they're competing against might not share the same idea.
  18. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Your muscles need protein to repair, so you need a reasonable amount of it in your diet if you expect to grow. The larger you get the more you need, since you have more muscle you have to repair.
  19. Amazon and ebay are undoubtedly having an effect, but whats really putting the nail in the coffins of high street shops is; - Cycle/bus lanes everywhere causing chaos with regular traffic. -Ridiculous parking charges (£1 for 12mins some places here). -Low emission tax zones -Pedestrianisation of many of the smaller streets -Rising costs of train and bus fares. Nearly £6 a single to some stations here with Scotrail. Constant delays and breakdowns. Very few buses go straight from town centres to the city centre, so your on it for the best part of an hour to get somewhere that's a 20 minute drive, max. Its just not worth going into town now with all the hassle of the above, even going for a night out in it now is rare since Taxi's are becoming even more of a bunch of robbing bastards. -
  20. Covid - long term plan

    That's not even close to sustainable.
  21. Working from home.

    I've done it for several years, It can be handy at times, no need to take a day off if a workman etc.. needs to come round. But you lose the separation between a workplace and were you relax. It's also good to have some people round you to talk to.
  22. Powerlifting comps

    I agree really, however unfortunately there's always people who want to win and willing to pay more of a price to do it. WSM is also technically a tested comp; http://theworldsstrongestman.com/wellness-information/ However you would be daft if you actually believed they didn't take anything.
  23. Powerlifting comps

    Loads of people do it, its hardly uncommon.
  24. Protein Bars

    A scoop or 2 in one of those small Tupperware beakers, that way i just need to buy a bottle of water to mix it. I've always thought protein bars felt a bit sawdusty. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-400ml-beaker/p/0180320
  25. Your favourite exercise in the gym ?

    Someone please shoot this women already; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53596633 Her drive for independence by making out that Scotland must be different from England in all things is destroying our country.