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  1. Man trapped in lathe (NSFW)

    The guy was a fu**ing idiot for going near it.
  2. The quality of MP whey has dropped in recent years imo. Taste and mixabillity are definitely worse than before.
  3. Man trapped in lathe (NSFW)

    There's pictures here of what remains; https://imgur.com/a/BsuRt0r If you have a weak stomach don't bother looking.
  4. I'd sooner accept Jim Jones as my saviour than any sky fairy.
  5. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    You don't have any real mass worth going through a cutting diet for. Go to the gym, perform plenty of compound movements, eat well, sleep well, and see where you are next year.
  6. Jordan Peters Full Body beginner

    If your goal is strength then there are far better programmes to use other than a full body routine. A basic 5x5 system is probably ideal for you, such as starting strength. 531 is also good however it relies on you having a good idea of your 1RM in the main lifts to base its training max off of. I'm also a fan of a PPL routine for beginner, and you can find loads of them out there easily.
  7. War films

    Das Boot A Bridge too Far Tora Tora Tora Hacksaw Ridge The Siege of Jadotville '71 All brilliant
  8. Loss of power/strength..normal?

    I've had it happen before, on a deadlift workout im sure. Sets that should of been easy weren't moving from the floor, nothing felt right and at the end I threw up even though i didn't feel tired in any way. I put it down to stress and was fine after a few days off.
  9. Shoulder pain whilst pressing

    Have a look at this; I've had knackered shoulders for years, and if i dont warm up and stretch properly before a heavy pressing session now i'm in pain for weeks after.
  10. How long until I start gaining weight

    Don't expect instant changes, 4 days in nothing. I step on the scales once a week, any more is pointless imo. See where your at after a few weeks.
  11. Look at the state of these turnips

    These are the same people who follow groups of young men and women about in the gym and offer "advice" every time they go near a weight. The world is better off without them.
  12. If he went to the NHS they would of told him his levels were fine and TRT isnt needed.
  13. Home Enema’s!

    I've just blended meal no3 up with some chicken stock. Gaffer didn't half give me a strange look when he asked why i was making soup and looking for flexi tubing in the canteen but it's his loss.
  14. Covid vaccine.

    I wonder if this will be along the lines of the Tamiflu nonsense that happened in 2006 back when bird flu was going about. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26954482 Millions spent to buy it, only to find out that the manufacturer was talking nonsense about how effective it was. Interesting part from the article; "The antiviral drug Tamiflu was stockpiled from 2006 in the UK when some agencies were predicting that a pandemic of bird flu could kill up to 750,000 people in Britain." They were expecting nearly a million deaths in one flu season, and never even bothered to close anything let alone the majority of the country. To date we've had 55,838 covid deaths in the UK, or as another way of looking at it, a whopping 7.5% of the deaths expected in 2006. Covid and its restrictions can f**k off, its no more deadly than any other seasonal virus.
  15. Training partner becoming a wuss

    Just be grateful your getting to use his kit. Loads of people are stuck in the house with some bands. Train how you like and let him do the same.
  16. A whopping 17 MP's out of 650 elected over the UK. I bet if it was their expenses or livelihoods on the line it would be packed. Bunch of wasters not fit to pick spuds.
  17. I used a vial of it, pinning 10mg every day on top of a test cycle last year. It was good, thin, but a bit pippy after the pin. Went away after about half an hour though. The problem was pinning every day got annoying very quickly. My appetite stayed for course though. Oral superdrol murders my liver in short order, this seemed fine.
  18. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    They are, full of nasty men and heavy objects that they keep moving about for some reason.
  19. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    Ehhh that's a deadlift. Have you ever been to this place called The Gym?
  20. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    Squat stands are no less safe than a rack if you know how to dump a bar correctly. Take some time to practice that before using them for heavy weight.
  21. Talk about trying to run before you can walk....
  22. The media is the pandemic imo, If it weren't for the news blabbing on about covid every minute of the day i doubt anyone would know it existed par a very small few.
  23. Need help to get my numbers back up

    If your trying to increase your total on the big 3 then you need to programme as such. I train 4 days a week, 2 max effort and 2 dynamic effort. A conjugate programme has given me the best results over the years. EliteFTS and Dave Tait do some good articles on the conjugate system, and Louie from westside has loads of books on it ofcourse.
  24. Clothing

    Stringers etc.. arent practical imo. They put too much skin in contact with a bench or bar, the moment you start to sweat you'll be sliding all over the place. Loose cotton is best, and probably the cheapest.